Referrals invited  

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The hunt for "THE ONE" season - 2 has begun... (find season 1 here)Well, its the "find the groom" event that has commenced in a small circle that includes my parents and relatives as of now and its for me of course :). Well, if any of you know of, or heard of anyone who is also on a similar venture, please feel free to participate in the referrals for this programme :) Let me try keeping it simple and go ahead.

Expectations from the guy:

Educational qualification: Anything, so long as he is educated!!

Caste/Religion: Hindu, preferably a telugu guy settled in bangalore and not willing to relocate from here.

Origin: Indian

Age: b/w 26 - 30 yrs

Looks: No specifics so long as he doesn't resemble our primitives :)

Behavioral qualities: Decent, well behaved, understanding, honest, trustworthy, jovial, humorous, loving and caring (This is pretty huge list, i know but I prefer atleast 75% of these req meet)

Smoking / drinking: if kabhi kabhi.. then, chalta hein...

Family: Broadminded, non-stereotyped, non restrictive

Horoscope Match: Not very particular

Eating habits: Doesn't matter what he eats, but a strict no-no to me cooking non veg. Even better if he knows to cook ;) :)

Overall, looking for a bindaas guy who can be more of a friend than a husband!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

And yes, there's a referral bonus too.... which you will receive after "successful referral" :P :D
Additional Bonus: Lots of God's blessings :)

PS: I am very serious!! The reason I post it over here is that, I believe that my friends know me better :) Of course parents also do, but I must say season 1 was a flop. :P
Well, on a serious note, I am kidding!! :D

Words of departure...  

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I'm not a toy you can play with,
Oh boy, I definitely am not a game for it...
Dont take me for granted, mind it,
Don't walk in my way, never do it...

I can be tough in ways you'd have never witnessed
As those nice times have long since recessed
You cannot push me to do things I never liked
I can help myself by all means, your support no more desired!

I have stopped to dote on you...
I have ended doing things for you...
I see you can never ever realize my worth...
Not until or after, yours or my death!!

Since you've always wanted to see it fall,
Here you go, lets depart once for all.....

PS: This is what Minky (my new pet) had to say when it no longer could put up with the Jealous Bruno... :-X

Life's crossways....  

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Sometimes we sit and stare...
At life's mysterious affairs...
The dark and gloomy shadows it casts,
Keeps us reminded of our bitter pasts...

Learn to see what those experiences foresay,
Its the best way, they say...
Choosing to do it or not,
Decides if we want or not - to untangle the knot...

Cloning ourselves with newer days...
Withers those painful yesterdays
Though not the easiest of ways..
Its sure to guide you through crossways...

Endiran experience!  

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Should I say "WOW"??? May be... Though I am not one of those die-hard fans of Rajini, Something about this movie made me one! After padiyappa, this was the next best I liked and loved!! If you still haven't watched the movie, you can continue to read.. I am not giving away the story here :)

Unlike rest of his movies, there are no punch dialogues in this one... Being very untypical of Rajini , it yet has all that elements of the possibility of the impossibles!! And thats just "WOWWW"!! :)
Like one of my friends said when asked how the movie was, "Everything's fair in LOVE , WAR and RAJINI movies" :)

Well, the story goes on serious lines in the second half but one can still enjoy and awe at the wonders of animation!! Technically, one of the ever best movies in Indian cinema... at the same time, no sophistications involved... Even a layman can get a brief idea on robotics - thats how simple Shankar has projected it !! I felt I was watching Rajini when he had started off his career playing serious villainous roles in early 70s!

As far as songs and the heroine are concerned, A R Rehmanji seems to have lost out on ideas and creativity.... Very avg songs except for one.. - n thts just a few notches above avg. And ASH, looks a perfect match to Rajini... age-wise!!:) I am sure she'll soon have offers for roles starring oposite older genre heroes or she is close to a maathruji role too!! For this movie, it was just perfect! :)

Overall, it is definitely a must-watch! But I'd suggest it not be watched in multiplexes where ppl seem to be either mouring at Rajini's dialogues or staring at the screen like morons... One can enjoy it best in the local theatres, where the crowd is full of energy and enthu :)))

"Macha, naa oru dodave sonna, nooru dodave sonna maadri!!" :D
Long live Rajini!! :)))

My meet and Confessions to my thaatha !  

