Throwing more light....  

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The sun was very hot that evening. Clouds seem to melt coz of his heat. Melted droplets started coming down to earth. One such droplet disturbed the sleeping rainbow. Rainbow woke up to show off herself... Sun was mesmerised by the beauty of the rainbow. The sun rays were peeling out of the rainbow that apparently looked like lip lock. The lighting who was eyeing the sun got jealous witnessing this. She flashed brightly several times to impress him. But who caught her glare was the thunder and not the sun. Lightning ran to escape... Thunder kept following. Rainbow, and the sun slowly slid down (chalu ppl). The clouds were happy that they did not melt anymore coz the sun had calmed down. Instead they shed tears of JOY!!!

I tried to write about the sudden change in weather that day. It was scrotching hot when i left for home in the cab. In half an hour's time there was a heavy downpour!! :-S

So,here's the summary of the previous poem!!! I don't want to write poems hereafter :'(

A quadrangular love story!!  

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The sun fiercely growled,
Heated up the sky;
The sky melted,
Pouring tears as it started to cry;

In the greens was an Angel rainbow,
As the tears touched her, blossomed her smile;
The sun saw her , made a bow,
Appreciating her beauty and the lovely trail;

The Princess lightening got jealous,
That the Sun fell for the Angel rainbow;
She turned herself charmingly bright, to impress,
The mighty Thunder caught her glow;

The angel rainbow rised higher,
Towards the sun;
She kissed him momentarily, thus calming down the fire,
Contented, the Sun disappeared with his fastest run;

The sky gathered in chunks of clouds,
Showering blessings of tears again;
The angel disappeared in the Greens,
She was thanked, the sky felt no tinge of pain;

The thunder was put to test,
The princess seem to run everywhere;
Everytime he was nearing her crest,
She disappeared in the darkness somewhere;

PS: In the pretext of heavy rainfall this evening....

Bakrified ( childhood mischief ;) )  

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A decade ago, when i was in school
I had a specimen classmate, whom i can never bhool

She was short, plump and round
Looked like a pumpkin with those extra pounds!

Her behavior, most times left us enraged
She used to pull down others to take up the center stage

The school annual day - we were excited ,thrilled, full of anticipation
The cultural events - we were always ready for participation

It was a western group dance which we decided upon
The specimen wanted to take part, we insisted not to have her on

She cried, fought and had made a scene
Went to the teachers and made sure she was in

Though we were reluctant to have her in our clan
To teach her a lesson, we came up with a master plan ;)

It was the way the dance was choreographed
We made sure she wouldn't be visible even for a photograph

We decided on a V-formation for the dance
We put her in the "center" (of V), her face illuminated probably imagined of having earned 1000s of fans

As the dance progressed, more spectators pulled in
Slowly the specimen moved out of sight, as the rest of us closed in

At the end, it was a single straight line
For the way things turned out, she didn't seem fine

She complained that we put up a bad show
We convinced her it was an accident, without any intention of letting her low

Then on there were many such accidents
After each one, she only got ready for further such incidents

I wonder if she ever realised she was being a bakri
Probably i've never come across such stupidest chokri!

But sometimes i am forced to wonder who were the real victims
For, she never got offended, instead steadily took part in almost all the events!!

The mind patrol  

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Wish that you be simple
But you always run into trouble
Others often grumble
For your stupid acts whose number is astronomical

You are sometimes cynical,
some other times, illogical;
Most times, psychical
You surely need help from a mental hospital

Your thoughts abysmal
Which in anyway or to anyone, is not fruitful
Think wise, be intellectual
Waste not your energy and time, be practical.

Make decisions as though they are final
Don't revert back and end up being fickle
Morals and ethics though more vital
Too much of it, turns them brittle

Being emotional, hyper sentimental
Makes you an easy target for betrayal
Doesn't mean that you be paranoidal
Don't end up being a fool, Divya AL!!!

ME: Ahhhhhh!!! heights of being philosophical!!!