33 years and what have I learnt  

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This year I turned 33 and when I retrospect into what I accomplished so far in life, I guess I've grown more matured in my thoughts and actions. But this is exactly what I had thought about 5 years ago.  However, my thought process then and now are very far off and varied.

So is there a new definition for maturity or my perspective of maturity has changed?
Whatever it is, I haven't changed much as a person but somewhere a lot about me has changed.  One of them is that I'm a lot more independent! But at the same time, I've begun to notice many dependants on me who require my attention , care and consideration.  Needless to say my infant baby is one of them , on the other hand its my aging parents.

Of late, I find it very difficult to have a meaningful conversation with my parents.  Either they are too impatient or I am.  The once upon a time  "the most-friendly-relationship" with my parents (where I could speak anything and everything to them) has just turned upside down.  Many a time they are too impatient or adamant or stubborn. And since this behaviour is new to me, I too react with anger and impatience.  Honestly this is the last thing I'd want to do to them. They've all along been the best parents and I'd always vouch upon them for any kind of support. I keep contemplating on how it all turned out the way it is today.

Well, I have my personal bunch of issues that often come and go. I mostly choose to resolve them my way.  However my parents tend to think I'm wrong in the way I handle them and get too pissed off with it. I understand that they are concerned about my well being but when I'm ready to face the consequences of my actions they shouldn't be worried too much.

Many a time I've failed in my decisions, I have been backstabbed by people, my trust has been broken, I've been misunderstood. But these are the important learnings for me to know and discover better ways of doing things like how to prioritize(people or problems), what needs attention  and what needs ignorance,  whom to choose and whom to distance from most of all making wiser and thoughtful decisions. I have stopped blaming people, for, it is upto me on how I react to them.  The only thing I never want to stop doing is to stand up for the right things no matter what. Be it work or personal, be it strangers or close ones. When I retrospect, this behavioural aspect of mine has drawn me to some good friends and at the same time lose some good ones. I only wish and hope some day my intentions are understood the way I really intended them to be.

Now on the learnings,
1. Never to judge anyone.  Most often than not they are all right from their perspectives. Always give a benefit of doubt.
2. Independent! This teaches you a lot of things and most of all this is the one and only thing that leaves you satisfied for all your actions. You will not have a chance to blame anyone.
3. Never give up what you believe.
4. It is ok to disagree and commit as long as it is not personal.
5. Give people a second chance. After all the trust you invested demands a benefit of doubt - that things might have gone wrong unintentionally.
6. Try to make the best of every situation and make it a point to laugh as much as you can!
7. To make life as easier as possible without any complications.
8. Say no if you do not like something. 

Naming ceremony invite  

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After all the chinnus and minnus
Sweeties and Cuties, kabalis and bahubalis
My Mom Divya and my Dad Rammohan
Finally planned my Namakaran

Curious to know what I'll be called
Awaiting 21st of April 2017, for my name to be unvieled
At 10am, at Hotel Kadamba Guestline
Thats on the 1st floor,Kengeri Bus Stand Terminal, Mysore Road.

Please join this ceremony and grace the occassion
Call out my new name on top of your voice
To my tiny little brain, this shall be a training  session
A surprise awaits whoever calls it loudest and nice!

At 1pm, savour the traditional lunch
And yes, I don't want to miss a selfie with you bunch!
Your presence is a present enough
Don't bother gifting stuff!!


Mother's love!  

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Until I met you , I'd known not
How strong, juggled is our knot
Anything you do is a boundless joy
You are my dearest , my sunny little boy!!

Your little smile, radiates my face
Your little sorrow, makes it an ocean of grief
Oh little one , in you , I seek solace
May you always be protected and be safe !

Today was a special one
Your lovely gesture tickled my heart
You made me laugh and laughed in turn
Never had I had, this  priceless a moment !

Never will I let you down
Never shall put you in wrong hands
Never shall let evil shadows cast in
Till my last breath , I promise

Crazy it may seem...
Stupid it may sound...
Surreal it may look...
I've never been so deep
In this abyss of love,
Experiencing Divine joy, knowing no bounds and leaps !

PS: Only now I realise why my mom puts up with me always !

Chimes of Intel  

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Inside Intel – here we are,
Love the greens and the fresh air of SRR!!

In many ways, Intel cares,
Here are some, we ought to share!

Working here amidst the best talents
The best within us fervents

The activities of fun and frolic
perfect stress buster for a workaholic

An eye for the blind,
benefactor to the poor
Oh Intel’s involved, for sure!

Awards, goodies, recognitions, success celebration
A key source for employee motivation

For anything and everything, there’s a process in place
After all, slow and steady wins the race!

Your rigid policies against harassment and disgrace
Makes it a great and wonderful workplace

Working women strategy in WIN sessions
A good insight for work life balance

Is it all about work that count?
No no! It is also its employees that Intel cares about!

Nutrition for healthyoga, gym and aerobics      
Makes us free of stress and panics

Routine health checkups and reminders to stretch!
Keeps us fit, fine and ergo-rich!

Fun with family or chill at Rome
It’s a cocktail at Intel, which is our second homeJ

Your constant efforts and thrive to improve
To be the best” is what it’s gonna prove…

The Rainbow  

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The sky was dark,
The gloom and despair did they mark
Amidst was a Silver Lining
She saw the spark in the trailing

In between appeared a rainbow
What a sight, worthy of a bow
The background seemed to fade
Due to the neat colors that were laid

The colors beamed of joy and hope
She knew it was a sign, sweet as a cantaloupe
Her blemished thoughts, deep
Expecting sweet fruits it would reap

But as nature has it,
Gone were the colors in a sweep
The darkness and the gloom with it
Made her uncontrollably weep!

Would the silverlining also disappear?
And leave her blind?
The love she had, she feared
Would leave her behind...

The sinking ship  

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She was a lively ship
She was colorful and hep
She was adored and praised
Like a princess, she was raised

She hummed like a nightingale
While on move, she raced whales
She conquered her space  - the vast sea
There were no limits to her see

As she celebrated her glory,
Her owner was in such a merry
That He gave away the princess' to the king of a ferry
Little did he know , it was an act of a bury

Well, she was growing old,
Her colors faded as days rolled
The king did not see her shine
He made her cry, he made her whine

She was no more the only one
He made sure she was just another one
She was beaten and broken
She felt abandoned and shaken

The owner visited his princess, the priceless!
He noticed the king was ruthless
He regretted that he was watchless
And moaned inside speechless

She gave up all her hope
She sunk even while tied to a rope
She dreamt to elope
And sprint like an antelope!

She saw lonely times
Even when there were thousands besides
Hundreds of gazes o\upon her
Some even adored her

However the day had arrived,
The rope was finally untied
She would sail again she thought
Yes, she did, in an abyss in which she was caught!

Sophie -- you are my alter ego!  

