Expectations - have it or not???  

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Something triggered me today to thorougly inspect
If it was a good thing or otherwise to "expect"

When i look back and retrospect
I found, it revolved around two aspects
One that results out of greed
The other as the fruit of your sown seed

On top of the world you feel, if they are met
If not, all that you get to do is to fret
Makes you feel that "they " are the prime suspects
And pushes you to swear "never to expect"

When things happen and you least expect
Blessings in disguise, they are, in a way;
When they don't,
Who cares? you never expected them anyway...

Wonder which is sweeter
If its the "expectations met" or "unexpected success"
I atleast know what is bitterer
"Unmet expectations" that leads to pain and distress

A single day to explore all its prospects
Ain't it too much to expect?!?

"When you hope for the best, better be prepared for the worst!!!"

Hucha mulaakaat mor morning :P  

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A few days ago i was g-talking with a close friend of mine and it all started there. I asked her how her day was and in response to that, she narrated me quite a funny and hilarious story that took place that morning on her way to office. It left me laughing the entire day... Here it goes...

Every morning, my friend and her hubby leave to office together and they hit the hubby's office first, where my friend gets down and takes a rick to hers from there.

The events on that particular day:
That particular day, none of the ricks were ready to take her to residency road( that is where her office is located.) After 5 rick walaas refused the 6th one agreed to go. Happy on that note she jumped into the rick and went to the office.

Her observations in the rick:
1> The auto waala looked like a rowdy.
(I must say she's pretty good at face reading, for, she told me she'd do that to those autowala's before getting into any of the ricks. If one has scary looks, she wouldn't get in. But on that day, she forgot to carry out that routine. )
2> To her surprise, the guy had a whistle in his mouth... A bright "RED" one!!!
3> He blew it continuously all the way to her office.
4> He scratched his head every now and then.
5> On stopping at a signal, a biker saw this rare thing and apparantly started laughing. The rick walaa badly angered, "phiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"ed the whistle right on the biker's face.
6> Finally reached the office. The rick waala shouted at my friend for the auto fare.

Her reactions:
1> She was totally confused, scared as it was quite awkward for a "grown up" rick waala to blow a whistle that even children refuse to play with these days.
2> The "RED" color of it, drained the color in her :P
3> "Oh man!!!, this guy looks like a thug..." Cursed herself badly for skipping the face - reading routine ;)
4> Very eagerly waited to get out of it.
5> The rick finally stopped in front of her office. She was sooo scared that she left the money on the meter (and rick guy hadn't noticed that) and plunged out of it and sprinted. And it was quite natural that he thought she was running away without paying the fare and he too started running after her. :D :D :D What a scene that would have been!!! :P :P
6> She shouted back to him telling him to find the money on the meter and disappeared...

Her descriptions as told to me:
1> "face mele kich kich". Only God knows what it meant :P I've only heard of "throat nalli kich kich"
2> "Olle tall dappa" :D
3> "vadak vadak mukha" - Well, this is dharwad kannada.. I again have no clue what that meant. :(

Her conclusion:
The title says it all!!! She came across a lunatic early in the morning and she experienced quite a "serious comedy"

The ultimate truth:
Well, the fact was, the rick she got into did not have a HORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hence the whistle!!!

Closing note:
One of my friends drives his bike without a horn... I take this opportunity to suggest him using a prop like this but with a change... Use a "YELLOW" one instead (That goes well with the color of your helmet)!!! :D :P ;)

PS: The title of this post was forced upon me by the victim of this little incident!!! The english translation would be - " An encounter with a lunatic - mor morning".. Oops i cant help it!! ;)

V-Day Wishes  

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For All those who are in love,
Wishing you a very happy and memorable Valentine's day

For All those who are "Single and ready to mingle",;)
Good luck and yes, first of all happy independence day :P

And finally, for those already married,
hmmm... hmmm.. hmmm... hmmm...
Better luck next time :D

Beauty and the beast  

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Far across the river was a spotted deer
Her golden skin shone and the spots were crystal clear

Deep in her sparkling eyes
The glitter of rays enticed

Lost in the woods she seemed
Looking out for help, here and there she restlessly leaped

She was such a beauty, which one would have only dreamt
The fear and innocence was very much evident

Strolling across a pond in twilight
Looked as though the celestial torch had put her in limelight

Anticipating that she'd run into someone she knew
Walked into a thick jungle about which she had no clue

Suddenly facing her was the deadly beast
His message was clear - "Here is my feast"

With a glossy makeover, he beckoned her into his den
In an hours time she was all bones and skin

Felt that she was chastised
For her innocence and sanctity that naturally prevailed

Reminds me of a cynical adage
The innocents are the ones first to be gauged

The promise of tomorrow perish
Bitterness of the past continue to ravish

PS: The National Geagraphic showed it really well...