Some disgusting facts about Indian arranged marriages!  

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Trying to compile the most dumb and disgusting thoughts/discussion/scenes that happen in an arranged marriage...

1. Hindu-muslim bhai bhai (behen) concept:
I heard of a case where 2 people of the same caste but a different subcaste (whatever both mean) who are totally unrelated to each other become the brother-sister pair and so are not eligible to marry each other!!

2. "The guy's uncle's 2nd cousin's last aunt's grand daughter has had a love marriage or is a divorcee... hence we don't want to consider this guy"

3. The girl thinks of child adoption even before marriage, she is v daring! How could she even think of that?? (even if the real reason behind her thought could be as simple as to help an orphan)!
--- May be the guy never visited an orphanage or have seen poor kids on streets that such a "thought" wouldn't have even cross his mind!

4. Gal (one of my acquaintance) saying, "the guy's family comprises of his parents and his brother but they have a 'single' home... " When asked what was wrong in that, she says, she will have to anticipate trouble during the division of that single home!!! I was stunned to know she could think soooooooo much... Ridiculous!!

5. Guy vacating the area he lived in since he was born coz he is getting married to a gal who also lives in the same locality, coz he is "shameful" and worried about what his relatives would think if he stayed in his in-law's locality!!!!!! The typical "male ego" dominant characters!! How the heck does it matter about who thinks what!!!

6. Gal rejecting the guy for reasons like - he earned a little less than her, he did not "own" a mansion in a metropolitan city, that he is not "settled" in US, his mom is still alive(v shocking isnt it??)

7. Guy rejecting the gal as she is better qualified than him and she "will" boss over him in the future..

8. She wears western outfits - doesn't suit the guy's family....

9. Girl doesn't know to cook , so the guy instantly feels that his family is bound to die out of starvation, without a "cook" in his home!!

10. Last but not the least - Most of Indian "arranged" marriages are based upon how much dowry and gold the girl gives the guy in the name of "gift" :)))


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Yipppiieee its the season of mangoessss.... :)))) I'm getting to eat a lot of them in many forms!!! :) Mango pickles, chat pata mango chat, Mango DAL, Mango seekarane, Maavinkaay chitranna, and the Mango ice cream... to name a few.... And yes, all these made by me :)

And best of all was the mango ice cream... Hadn't known making it would be so simple with just 3 ingredients and 3 steps for preperation!!

If you are interested, here's the recipe....

1. 1 litre Goodlife milk.
2. 1 cup sugar
3. 4 medium sized ripe mangoes

THAT is all!!

1. Boil the milk till it becomes half the quantity. Cool it. Add sugar and blend it (using a mixer or a blender) and deep freeze for 2 hours.
2. Blend the mango pulp with the chill milk, freeze it for another 3 hours...
3. Take it out and blend it the last time. Add 4 spoons of unbeaten mango pulp to the above and deep freeze for about 4-5 hours.