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My shopaho-li-sm has reached heights, or so thinks my dear Hubby. It was my mother then and its my husband now - whom I have to lie(its a big deal deal, really) to about  my shopping expenses. Why don't these people realize I can't be bi-partied with my shopaholism?
They should be lucky to know that I respect their sentiments and don't/rarely get them involved in my shopping business by not telling them about it or just making sure they are not present when I shop! And once or twice they learn about it, its a serious crime! Come on! 1 out of 25 times, is all what they know! Should they make a big issue out of that also? Why don't they understand I'm getting the best deals and of all, the kind of happiness I get with it, is euphoric. My mom likes to talk over phone and my hubby wants to watch cricket/badminton etc. Similarly I like to shop. Isn't it that simple? Its these small little things that matters in life!

Yesterday was a disaster! I had ordered 2 jumpsuits and a funky sunglass from Myntra day before and it said it would take a minimum of 1 week for delivery. Well, generally they give a call before they deliver. Expecting the same, I was cool that nobody will learn about this order. But to my surprise I see the myntra guy at my doorstep yesterday morning 8a.m!! I had to undergo the consequences of the pride these online sellers claim of - faster delivery!!

The bill was around Rs.1900 and as usual I had no cash. Since I was expecting it a week later and they would give a call before coming, I had thought I will withdraw the money later on. But now, without any alternative I turned to my hubby:

Me: Do you have some cash?
Ram: How much?
Me: 2k only
Ram: I may not have so much but tell me why you need it
Me: Nidhi (my neighbour) had ordered few things online and that guy has come. He says bill is around 1.9k
Ram: Why do you want to pay for her order?
Me: We had a combined order - I ordered some funky sun glasses.
Ram: Ok. I think she is awake, go check with her.
Me: (Shit!!) No she is still sleeping. I tried calling her.
Ram: Ok wake her up. Its 8am already.
Me: She was not well. Why trouble her?  I will pay now, she will pay me back later
Ram: (Goes straight to their house wakes her up. I stare at him looking stunned) Nidhi your parcel has arrived!
Nidhi: Yepme ka parcel itni jaldi aa gayi?( Our YEPME order has arrived so soon?)
Me: No Nidhi, we did not order at YEPME, it was myntra remember? (Well, day before yesterday, we actually did a combined order at YEPME. Poor girl she thought it was that, obviously).
Nidhi (sleepy eyes): Nahi yaarr.. It was YEPME only...
Me (growing little furious): Nidhi it was MYNTRA!!( I started winking at her, gosh! she noticed)
Nidhi: Accha that one! Oh show me!
Me (I love her!!!): Started to unpack and first took out the funky sun glasses. They were damn cool! I was sooo joyous, but couldn't show it out!
Ram: Take the other two parcels meant for you Nidhi.
Me: (almost had a heartbreak for not even getting a chance to take a look at my jumpsuits. I had to do something!! My mind was working fast!) Ram, actually, I recollect that I had ordered one for me and one for her( without facing him).
(I could feel a cold stare at me. I think he expected it and gave a sarcastic smile)
Ram: Why do you order these online? How do you know it fits? You have wasted many already. Don't you learn from your mistakes? (my Mom was so much better! :( )
Me: No No Ram, I'm sure they fit me. I'll try them right away and show you if you want. If you think its not good, I'll return it back now only(Didn't give him second chance to speak and rushed into the room - finally I gotta chance not just to see them, but wear them too!! - ecstatic!!)
I thanked God a thousand times that day! Both fit me so well that I was tempted to tell the truth that both were mine! But no, he would kill me!

Ram: So which one is yours?
Me: Actually I liked both... err.. I.. ( I hadn't even completed the sentence when he cut it short)
Ram: Ok keep that(pointing out at the black one) and give the other to Nidhi.  (to Nidhi: ) You too try and if it doesn't fit return it now itself, Don't waste money like her (pointing at me)
Nidhi: Returning policies are different... (I had to signal her once more to not not explain those policies now!) "OK". (she was now fully awake! Her sympathy for me was showing up from all corners of her eyes! She silently took it away) .

That moment was awful as I had a 6th sense that it will never come back to me! My idea was to just hand over the parcel to her, as it is, in the packed state, and collect it later in the evening. After 2 weeks Ram would have forgotten about it. However, let me tell you 1 fascinating fact about Ram - He has a photographic memory!!

Nidhi is a nice sweet girl. In 5 minutes she came back, pretending to have tried it out and ...
Nidhi: This looks so much better on you than me!! (have you seen a sweeter girl? I haven't) Ram, she looks slim also, didn't you notice?
Me: (went on a high for a sec, and thanked God !): Are you sure? (Before I could talk, Ram cut in)
Ram: You like it and bought it, so you take it! Or if its not fitting you well, then return it!
(My stomach felt  a churn - It was like a free fall from a reef! Nidhi also was disappointed! She tried her best to convince it was good for me, that I looked slim, that I could wear for so and so occasions etc, but Ram didn't even had that line of thought or change his angle of thought. After futile failed attempts she took it away!)

Its there now, lying in her wardrobe crying to come back to me! Oh dear, I miss you as much as you miss me!!

Yesterday evening, it was v heavy on my heart and spurred out the fact that all were mine to Ram. He said, "I knew it in the first place, reassured when I saw the disappointment when Nidhi was taking it from here and now I am proud of my judgement!"

I wanted to go and bang my head somewhere!

PS: I hate Myntra. They should learn that just because they are situated geographically close-by and have delivered many a time to the same address, they should not take it for granted and appear like ghosts early in the morning, that too clueless! Learn you pridos!!

And Sophie, you have confessed too much in your book - Confessions of a shopaholic! And like a fool, had made Ram read it!

A voice. ...  

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Yearn to hear a voice -
So true , as a child's smile
So warm as a hot tea on a winter s night...
So honest like a father's advice...
So caring like a mother s love....

A voice that -
Consoles when hurt
Appreciates the efforts small or big
Never let's you down serious or humour
Assures not to turn into a grumble

A voice that -
Promises to be there for ever
Soothes even if it means an extra leap
Always wants you to keep listening to
One considers as Melody of Life! !

Have a lot to write...  

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... but not sure where to start....

Its been as hard as rock
For my mind to dock
On a subject to talk
Doesn't respond, even after several knocks!!

Myriad memories, I flock
Fickle on which one to lock
Should I pick one ad hoc?
Ooops! time to leave, its 7'o clock!! :(

Wishing myself better luck next time!!

Welcome 2013!  

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Here's New Year yet again

To pave ways to gain -  
As much joy, as the stretch of the sky
Momentous times void of sorrow and cry

To fight ways to pain –
Enjoy, solve riddles like Holmes
Avert perspectives, change, be an Epitome

Let’s kick start this new year
To make it most memorable and dear!

Welcome 2013!

Have a fantabulous year ahead!  :)

Fabric Paint - 2  

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Did this after a longgggggg time! Though at many places could't get it right! :(

Status: Married  

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The first thing that the marriage does to a person is to keep them BUSY!!

