From a c(r)ooked up mind...  

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Clock ticking like a thunderbolt,

Wish it could , for a while, halt...
To look back and dig into what went wrong,
But are these mushy things really worth the throng??

Tolerance and patience - levelled to zero
Every wistful thought helping the impatience grow
Attempts for betterment going astray
Or giving into haste, letting me fall prey?

The future seems so garbled and crippled
Leaving me stunned and baffled
Wanting to stay aloof
Until I can learn not to goof!

Even the story of a Legend
After a long run, shall see an End;
But like a mega serial of Ekta Kapoor...
This mind block seems to have no cure;

Wish the last piece of the riddle falls in place...
Want the end to be peaceful and in solace
In this life's race...
If not the first, atleast dont want to accept the last place!!

In hunt of a stranger...  

Posted by Divya A L

That was the first time I had gone to office forgetting to carry my laptop. With my office put up 25kms off my place (or rather I am put up 25km off city) and considering the bad state of mind I was in, I had no mood to go back home. Wandering about I entered the Forum Mall thats a few buildings away from my office. The mall wasn't too crowded except in the 3rd floor where I found long lines of queue at the PVR ticket counter. I was in awe to find sooo many people on a monday morning when you expect people to be busy at work. Suddenly I had this rigorous urge to join the crowd. I was thrilled at the idea of watching a movie all alone… Being a movie freak, there wasn't a movie left which I had not watched off late except for the regional lang ones - "Krishnan love story". Somehow I found the title catchy and decided to go for it.

It took about 10 min or so to head the queue. I asked for a ticket offering my credit card.

"Credit cards are not accepted for price below Rs.100 ma'am" , the boy at the counter said.

I had forgotten that morning shows cost way too lesser than the ones played later in the day. Ticket amount was 60 bucks and I was sure I did not have cash.

I was beginning to get disappointed and the thought of drawing cash from ground floor and rejoining the queue made me drop the whole idea of watching the movie. Just then, like someone had read my mind, there was this stranger behind me, (pretty handsome ;)) who offered to pay for my ticket and that I could return it once I withdrew cash from the ground floor. At first I refused and started to talk, but looking at the crowd behind me getting restless, I said ok, its only a matter of returning his amount in few minutes' time. So, I got a ticket and kept the Rs40 to myself thinking I'd give back his 100 as is.

I asked him to stay where he was and that I'd be back with cash in exactly 5 min. I was a little too sure, people wouldn't run away leaving Rs100 anywhere. I even offered him to join me till the ATM which he refused as though he trusted me.

I withdrew cash and to my bad luck, the ATM had only 500Rs note and I ran to a stall to get 5 100s instead. After all the circus, I went upto where he had said he'd wait, only to find him missing!! The only thing I remembered about him was he had bought tickets for "I hate love stories" which was at 10:00 am. I vaguely remembered his face. It was around 10:03 and I suspected he was in the theatre already. I had 10 more min to go before the movie started.

I went into the same AUDI as his and felt I was taking part in the "Spot me if you can!" contest. I lost miserably. I thought l'd catch up with him during break and went into the hall which was playing the movie for which I had bought tickets. The hall was pretty empty and all of a sudden I stareted to feel scared. This was the first time ever I was going to watch a movie all alone in a theatre. Though my seat was somewhere in the middle row, I chose to sit v close to the exit door (top corner seat), thinking of sprinting out if something went wrong.

The movie started and it wasn't really bad. It was gripping atleast. But the songs in between averted my eyes here and there. I found an old couple in the row in front of me. (That was one another reason I chose to sit in that particular seat) Surprisingly, I could see the movie did not interest them at all.. They were deeply involved in a discussion, holding hands, consoling each other etc etc... Well, I was convinced they had chosen the best place. :P

During the break, I went to buy pop corn and in a ray of hope of finding that guy. I had no luck again. I came back to my seat and besides me now sat a little girl who was around 5 years of age. I was tempted to kick off a conversation with her and asked if she had not gone to school that day.

She replied - "I have bunked school today!"

I thought she had a long way to go!! The movie resumed and at the end of it, I felt they could have saved money by not making this movie in the first place. The heroine commits suicide and it was supposed to be a terrible tragedy. A story of a typical psychopath!! You know the kind of story which tries to portray "too much love hurts"! But I kind of liked the the movie (after all I was watching it for free and having earned extra cash too, if I did not find the stranger at all).

After I came out, I thought I will give a last trial to look for that guy and went to the place where he had said he'd wait for me. I did not find him. I was about to return, but somehow I was not satisfied. "why should I watch a movie at the expense of some stranger's money?" this was eating me up. To the already damaged mind, this was an additional burden. I went to the ticket counter and asked the boy to take down my cell # and asked if at all the guy comes back to call me up. I guess that was the max I could do and felt satisfied.

Now I answer calls from unknown numbers anxiously!! :D

Anyway it was really an interesting experience watching the movie all alone. I must say it was adventurous and I enjoyed it thoroughly!! :)

Somehow I could relate this blog to the movie I had watched. The movie disappointed the audience while this blog disappointed the readers. I realized it now!! Sorry readers :)