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Our plea:

I think he did it again
He made us believe
That we're more than just safe
Oh baby;
It might seem like a brush
But it doesn't mean
He's un-serious..
To lose all our senses,
Thats just so typically us...

Oh baby baby..

Ooops he did it again,
He gave us all thwarts
Has got us so lame...

Oh baby baby
Oops he wants us unmove
Soon see us above...
But we're not in for that yet!!! :-|

His response:

This ain't a place for the weakhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna feel my strength when I gear it out aloud

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive

(It's my life)
My route is like an open highway
Like Monkey said, "I'll do it my way"
I just wanna live while I'm alive
'Cause it's my life

PS: Dedicated to my cab driver!!! :)

A teacher's advice  

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Ramu and Shamu were 5-yr old school going kids. Both were known for their undue mischief day through night. One rarely found them sharing friendly gestures, instead were always occupied with fights and quarrels.

On one such fight in the school, Ramu apparently fell Shamu to the ground and damaged his chin. Shamu in turn fought him off hurting Ramu’s knee. The spectators watching the show called for their classteacher in an attempt to stop the fight.

Teacher – “What do you think you kids are upto??”

Both Ramu and Shamu got up and tried looking at the teacher. The long cane in her hand made them quiver out of fear. Tears rolled out of their eyes and their face popped expressions of fear, rage and pain.

Ramu – “Ma’am, I was having my lunch when Shamu started teasing me for having curd rice.”

Teacher (turning towards Shamu) – “Is that true Shamu??”

Shamu – “MA’am he was the first one to start off. He called me a ‘murderer’!!”

Teacher – “Why did you call him that Ramu??”

Ramu – “My parents tell me that it is immoral to kill and eat animals!! And I saw him eat fish. So I called him a murderer, Ma’am”

Teacher – “Ramu, Fish has lots of nutritional values. Its going to make you sharper. “

Ramu – “I think curd rice has more nutrients than fish. I have constantly stood first in the class. “

Shamu – “But you can never run like me! I eat meat which is rich in proteins. So, I’m able to run faster!!” shot back at Ramu.

Ramu – “I jump higher than you. “

Shamu – “I am so energetic that I can beat you down easily!!” As he told that, he punched Ramu on his back.

Ramu – “My teeth are so sharp that I can suck your blood in minutes” and he started to bite Shamu’s hand.

And then started the fight again.

The teacher ordered to stop the fight and held her cane upright so as to beat them up if they did not stop.

The boys saw the cane and instantly fell silent.

Teacher –“Stop it, you both. Come to the class.”

Ramu and Shamu went into the class with other children.

“I know what is troubling you both. Let me tell you few things about eating meat and eating vegetarian food” Said the teacher.

“First of all tell me, how many here drink milk daily?”

All hands shot up except Shamu’s. Ramu said – “I have 2 glasses of milk daily. Mom says it helps in making teeth and bones stronger!”

“Precisely Ramu, No wonder you bit Shamu that hard” said the teacher.

“Red meat, sea food and other non veg stuff definitely are rich in protein content which is very useful for children. It helps you in growth..” Shamu’s face broadened with a smile and mocked at Ramu.

The teacher continued… “Nevertheless, each of these have a substitute in veg food as well. For instance, milk is very rich in proteins and calcium.”

It was Ramu’s turn to mock at Shamu.

“Food has a role to play but that isn't all. Your parents may want to give you meat, or cho0se otherwise. Either way there should be no issues.”

Shamu interrupted – “Only meat eaters can be fast runners”

“No Shamu, it needn’t be so. You can run faster because, you have cultivated it as a habit and you like to run. I have seen you coming to school running daily. Isn’t that true?? Whereas the rest choose not to run. They may not like it like you do.”

Shamu gave a convinced nod.

“So, one’s food habits does’t necessarily determine what they are going to be in the future. For example, Rahul Dravid and Sachin both are ace cricketers. The latter eats meat and the former doesn’t.” said the teacher.

Shamu said – “Dravid cannot hit sixes, while Sachin can, coz Sachin eats meat”.

Ramu immediately said – “Sachin has got out with more no of ducks than Dravid has!!”

“Now stop you both!! I guess it was a bad example.” The teacher told. Kids these days are impossible. They are too difficult to be handled she thought,

“Anyways children, eat what you like. Stick onto whatever principles your parents follow. Whatever kind of food you eat, eat the hygienic ones. Eating on the roadside often, can deteriorate your health and growth. So what have you decided to do Ramu and Shyamu?”

“We won’t put up fights hereafter over food ma’am. I am not going to punch Ram for eating curd rice” said Shamu humbly

“I’m not going to call Shamu a murderer.” admitted Ramu.

The teacher continued...

“ For those of you who eat meat now, it is irresistible to give up on it when you grow up as adults. For adults, eating meat is really not as good as it is for children. So, if you think ahead and decide not to eat meat later on, it is better to give it up now. As I told, you definitely have options/substitutes for meat. Additionally, I’d like you all to watch the following videos and think of what you want to do”

Few months later…

It was Shamu’s birthday and had invited his teacher for a party at his residence. The food there had no trace of meat. It was substituted with eggs and vegetables.

PS: I myself am a meat eater. I have been trying hard to quit eating non veg but not not succeeded. In a year, I refrain eating non veg for atmost 6 months, after that cannot resist.(May be my mom's a really good cook ;) ) I want to quit eating non veg not because of the reasons of customs and religion, but because I hate eating them at the cost of their lives and the pain they go through.

Message for pet adopters :)  

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