Well, I agree to this without any second thought... But when I look back to find out what I am busy with, nothing strikes my mind, nothing special at least.  

The very first thing that keeps one busy is setting up a home, and how's that:

*  You frequent into the nearby stores/shops so often that the shopkeeper himself gives you a list of things to buy. You know, like buying all the pooja stuff and forgetting the match sticks :-X

*  Keep/move things from here to there, undoing, redoing... until it takes some acceptable shape. Even after that, there are exceptional cases like the kitchen appears all new once Rammy is known to have entered in!! There's sugar in the place of salt and likewise!!

Next big thing - cooking! Its not gonna be too long for it to become a routine... Wake up in the morning, chop chop chop, come back from office chop chop chop... and bear the cacophony of multiple things happening in the kitchen... the mixer, the cooker, and the ever enduring - chop chop chop!! 
[ I was so thrilled to hear and see(photos of stuff he had prepared when in Poland) that Rammy is a wonderful cook... All  his recipes are from the talkative chef Sanjay Thumma. He follows them so religiously that he needs to even use the same kind of utensils that Sanjay uses for cooking!! No wonder I am yet to taste the food cooked my him! Oh ya, he's made some exceptionally good dosas, not to forget, we had got the tavas similar to what Sanjay uses ;) ]

If all these are the "tasks" that keeps one busy, there are lots more - deal with the differences!! All the bachelors and the bachelorettes, a MUST know things about your partner:
1.  Is he/she okay with sleeping on the cot/floor
2.  Is he/she okay with/without fan

If only I knew Rammy snores in his sleep!! :( I can put up with the snore as long as he dares not to touch the fan switch! :P

This is pretty much the daily business after marriage! Yet, I feel I've no time!! :( 

.... More to come

Getting Hitched!  

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"Hello hello" here I ping
A dear Welcome, I will sing

Decided to step into a new life,
To take on a new role - as  a WIFE!!

The Wedding Day is on the 13th of August
Block your calender, first things first!

A little about my fiancee, if you care,
Read on if you have time to spare...

RamMohan, is his good name (Remember Rammy?? ;))
For movies, he is always a game... (like like :))) )
Shopping - not the best of his hobbies(dislike :-| )
Books, travelling, cooking - are his basic interests (like like  - esp the last one ;) )
Languages known - Telugu, English, C
Yes, a software engineer, you see!!
A native of Chittor,
His work, brings him to Bangalore!

As I look forward to the D-Day
 My warmest welcome to you all...
Make your presence, make my day
Most precious, most memorable!

SVK Mantap, Bangalore is the venue
Trace it with this map
I shall eagerly hope to see you
For, each of your presence is a feather in my cap!! 


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A moment of joy,
A moment of bizarre happiness...
Gosh! they just fly by,
Leaving only succulent numbness...

A plethora of memories,
Stormed with emotions,
Brewed by dreams,
All into the ruins...

Moments, some as wonderful,
As wanting to be frozen forever...
While those some others to pass by,
As though they can appear never...

Life is a verdict
For every case on case...
Whats tough is to predict,
the face of the case,
If guilty of sins or innocence...


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Some people are close to us by the length of the time we've known them, some because they are good friends, some when we share common interests and so on... However, there are a few of them whom you feel close to heart even if you haven't talked to them, spent time with them or even known them. There's that unspoken bond between those two people who understand each other just like that. I have known quite a few people like that and one of them is an uncle who lived in my lane. I saw him daily while on my way from home to the bus stop during which time he went for his morning stroll... It was one plain smile we exchanged daily. He passed away this morning around 6am after having lived for 60+ years. Heart's feeling heavy for his loss! Strange relationships do mean quite a lot! Not able to fathom the news and difficult to sink it into my head......  Rest In Peace Uncle!

Ain't we all living our lives on the EDGE !!


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I daily get motivated these days... With time and day, I see it shoot up (linearly for now). I deliberately try otherwise, but I just keep getting MOTIvated!!! (MOTI as in hindi). :(

Inspired by my MOTIvation, I try to make a sincere effort to keep my MOTIvation levels as low as possible!! In the process, there are quite a number of challenges:

Instance 1: Since I've stopped taking yoga sessions, I tried to cut down on eating. Tried to avoid junk food atleast. Since it was a saturday and I had to work, I was at office. For lunch, we ordered Pizzas (damn! I wanted to suggest something light, but as such, it was a sponsored lunch, so didn't want to have a say on that). I made up my mind to stick to Garlic bread.
Challenge: How to say "no"!!
Result: I find myself suggesting someone else to enjoy eating Pizzas without bothering about the calories. And to MOTIvate her, I also had more than I could!!

Instance 2: My "never-to-eat-in-the-next-six-months" food list is not really much. It has Vada, chocs, ice creams, pasteries, fudge, chats and other junk.
Challenge: To keep some of my favourites (all time) on the list!!
Result: I find myself eating vada almost every alternate day. And as if one could overcome the urge to eat chocolates... Esp on seeing mails like "chocs at my desk" etc and I ofcourse consciously picked just one. However, I had to pick 2 more for my friend who wasnt at office that day. So that added upto 3. No big deal. (She forgot to ask about it. Not my fault!!) And the birthday celebrations!!

Instance 3: Its summmerrr!!! So what? Well, I understand this is the season for Ice creams to chill the heat!! Well, I did think of fresh fruit juice option.
Challenge: Risking the quality of water used for the juice. Though ice creams are better that way, it is challenging to accept the fact that the priority here is MOTIvation than taking chances with falling sick!
Result:After having a fruit juice, tender coconut etc, I can bet nothing could beat the effect of the icecreams... Hot choc fudge is the thing to try!!!!

Instance 4: Most recent one this was. That day I was supposed to fast, on account of Sankashta Chaturthi.
Challenge: To remember the date of Sankashta Chaturthi, which happens to be the same day when you are starving/unusually hungry and plan to have biryani!
Result: Had idly VADA, JUICE, choco drink, a heavy meal, Bhel puri, cutlet and again a heavy meal at home!! Never had struck me I had a whale of an appetite!!

Instance 5: Avoid outside food.
Challenge: One can choose not eat and still enjoy the company, just trying to explain ppl around that you really don't like to eat it that day (but your mouth is watering). Avoiding stupid looks of the people!
Result: Have been going to team lunch, team outing, birthday parties, Eat out with cab friends gang, eat out with colleagues and such!!

Hope my inspirations and attempts on working over this is a lot useful, or hope I just get deMOTIvated at the thought of MOTIvation!! :(

Book Review: The man from St. Petersburg - Ken Follett  

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A story during World War it is, comprising the following elements - Poverty, Murder, War, Politics, Anarchy, Love, Betrayal.