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After a long time, I visited my professor , the then HOD of our dept . No, it wasnt by choice but I had to take my friend for referring her to a suitable guide for a ph.d programme. So, there I was all nervous as usual and shooed in my friend first... (She's relatively bolder than me! ;) )

He - "So, you are supriya! Welcome... "

She went in and something held me back from entering his chamber!

He - "Divya why dont you come in..."

I was surprised as to how he knew I was there.... Then realized how stupid I was... I was standing behind a transparent glass chamber :D lolz

Me - "Hello Sir, PLEASANT to meet you after a long time!" with a broadest smile!

He - "Pleasant to meet you too! Take a seat you both"

So there we sat in front of him, my heart pounding fast... Though I know he isnt a maneater, I somehow feel really scared of him! Not even scared, don know how to put it...

I introduced my friend and she started to speak,... about why she was there and all that...
After all the discussion, he turned towrds me.. Under by breath I could listen to to heartbeat rate increasing slowly... Then it was a miracle!

HE SMILED SOOO FULLY DIRECT DIL SE, which i had never noticed before... I must say I was completely bowled over....

He said - "Divya, I am sure you would have cursed me a lot during your M.Tech course..."

Me being in a totally different plane, actually heard him wrong and said "yes" my nervousness adding to it...

"I know it... Not just you but the entire student community would have cursed me and I appreciate that you confessed! But I dont mind... Without being strict, you wouldn't be what you are now! what do you say?" he said...

I was like - "WHATT??? Did you just say curse?? Sorry I misheard you, but I have never... err... sometimes have done that"?

"Only sometimes" another broad smile! I felt I was under some spell and said - "No Sir, most times!"

I started to feel glad for 2 things - 1. I always dreamt of saying this to him right on his face then and now he had actually let me put it politely... ;)
2. Luckily that smile still hadnt disappeared and I felt safe! :P

Then came which I least expected... His serious face again! But that was to convey his own story of how he had felt when he did his PG from IIT bombay in those days... It seems he felt he had to run away from there the earliest!! This triggered me to utter more...

"Sir, I have actually felt the same.. and in my poem about you, I have even made a mention about it!!" I said innocently....

My friend who was sitting next to me, pinched me hard indicating to shut up.... But then it was too late....

"You have a poem about me?? I would love to read!!" he said...
I felt like drinking a full bottle of water/wine gulping continously...

"Sir trust me, I don't have it! It was just a 4-liner and it wasnt a poem in the first place... " I tried to cover...

Being a poor lier, I proved it again!!

"I know its there and you have cursed me in that! Do send me..." he said...

Like a REAL fool (real fool - someone who realizes he is a fool and continues to act foolishly), I said, "I am sorry about it.. I have felt gulty of it many times much later after I wrote it..."

Another hard pinch from my friend...

And so continued - " but I feel really good for the way you had been then.... Otherwise, things could have been worse..."

Somehow this time he seemed to believe my words! Ya, they were true too.... I must admit!

The next ten minutes he spoke about his experiences as a HOD and ended it...

"So where were we? Yes about the poem.. I keep forgetting.. old age you see..." he said...

Like a real fool's fool, I again said - "Sir, like gajini.... I have written about that also!"

He is now adamant that I share it... But somehow I am very skeptical! Any suggestions? :P

But felt really good after talking to him! It was a nice day for me! :)

Fabric painting  

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My maiden attempt on this one today.... Never knew this was so enjoyable... Though doesnt look professional, doesnt seem crappy for me atleast :) Will want to use strokes n the art of mixing colors....

The paints smell great ;)

Some more............

Breathing colors into my sketch!  

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Thanks to Gatorade , one of my pals in Sulekha for filling in life to my sketch with such adorable and lusturous colors! I was beginning to wonder if it was really mine :D

A sketch  

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Its been almost 6 years since I had sketched... Tried to do one today and it wasn't really bad...:) Enjoyed doing it after a longgg gap.... It took me 2 hours 15 min to get it to this shape. I couldn't resist doing this... A purrfeeccttt family... - the mighty lion, the cozy lioness and a sweet innocent cub!! :) One of my favourites... ;)


From a c(r)ooked up mind...  

