AUG 21st - A day to remember!!  

Posted by Divya A L

This day is memorable since the year 2006. There are several reasons for it...

This was the day i started off my career at Infy way back in 2006. Congratulations to my batchmates who are still working for Infy, having spent 3 glorious years there!! (Does that strike somthing important to you guys?? Something like you finally want to take a call for looking into better career prospects??;) :P)
I re-read this post of mine that turned me hyper nostalgic remembering the good old days there...

Incidentally, one of my good friends, ex-coll mate, ex-colleague Sreejith was online in gtalk... After wishing him the grand 3rd anniversary we would have celebrated if in Infy, he said - "hey divs... u know another anniversary tht falls on this day?" I obviously didn't know what it was... He then said - "2nd anniversary of me becoming ex-infoscion :D" I ROTFLed like crazy and realized it was my 2nd anniversary too of becoming an "EX INFOSCION"!! Its 2 years gone after serving Infy (serving ourselves at Infy, rather) for exactly an year!!!

Three special people landed on this planet this very day 25 years ago!! Wow thats going to be a silver jubilee!! These special people are special because, they are no longer in touch with me but have made a big difference in my life!! Happy birthday buddies!! (No sarcasm involved!!)

A friend of mine got married too on the same day last year!! Thats anniversary #3.

3 anniversaries and 3 birthdays on a single day does make it special and memorable, wouldn't you agree???

Happy friendship day!!  

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Walking together several miles
Talking seemlessly on mobiles
With them laughter always weighed in piles
In their company time simply flies

They comprehend your language of silence
You feel tremendously happy in their mere presence
Life teaches you the best of the lessons
You will learn lots of it with them, in essence

With them, the deepest secrets you share
Which with others to speak, you wouldn't even dare
They shower upon you, lots of love and care
In this relationship, everything seems so just and fair

They're there for you when you are racked
They never give up on you though they know you are slightly cracked
They wipe away the tears in your eyes
Though often, wouldn't let you shed them in the first place

Now and then breaking rules
Amount of fun and mischeif - absolutely no clue
Parting from them is definitely blues
Never even think of it, don't lose.

Look for new ones, keep the old
One is silver, the other is gold!!
With time, the better the friendship moulds
They are those sweet memories, you'd always want to hold...

Some relationships are made by God;
Some others, people chose and found
There's that special one called "friendship"
That's a cocktail of all other "relationships"

Wishing all my dear friends, a very very happy friendship's day!!
Thanks for being there for me, when i needed you all the most...