The British try to make a secret alliance with the Russians to get them to their support in a war against Germany(who plan to attack France). The Russian Anarchists defy the war as they feel the lives of poorer Russian mass would be sacrificed when they don't even understand its purpose. This man from St. Petersburg known as Feliks is one such anarchist who will find a way out to stop the secret treaty getting signed which will in turn save those innocent lives from the miseries and brutalities of the war. The idea is to kill the nephew of the Czar of Russia (Aleks) which will enrage the Czar to an extent to distrust the British and decline their support.

The story also involves a love triangle which will turn the plans of Feliks upside down with every murder attempt against Aleks. He finds Lydia his lady love, after 19 years and reminisces those youthful days of his. Lydia, however, would be married to Walden, a semi-official diplomat under the Conservative governments, the uncle of Aleks who is involved in the negotiations of the treaty. Feliks also discovers that Lydia would've given birth to his daughter who grows up with Walden, her "papa" and not surprisingly, she'd have derived the anarchist qualities of her real father.

While Feliks is hellbent on killing Aleks, Walden hides Aleks and vehemently tries to see Feliks arrested and sentenced to death. As it dawns to Lydia that only one of her loves could survive at the end of it, she desperately tries to protect them both. Charlotte puts up quite a show in helping her real father get to his target victim.

What I liked the most is the different perspectives that come out from Walden, Feliks, Lydia and their daughter Charlotte. A nice story and damn well written by Ken Follett!

4.5/5 for this one!

Chicken Pepper chettinad!  

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Chicken 1/2 kilo
2 onions
1 tomato
mustard seeds
cumin seeds and powder
coriander leaves and powder
curry leaves
coarsely ground pepper
ginger-garlic paste
chilli powder
turmeric powder
green chillies - 4-5

Method of preparation:
Heat 3 tbs oil in a kadai. Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds, wait till they pop. Add onions, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and fry for a minute. Add chopped tomatoes and green chillies and fry for another minute. Add salt, 1 tbs chilli powder, 2 tbs coriander powder, 1 tbs cumin powder and mix. Add a glass of water to this, put in chicken and mix well.... Allow it to cook for about 20 min (till it turns dry). Now add 2 tbps pepper powder , curry leaves, coriander leaves and fry till almost dry! The spicy yummy pepper chicken now awaits you!

~Cooking time: 30 min.
Serves 4.

PS: This was the most yummiest dish I've ever made. It was finger lickin good!! I never knew I had cultivated a master chef in me!! :P :D [I am aware of my habit (good for me bad for you) of bragging about myself] But I SWEAR, it was yummy!!! :)

A gift!  

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All of us love gifts, especially when they come in as a surprise! Today I was pleasantly surprised to receive one such(a lovely bracelet) from my colleague's(bus mate) daughter (studying 12th). Ask why! Honestly, I am really not too sure. All I was told by my colleague was, his daughter was thankful to me for making him be more open and carry a broader perspective towards her (than being in a complaining and restrictive mode) and help him understand her better!

Now that was something I never knew of, and I still don't get a complete picture. :) Anyway, happy to know that I was of some use to someone behind the screen!


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ನಿನ್ನ ನಿರೀಕ್ಷೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಕಾಯ್ದಿಡಿಸಿ
ವಿಖರ ಗೊಂದಲದಲ್ಲಿ ಸಿಲುಕಿಸಿ
ಶಿಖರಧೆತ್ತರದಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾಸಿ
ಮರೆತು ಮರೆಯಾದೆಯ ಮಾಯಾವಿ!

ಹುಚ್ಚೆದ್ಧ ಬಿರುಗಾಳಿಯಂತೆ
ಗೊಗೆರೆಯುವ ಬಿರುಸಿನ ಮಳೆಯಂತೆ
ಹಚ್ಚ ಹಸುರಿನ ಮುಗುಳ್ನಗೆಯನ್ನು
ಕೊಚ್ಚಿಕೊಂಡು ಹೋಯ್ಢೆಯಾ, ಮಾಯಾವಿ!

ಗಗನದತ್ತ ಹಾಸಿವೆ ಕಣ್ಣುಗಳು
ಹಾರಿ ಹೋದವ ತಿರುಗಿ ನೋಡಲೆಂದು
ನೋಟ ಜಾರಿಸಲು ಯತ್ನಿಸುತ್ತಿವೆ ರವಿಕಿರಣಗಳು
ಸಿಲುಕದೆ ಕಾಪಾಡಿದೆ - ನಿನ್ನ ಛಾಯೆ, ಮಾಯಾವಿ!

ಜೀವನದೂಗುತ್ತಿದೆ ನಿನ್ನ ಅನ್ವೇಷಣೆಯಲ್ಲಿ
ನಿಶ್ಕಲ್ಮುಶವಾದ ಮನಸ್ಸಿನ ಹಾದಿಯಲ್ಲಿ
ಕಣ್ಮರೆಯಾಗಿಯೇ ಕಾಡುತ್ತಲಿರುವೆಯಾ?
ಇಲ್ಲಾ, ಮರಳಿ ಮಿನುಗುವೆಯಾ... ಮಾಯಾವಿ??

An Award! :)  

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Thanks Vaheedaji for passing on the award "versatile blogger" to me! I feel very honoured especially when its coming from an ace artist and writer like you! :) I love your creative stuff and they way you make beautiful things by recycling unused stuff!

Not only did you present me with an award, but also gave this opportunity to brag about myself. ;) haha.. And here I go, trying to make the best use of the opportunity provided :P :D

Being obsessive about number 7, following are the 7 things about myself:
1. Strong minded, weak hearted.
2. I love pets and pet lovers
3. Jack of all trades master of none.
4. Talkative to an extent of irritating others, mischievous to an extent of hurting others. But
honestly, I wouldn't mean to do it.
5. Love to freak out sometimes and enjoy solitude some other times.
6. Run a mile for chocolates, shopping and watching movies!
7. Love to do anything new and different.

Vaheedaji, you got me into bragging mood, and now I feel I still have so much to say! :P Anyway thanks sooooo much again! :)))

Flash Mob!  

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I hadn't known flash mob would be so much fun! Yeah, as part of Intel's "Employee awareness campaign", there was a flash mob planned at the respective site's Cafe... Woww!! It was amazing fun!! I had never been part of it before and this was quite an experience.

It was a customized Kolaveri song (my first reaction was... "oh no, not kolaveri again!!" ) and I had missed all the practice sessions due to bad health last week. Luckily, I could make up for all those and be part of the team today :) Oooohhh felt sooo niceeee!!! The crowd's response was amazing and they all had a pleasant surprise and a good time :)))

A weekend that sped by....  