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Clock ticking like a thunderbolt,

Wish it could , for a while, halt...
To look back and dig into what went wrong,
But are these mushy things really worth the throng??

Tolerance and patience - levelled to zero
Every wistful thought helping the impatience grow
Attempts for betterment going astray
Or giving into haste, letting me fall prey?

The future seems so garbled and crippled
Leaving me stunned and baffled
Wanting to stay aloof
Until I can learn not to goof!

Even the story of a Legend
After a long run, shall see an End;
But like a mega serial of Ekta Kapoor...
This mind block seems to have no cure;

Wish the last piece of the riddle falls in place...
Want the end to be peaceful and in solace
In this life's race...
If not the first, atleast dont want to accept the last place!!

In hunt of a stranger...  

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That was the first time I had gone to office forgetting to carry my laptop. With my office put up 25kms off my place (or rather I am put up 25km off city) and considering the bad state of mind I was in, I had no mood to go back home. Wandering about I entered the Forum Mall thats a few buildings away from my office. The mall wasn't too crowded except in the 3rd floor where I found long lines of queue at the PVR ticket counter. I was in awe to find sooo many people on a monday morning when you expect people to be busy at work. Suddenly I had this rigorous urge to join the crowd. I was thrilled at the idea of watching a movie all alone… Being a movie freak, there wasn't a movie left which I had not watched off late except for the regional lang ones - "Krishnan love story". Somehow I found the title catchy and decided to go for it.

It took about 10 min or so to head the queue. I asked for a ticket offering my credit card.

"Credit cards are not accepted for price below Rs.100 ma'am" , the boy at the counter said.

I had forgotten that morning shows cost way too lesser than the ones played later in the day. Ticket amount was 60 bucks and I was sure I did not have cash.

I was beginning to get disappointed and the thought of drawing cash from ground floor and rejoining the queue made me drop the whole idea of watching the movie. Just then, like someone had read my mind, there was this stranger behind me, (pretty handsome ;)) who offered to pay for my ticket and that I could return it once I withdrew cash from the ground floor. At first I refused and started to talk, but looking at the crowd behind me getting restless, I said ok, its only a matter of returning his amount in few minutes' time. So, I got a ticket and kept the Rs40 to myself thinking I'd give back his 100 as is.

I asked him to stay where he was and that I'd be back with cash in exactly 5 min. I was a little too sure, people wouldn't run away leaving Rs100 anywhere. I even offered him to join me till the ATM which he refused as though he trusted me.

I withdrew cash and to my bad luck, the ATM had only 500Rs note and I ran to a stall to get 5 100s instead. After all the circus, I went upto where he had said he'd wait, only to find him missing!! The only thing I remembered about him was he had bought tickets for "I hate love stories" which was at 10:00 am. I vaguely remembered his face. It was around 10:03 and I suspected he was in the theatre already. I had 10 more min to go before the movie started.

I went into the same AUDI as his and felt I was taking part in the "Spot me if you can!" contest. I lost miserably. I thought l'd catch up with him during break and went into the hall which was playing the movie for which I had bought tickets. The hall was pretty empty and all of a sudden I stareted to feel scared. This was the first time ever I was going to watch a movie all alone in a theatre. Though my seat was somewhere in the middle row, I chose to sit v close to the exit door (top corner seat), thinking of sprinting out if something went wrong.

The movie started and it wasn't really bad. It was gripping atleast. But the songs in between averted my eyes here and there. I found an old couple in the row in front of me. (That was one another reason I chose to sit in that particular seat) Surprisingly, I could see the movie did not interest them at all.. They were deeply involved in a discussion, holding hands, consoling each other etc etc... Well, I was convinced they had chosen the best place. :P

During the break, I went to buy pop corn and in a ray of hope of finding that guy. I had no luck again. I came back to my seat and besides me now sat a little girl who was around 5 years of age. I was tempted to kick off a conversation with her and asked if she had not gone to school that day.

She replied - "I have bunked school today!"

I thought she had a long way to go!! The movie resumed and at the end of it, I felt they could have saved money by not making this movie in the first place. The heroine commits suicide and it was supposed to be a terrible tragedy. A story of a typical psychopath!! You know the kind of story which tries to portray "too much love hurts"! But I kind of liked the the movie (after all I was watching it for free and having earned extra cash too, if I did not find the stranger at all).