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Yesterday sat to watch the left over episodes of "My Gal" TV series.... There were about 8 more to go and gosh, how time flew I had no clue.... I was crazy to watch it back to back continuously skipping my lunch as well, such was the story. After a long long time, liked this kind of a story. There was humor, there was love, there was pain... all elements bundled together.... Enjoyed watching it... Liked its music as well... :)

Today read this book called "I too had a love story" by Ravinder Singh. The story was touching but narration wasn't great. Somehow , be it in real life or the reel life love stories, 75% of the story will be full of hurdles and pain; 15% of it is the happiness (usually in the beginning) and 10% in the end (if successful - the one which ends in marriage) otherwise, the rest 10% is the 10 times amplified pain. The story in this book, is supposed to be a real life one (of the author himself), and fortunately all was well the first 80%(could read it happily). And suddenly when in the state of euphoria, the fate jumps in from nowhere to explode all the happiness that far, into dust. So, two days just sped by like a flash of light and I have gotten into the thinking mode.

I wonder why things have to be the way they are... Why can't everything be fair and just. Why can't everyone be happy at the same time? Why should life be so uncertain, so unpredictable ? I just don't see any point in this!
If one has a purpose, he may not live till it is served; one who doesn't have, tries everything and lands up nowhere; sometimes there are too many dependencies to achieve a goal; so many compromises, so many justifications, so much of unwanted, unnecessary everything! Even if one is patient enough and does everything that has to be done, for his/other's sake, nothing yields out of it. Life just seems like a garbage!!

Am I only highlighting the negative aspects of life? I don't think so, or may be I am. But whatever the case, the dark side of it looks longer and broader than the brighter side. They just don't seem to be in equal proportion, which would've been a fair play!! There's a creepy grayer side too - the one which makes us think of all these, accumulate more and more of these stray thoughts and avert our focus. Well, trying not to fall for it, let me fix a barricade for these thoughts and take a stroll... Cya.....

My first sketch this year :)  

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Walk not on your shadow....  

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When the eyes seem blinded

With dark and dusk
Of gloom and despair,
Mind rotten and rust

The foray into getting lost
Perhaps, be the last thought
With time, the wounds effervesce
The path ahead could be luminescent
If not glowingly bright..

Walk past the past
Blemish not the present
Walk not on your shadow..
And circle the dark again!


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God! Please please please help me decide!!!!

Through the eyes of the blind…  

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Imagine how you would react if you were to wake up and find yourself seeing void?

Today, as part of our team quarterly, we visited a very special place - "The National Association for Blind" put up on the old airport road. A school for blind it is, which accommodates around 80-90 blind people of different age groups - from 5yr old to 70 yr old. It was the most special day I had ever had in my entire life for two reasons. One, because, it was totally a different world out there and 2nd - there was a lot to learn!

Initially I was under the assumption that this visit was more or less going to be the same as that of visiting an orphanage or teaching at govt schools. But I was totally wrong. This time, there was a lot to take than give. It is an amazing feeling which you will enjoy only if you experienced it.

To start with, the head of the school briefed us about the various trainings they conduct for the blind. They were divided into 4 major categories -

Category 1: For all the new-comers to the school

This is a 45 day course meant to teach the blind to be independent, in terms of how to commute, where to find what and things like that. The instructor for this class was very proud and confident for making his pupil capable of managing themselves on their own. Being a Math grad, he preferred teaching the blind instead of teaching math to normal people. He seemed very happy and satisfied with the profession he had chosen even if it meant way too lesser salary than what he'd have got, had he chosen the "typical” career ladder. I wasn't surprised because while I was there, I too felt the same... Nothing would leave you as satisfied as helping someone who had no clue how the world around him looked like!

Category 2: For aged people from rural areas

This was aimed at blinds from rural areas for enabling them to be self employed. The pupil are initially trained in - sewing, carpets/mats making, bamboo/plastic knitting (that you often see as chair rests) etc. The idea is to train them in making these and refer them to government agencies(we were told that the govt has a regulation that such jobs be given to the blind). The school also helps them in setting up private businesses at their hometowns for making them self employed and earn a living.

Category 3: A class for guys for machinery work

All the mechanical stuff like welding, fitting, working with lathe machines etc.( I remembered my 2nd sem engineering! Ufff, what hell was that! Esp. in my final exam when I was asked to do some welding stuff and I ended up with a big lump of molten metal on a metal sheet due to poor visibility through the eye-shield :( I was asked to re-do the whole exercise :'( )The blinds were geniuses I must say... It was an amazing accuracy with which they got the metal cutting done and with such a shiny polished finishing! I was dumbstruck. It sounded like "mission impossible" (whatever version you may want to give it)!!

Category 4: Computer literacy

The school was equipped with a computer lab, and they used the "JAWS" software (an audio-visual software which reads out all that appears on the screen) for the blind. They all showed us how they checked their gmails and my God, how quick they were! Simply amazing!

Apart from these, as a regular course, the students are also taught to write and read using Brailles. The tutor for Brailles is a v old chap, Mr Hari Prasad(who is also blind) with an experience of 27 yrs teaching the other blind the usage of Brailles. Hats off to his hard work and commitment. I'm so wrong to have been sympathetic and self-pitying myself for having to commute the farthest to office. But this chap commutes from Rajajingar to the old airport road daily in BMTC (needs to change 2 buses to get to the school from his home). A big bow to him! While his kind words to his pupil and individual attention to each of them talks about his dedication, his effort for saving my mobile number in his' (its a series of steps again with some sort of audio visual software, took about 10 min to save 1 number)talks about his patience and tolerance.

This introduction of the various activities for the blind was followed by a cake cutting ceremony for both the blinds and the Intel employees who had their birthdays in the month of December. And I was lucky :) One of the best celebrations of my birthday, which came in as a surprise! :) We played a lot of games together - a cricket game using dice, pass the ball, a kind of musical chair (They called it Raja, Rani, Kalla, Police). This was followed by lunch and some of the Intelites took pleasure of serving the blind.

Post lunch was the cultural activities session. Being a movie maniac, the first thing I thought about what I enjoyed and they did not was – watching movies! I was mistaken again. They had a fairly good knowledge in movies as well. :)(I had a sense of relief else I’d have felt bad that they knew nothing about movies :( )They all put up a grand show and exhibited their talents in singing, mimicry, narrating jokes etc... They were fantastic. By then I had familiarized with some of the gals and they spoke so dear and affectionately that I too started to call a gal by Vijaylakshmi as Viju ;) ;D She was very fond of singing songs on a mic. And when she did (2 songs - folklore), I could see the joy radiating on her face! :)

Later on, our director, Mr. Bhartendu Sinha, distributed momentos (sweaters and FM radio) followed by a prize distribution ceremony for those talents. Followed by that was a chat making activity - we had bhel puri, pani puris for the menu. Finally closed the day with tea and back to office. A day couldn't have gotten any better than this! What a lovely day it was!

Some of the take aways from this experience:

1. The blind are the stronger lots who have learnt to live their fate without any regrets. Believe me, they don't like to be pitied. They are as much independent and normal as we are.

2. I've always doubted the presence of God, but now I feel His presence in them. When I initially met them, I felt a pang of pity, later on, I could barely distinguish them from the rest of us. They mingled with so much ease like one amongst us. It could be a result of a lot of hard work from their side, but that doesn't just seem enough unless they are specially blessed to face such hardships. We were told never to express our sympathy to them (at least in front of them.) Emotional strength is what drives them most times. They like to be one amongst us.

3. the most basic thing I got to learn – “Life can be worse, it’s up to you how to make it better!”

4. They are definitely quicker, smarter and better than any of us....

Anything you want to do to help them?

Yes, you can, without spending even a single penny, and in many ways. All they care for is a little time and affection.

1. Learn the language of Brailles - this may help you help someone be a literate.

2. Just try spending some time with them. Celebrate some of your special occasions with them. Believe me, it really makes their day, but more, yours.

3. Take your kids for a visit to such places. If not anything, they'll learn to be compassionate.

4. Lend them your old dresses (they make the yarn out of it or use it for carpets or if in good condition they will be happy to wear them)

5. Read out books for them and record it. I’m sure all of you own a cell phone that has a recording facility. Many softwares are available too for this purpose. It could be story books/novels (The brailles version is very limited)

"There is no lovelier way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark...." - Helen Keller

I really thank Intel for giving its employees this wonderful opportunity for providing a great deal of avenues for such social cause. Love you more now, Intel. I really want to retire here! :)

Be blessed!  

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You know, I hated him.... Inspite of cooking up all stories for a 5-min delay in the morning to catch my shuttle to office, the driver doesn't give a damn and leaves early... (6:30 on bang! ) Yes, I have told him that I will have to cook in the morning, wait for the milkman and that he gets late sometimes, or the most popular reason of the power cut! When he ignores my "genuine reasons" how can I confess the fact about that 5 min extra sleep in the morning, which works wonders??

Last wednesday was one such day when my hatred had piled up to max. Inspite of being at my stop at 6:32am, the bus had left! :( Fortunately, as if BMTC had started a backup service for office commuters missing cabs/buses, I got a direct bus to my office that turns up occassionally otherwise! YES, this is the proper example of "getting lucky"! I boarded the bus and turned on my Lappy to watch the 5th episode of "My Gal" series occupying the last seat. It was the 2nd half of the 7th episode (one hour an episode) and the battery went down... When I looked out, I saw the bangalore central in the Belandur junction and the bus had come to a halt due to traffic on the congested road. 2 more stops to go, to reach office, but seemed like eternity to get there. I was casually looking at the mall watching out for sale/discounts if any... As my eyes averted here and there around the mall, something caught my attention and I had to look twice... No, it wasn't a "sale" this time...

I noticed a middle aged person (may be in late 40s or early 50s) pushing a pink colored scooty pep. Neatly dressed he was, but there was something strange. He seemed v tired and breathed heavily and was sweating unusually too much... He was hard at work but he stopped every now and then trying to gather energy to move the vehicle any further... The bus I was in, geared back to life and started to move. While I watched the old man, he suddenly held is left hand towards his chest and my heart skipped a beat... My sudden instinct was to get down from the bus and ask if anything was wrong... By the time I could make way through the crowd in the bus and request the driver to stop, I landed in a proper bus stop (in front of Eco space). I started to walk back towards the mall and so many "what if"s started to pop on my mind.... I could see him there at a distance still struggling. The most astonishing thing about this episode was, a guy on the bike hit the scooty from behind and simply drove away!!! The elderly man fell and I stood stunned. I had a gutt feeling he had a cardiac arrest! And there came a rescuer(s). A guy(looked like a college going guy who had bunked classes for a morning show) walked out from outside the mall and carried the old man in his arms and walked towards a trendy sporty car. The old man was moved into the car and the second guy managed to stick a big "+", written on a paper and colored it red on the bonnet... Then he honked continuously and drove away... Believe me, the vehicles gave away like it does for an ambulance. It all happened too quick and realized "people who appear to have 'nothing' to do, actually do some critical tasks when in utmost need. That was a perfect timing!!". I was too impressed at that quick action and stood stunned for sometime there. I hope the old man is doing good now! Be blessed guys!

Love you Dad!  

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Watched the Tamil movie - Vaaranam Ayiram last week. Loved Surya in the father's role which reminded me of my own dad!! :) Thank you soooo much Dad for being there for me always! Lovvvee you lottsssss!!!!

A magic shoe cabinet  

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It was quite some time since I had properly looked into my shoe cabinet... May be I never bothered because I hardly cleaned it or I wasn't really particular about the sandals I wore each day. However today, all of a sudden, I remembered one particular pair of sandals I had bought after hunting down for almost an entire day on the commercial street! I opened the cabinet and started to pull out all the sandals in it trying to find them. Like magic, so many of them kept coming out and I was awed at each of those trying to remember when, why and where I had bought them! All in all I found ..... I found..... around..... 30 pairs of them!!!

I felt I had a gifted magic shoe cabinet!! It was such a nice, wonderful and a winner in a treasure hunt feeling, wow!!! It seems like I wouldn't need another "new" pair for years to come... (May be except for a red one that looked a little worn out....)

PS: Amma helidru - naanu matthe hosa chapli tagond bandre manege, adralle hoditini antha :(((

3rd blogging anniversary!  

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Time speeds by

Three years passed, oh my!!
With you, I laugh, I cry
Never wanna bid you good bye!

Ok, I am still not bored with blogging! And thanks to Dilip yet again!

A beautiful heart!  

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The eyes' sparkling light

So jubilant and bright
Beckoned her with delight
That sight, gobbled all her fright

The innocent jumped with joy
Knew not, was the beholder's best toy
It was the colorful life of a playboy
Knew not,she'd be trounced to cry

Far off, a heart distinctly listened to her plea
The heart which was stabbed to be mortally free
But all the love cuddled in its pleasant reveries
Wished well for her, chose God as a referee

It pleaded the Almighty to check on her
It desperately wanted to be there for her
Its entry, she might not endorse
Killed the will with all the force!

The caring arms that were chucked behind
Craved and longed to hold up its betrayed dear
Oh love, you are so kind, or should I say blind?
Undoubtedly, the pure and a rare one to find!


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I feel its wrong to write bad about others! After all nobody's perfect! Sorry if I've hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly!

Book Review: Revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat  

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After all the hype about this book (supposed to have sold a 5 million copies - pre-booking, including mine ;) ), it wasn't disappointing, at the same time did not probably live upto the title or expectations!

Whats good?
The story is good... The story of Gopal, a 26-year old, the youngest Director of an engineering college who'd have stopped studies at 12th after two failed attempts at getting a decent score for admissions into IITs or NITs. His father, poor and ill, wants to see his son become an engineer and pours in all the money he has(and also borrows from a politician at a high rate of interest) for that purpose. Gopal, bitten by the love bug, apparently loses control over his life when he learns that Aarti, his childhood crush, had chosen his friend Raghav over him. Like all bad things happen at the same time, he ends up in a bad company where he gets addicted to alcohol and smoking habits and wastes all his time and money over it. His lack of concentration on his studies turns him into a "failure". His father passes away on knowing his son couldn't make it to the top colleges, leaving Gopal
1. a piece of land he had fought keeping for several years (a kind of sentiment farmers generally have) and
2. responsibility of clearing a huge amount of loan from a MLA, which his father would've borrowed to get Gopal trained to crack JEE/AIEEE

When the MLA learns about the land Gopal possesses, he has an idea of turning it into an engineering college. He also succeeds to do so, following all illegal means to get the required grants and permissions from several concerned authorities and makes Gopal the director of the college.

Raghav on the other hand, manages to clear JEE with flying colors but gets admitted to a local college and his primary interest and passion is journalism. He starts off writing for college magazine and eventually ends up in a job of an editor in a local popular newspaper. As part of his job, he tries to uncover the MLA's involvement in various scams (would have interviewed Gopal too, who had by then, become a pretty pal of the MLA) and makes a great story that sells like hot chocolate. The MLA is enraged and uses his powers to take away Raghav's job. For Gopal it seems Raghav is setting up his beloved MLA due to a personal grudge on him and Jealousy (that Gopal, inspite of being a college drop out is now ten fold richer than Raghav, who was supposed to be earning good having cracked JEE) and takes things personally. On losing his job, Raghav starts off his own newsletter called "Revolution 2020" that exposes the MLA's frauds and scams that finally lands him up in the jail.

While Raghav is busy with his new project, Aarti feels abandoned and ignored and she begins to feel Gopal would have been a right choice for her and they get together. Gopal, after winning over his childhood crush feels the greatest sense of achievement ever and waits to crack the news to Raghav. When he visits Raghav's office to do so, what he notices there, changes his premonitions about Raghav completely. Though initially, Gopal is portrayed to be a little low rated, towards the end, his gentleness unfolds and the story takes a new turn...

Whats lacking?
Chetan's usual dry sarcasm and sense of humour is poor when compared to his other stories.

Though it doesn't live so much upto the title, it unveils Indian annoying politics and kind of reflects the recent attempts by the activists in our country to eradicate corruption and the author sees that such an effort would pay off sooner or later, a positive approach for the betterment of this country. Bollywood directors could be interested! :)

8/10 for this one!

Book Review: Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella  

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The first not-so-good and boring book of Sophie. Very average and not as humorous as her other books.

The lead character is Liza, who'd have lost memory of her past 3 years after an accident and how she tries to "re-learn" those 3 years of life again. Those three years of life would've transformed her into a new and very different person unknown to herself. If some of the life's memorable moments' - marriage, achieving a position of a top boss in a certain dept and other cherishable moments were part of those 3 years which she doesn't remember a thing about, she had, at the same time, grown into being tough, and a boss-from-hell kind, because of which her friends would've broken ties with her. . . Eventually, she discovers that she isn't really the character she had been in the past three years and tries to set things right.

5/10 for this one.

This being the last of Sophie's stand-alone novels, I rank them in the following order:

1. Twenties Girl (Read twice already! )
2. Can you keep a secret?
3. The undomestic Goddess
4. Remember Me?

Cleansing of guilt!  

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I did something wrong... yes it was a mistake.. I'm such a lame girl... I mean, not that I had any idea that a post of mine would offend someone because that someone was one of the characters, (may be a main character) in my 'little' "fictitious story", well, not totally fictitious, but not totally a scene to scene match either! hmmmm... may be I can say a tiny bit of facts picked up from here and there to fill in the story to add a light humor to it... Of course some found it far too humorous than it really was, but isn't it all about the perspectives? Well, my "intention" was not definitely to put down or offend that person for sure....

Anyway let me stop defending myself... What I did was wrong and thats it. Had that person been a close friend or even a friend of mine, not that he/she is not, but sometimes friends also do show off temper, like when they are pissed off at work etc... their perspectives will change. May be this is such a case, or may be not...

Ok, it was wrong of me to have written about someone and made an offending story out of it. (I wouldn't have written it, had I really known that first of all, that person had been following my blog and secondly took an offense about it) For someone who is kind and helpful, I don't think what I did was right! Very very sorry about it, if you are reading this one too! I swear, it wasn't intentional... I just get a little whacky and crazy at times! I think I know how it feels. Really sorry!

I'd prefer having a row with a person than having to carry the guilt of hurting him/her!

Feeling better now! I get a "being cleansed of guilt" feeling... :)

PS: Isn't it amazing to know how 'right' people read your 'right' posts at the 'right' time?

O.... o... ooo.. my.... Goddd!?!!  

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No, it wasnt her fault at all... Anyone sane can easily see it, conclude it. Do you think religiously following rules is a sin? By far and large, it cannot be. If it is, then rules must be changed. Obviously stopping a car by the side of the road to answer an emergency call isn't a mistake. Well, whether emergency or not, answering a call is not wrong, not while not driving. That extra pain that she took to actually find a spot on the road side (adjoining footpath) where she could stop for a few minutes and take a call is definitely definitely not a mistake.

It was pouring heavily and the wipers of the front glass were active to the maximum. The high beam headlights couldn't go unnoticeable. 20 feet in front from where she had parked the car, there was another car parked. Obviously the other car would fall into a pit if it moved ahead. It had to come a little behind and move onto the road from the footpath. Well, the driver drove in reverse, but wait... noooo.. it wasn't "little"... ohh what the heck...he covered the entire 20ft ... and what a speed! As if he drove a Ferrari! And finally... a big thudd!!! When it was a few inches away she had even honked continuously and even tried to gear the engine back to life and move the car backward... But it was too late... He had smashed his car into hers. Bloody lunatic!

Now, is it her fault??

Anyone who wants to take a reverse wouldn't drive blindly just because they couldn't hear or see anything due to heavy downpour, would they??? And he says - "Why had you parked so near to my car that it "touched" as soon as I shifted my gear?" She was enraged and said - "WHAT THE HECK!!! How could a mere "touch" cause such a huge damage? Haven't you studied F=ma in your school??"

How the hell could it be her fault??

He finally gave his number and claimed to come down the next day and pay the damage charges. He said he was put up near a temple (a popular one)...

PS: Well... forget it... I am into tears again... Bloody rogue he finally escaped! :( This happened a month ago! Oh God (in the temple where this rogue is put up near), I want to offer you some pooja by breaking 10 coconuts. But, please make sure his car(KA04 MJ 1439) is parked near there, while I do it!

Book Review: Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella  

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The more I read Sophie’s books, the more I want to read! Though her books are categorized as “fiction”, many a time, one can relate to it. At times, when “weird” things have happened to me, I’d ask myself “why only me?” but her books made me rephrase it as “ ok… so, its not just me…” or “It was so wrong to be thinking about myself, a nut case!” J J hehe… Even if you are in one of those clumsy moods, you can always pick her books and start reading. Believe me you will feel a lot lot better! She’s growing to be my most favorite writer! J

Like her other books, this also is a total entertainer and absolutely hilarious! Its about how Lara meets her great grand aunt Sadie’s ghost, who would have died of old age (105years) and wouldn’t “rest” until she finds her most loved dragonfly necklace. Lara initially thinks that she is hallucinating her grand aunt, due to the miserable state of mind she'll be in, resulting from various mishaps – her boyfriend dumping her abruptly, lack of support from her best friend/partner at the newly set up hiring firm apparently doing bad at business. Sadie adds to her misery pestering Lara to look for her necklace and gets her to patronize with her telling that it was her “last wish”. But it doesn’t end there….

While Lara treasure hunts with the ghost, she finds Sadie very jubilant and so very young at heart (or soul rather). J She is one of those crazy and fun loving 1920’s girls that leaves Lara at awe! Eventually, Sadie uses her ghostly skills that help Lara in realizing that the guy who dumped her wasn’t really a right choice for her and also improve her business a great deal! The story takes a big leap when Lara discovers that Sadie is not like what her family thought her to be - an ordinary, achieved nothing in life, old woman. She is a part of history which even Sadie herself wouldn’t be aware of. On the other hand, Lara’s uncle, Bill Lington who claims to have started out a coffee business with 2 pennies and grew to be millionaire with Lington coffee outlets all around the world, would have actually used Sadie’s fortune to turn into one. When Sadie learns the truth, she sees no end to her overwhelming happiness (to have been part of history) and terrible vengeance on Bill. Her retaliation to Bill is "wow"! Finally, Lara finds her necklace and Sadie’s ghost never comes back….

Take aways:

What I liked the most other than the story was, Sadie’s attitude towards life. As I read through, I have to admit, I fell for the character “Sadie”! Life is not about leaving behind miseries and moving on, but also moving up and look forward to the best. Sadie compares it to an escalator - keep going on while moving up… Her young-at-heart, her twenties fantasies (which she infects to Lara) , enthusiasm, never take life too seriously attitude is all like magic!

We do face a lot of hardships in life but what really matters is how one handles it. After all, “you are not the only one….” A must read ! A must read !A must read !A must read ! (Hope Sadie hasn't gotten into me!) :)))

Its a 10/10 for this one! *****

Books review: The Shiva trilogy - Amish  

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After being suggested by a couple of friends and reading some fabulous reviews about these books, I ordered them online and yes, they were definitely a wonderful read…

In a very broad sense, the story is about Shiva and various others (characters picked from the actual Hindu mythology) who are on a quest to conquer evil with good and make India a better place to live in. On their voyage, the leader of the troupe “Lord Neelkant” aka “Shiva” is faced with difficult and tricky situations that initially makes him prejudiced about the evil that he fights. He eventually uncovers that his beliefs were false and finds new and different dimensions to his falsified assumptions. The more he uncovers the truth the more his perceptions towards the “good” and “evil” change.

The story is split across 3 books –

1. The Immortals of Meluha

2. The Secret of the Nagas and

3. The Oath of the Vayuputras (Not yet out)

Summary: The Immortals of Meluha

The story kicks off in a slow pace with Shiva and his troupe moving to the state of Meluha – the place where the Suryavanshis reside. The Meluha is known for its immaculate civilization offering an almost perfect way of life for its residents. The rules and policies carefully knit together by Lord Rama(the then ruler of Meluha) largely in the interest of the society, leaves no loose ends for any kind of illegal and unfair act in any aspect and meritocracy is the sole criteria for everyone in anything that they want to pursue. The concept of ‘Gurukul’ is quite interesting! Like any good system has a flip to it, Shiva abolishes an illogical and unfair ritual that had gotten into the system of Meluhans during the reign of Rama. Shiva believes in changing rules that were/could have been of some significance in the past and is utter non sense in the present. This change of rule also rescues his lady love Sati and they get married.

Suryavanshis seek help of the Lord Shiva to fight The chandravanshis – the neck deep enemies of Meluhans who are apparently allied with the terrorist Nagas and together they keep making illicit attacks on the innocents in Meluha. In one such attack, the Lord’s fav, brother-like, scientist “Brahaspati” is killed.

Almost immediately, the Suryavanshi declare a war against the Chandravamshis and turn out triumphant. The techniques used by the Suryavanshis in a war - like the tortoise formation etc are beautifully narrated. Very imaginative indeed, by the author. Later on Shiva realizes his folly – Chandravamshis are not evil, but they are only different. They don’t follow a set of rigid rules like Suryavamshis do. Each one is free enough to choose and do what they like that makes them a lot different from Suryavamshis – “disorganized”. Shiva also realizes that the chandravanshis played no role in any of the Naga terrorist attacks.... Shiva is more confused and his rage against the Nagas is undefiable…

The author is successful in keeping the readers engaged and infringing the curiosity about the nagas… At least I picked the second book almost immediately.

Summary: The Secret of the Nagas

The story in this book has a lot of twists and turns unlike the first one. Shiva explores various other cities including Kashi and marvels at how each of it is so different. Each of the cities varied a lot in the culture and tradition. The Kashi for example accommodates all kind of people seeking refuge and are the peace makers while another city is very conservative about its visitors.

As the story progresses Shiva is baffled by the knowledge that his enemy – the Nagas are the ones who turn out to be the saviours of many innocents. The Shiva himself receives a strange medicine from them that saves his son from death during his birth. Shiva is deeply puzzled about them being good or evil. However the death of his beloved brother makes his stance rigid in considering them to be “evil”. The Nagas also rescue Sati from the man eater tigers and at the end of it, the Nagas’ revelation leaves her stunned. Sati learns about her father's deception - hiding an important truth from her with a selfish motive of keeping his daughter happy and away from all the ridicule and difficulties she may have had to face otherwise.

When Sati unveils the info about the Nagas, the Shiva is as much stunned and astounded, but on seeing the Naga, he is again reminded of his beloved brother and the vengeance takes over him. The Nagas finally decide that the Shiva ought to know the truth and they take him to Panchavati – the place of the Nagas. What Shiva finds out is nerve clenching....

Take aways:

  1. Apart from the story itself, which is definitely a great work of fiction, the author has diligently taken care of portraying even the minutest of the details at his best. The description of each of the cities, the fight scenes, the lively descriptions of sunderbans etc are “wow”!
  2. The real beauty of the story is that the “Gods” of the mythology are portrayed as normal humans possessing no supernatural power. Everything that “seems” supernatural is backed up with convincing scientific justification. Be it about the Somras, or the telepathy…
  3. The meaning of “Har har Mahadev” – is well explained - one who sticks to dharma, one who makes decisions in the interest of the larger society, one who is as selfless as possible – he is the God in himself.
  4. Some of the conversations Shiva has with the Vasudevs are very thought provoking! I especially liked the one that talks about “desire” the “good” and the “evil”!
  5. Learnt a new thing - The opposite of "love" is not "hate" but "apathy" :)

Oops this was quite long! :P Looking forward to read the third book!