After I came out, I thought I will give a last trial to look for that guy and went to the place where he had said he'd wait for me. I did not find him. I was about to return, but somehow I was not satisfied. "why should I watch a movie at the expense of some stranger's money?" this was eating me up. To the already damaged mind, this was an additional burden. I went to the ticket counter and asked the boy to take down my cell # and asked if at all the guy comes back to call me up. I guess that was the max I could do and felt satisfied.

Now I answer calls from unknown numbers anxiously!! :D

Anyway it was really an interesting experience watching the movie all alone. I must say it was adventurous and I enjoyed it thoroughly!! :)

Somehow I could relate this blog to the movie I had watched. The movie disappointed the audience while this blog disappointed the readers. I realized it now!! Sorry readers :)

Tell me why?  

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If its one thing to be happy, have you ever wondered why things turn out to be so wretched the very next moment? Sometimes it makes us think twice, makes us wonder how could we have thought it was the best thing that we had done a few moments ago? Situations could turn us upside down in a matter of seconds. Should we really think twice and pay attention to the minutest of the details everytime? Things which appeared smooth minutes ago is now coarse and rough! Is it really true about this age old saying " One shouldn't laugh too much as they tend to cry double later on"?
Why does this turn out to be true always? Tell me why!

Marking a week's illness  

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It was last thursday that I fell sick and am still on medication! Ask me what was wrong! Well, its the most common thing - common cold and fever! Even after 3 days of continuous rest and whatever it required to do to recover from illness, I grew weaker and more sick. I did not understand if the medicines embraced the illness or really tried to help me out! The initial symptoms began to change. Finally I decided to re-visit the doctor.

"For how long have you been sick?" the doc asked.
"Since the last time I came to see you" I replied.
"And when was that?" she again asked.

"The doc needed the medication for memory loss, first of all" I thought.

"Three days ago, around the same time" I replied.

"Oh yes I remember Vidya. Are you feeling better now?" the doc enquired.
What a stupid question I thought! If one felt any better, why would they even go back to the doctor, unless and otherwise they fitted the theory - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away and if the doctor is smart throw the apple away"

In my case,the doc was old enough to have grand kids and most of all it was a "SHE" :-S
"Not at all better and I am DIVYA" I said.

"Vidya or Divya both are the same! Anyways, there is some improvement......" a pause and then "in illness I meant " she said and giggled.

How can they both be the same and how could she display such a mocking sense of humour in front of a patient I could not understand!!

"You seem to have put down weight, I'm sure you must have lost your appetite badly. But that shouldn't keep you away from sound sleep. Try to get some good sleep!" she advised.

"Nope, not a milligram! My appetite has dramatically increased in fact! I get extremely hungry every 1 hour! And I eat almost twice than I used to eat before... As far as the sleep is concerned, as soon as I eat, I feel drowsy!"

"No doctor,she doesn't eat anything at all. She is lieing!" Interrupted my mom. My mom expects me to eat kgs together, thats a different matter altogether, but her timing on spurring out such "so called facts" is astounding! It was like adding conc sulphuric acid to alcohol (though I am not sure what that would result in!!)

The doc said - "No problem! Look there is another improvement there" she said and chuckled!! "How positive of her!! Oh God, the Doc and her DJs!!!" I almost started to repent for seeing her! Later on she enquired about my newly acquired food habits and after I told her, she suggested that I take 2 eggs in excess + a full glass of milk twice a day!

"She never even smells milk doctor" my Mom barged in again! I was like "Milk is odourless ma, what would I get out of it even if I tried to smell. Let me smell it daily hereafter for your sake"

"Smell means drinking atleast a sip" she snapped.
"I thought smelling is smelling, you know, using your nose!!" I said.

"I am a fool to argue with you!!" she said.

The doctor cut in the "pleasant conversation" we were having. She said - "You must both be really good friends kind. You speak so adorably to each other! I rarely find such mom and daughter these days! The children never listen to their elders"
I was wondering how different we had behaved from what she described! Strange people - doctors I thought! I did not know if that was truly a compliment or a sarcastic note - A puzzle of a lifetime I thought. (Incidentally I have developed interest in solving puzzles recently) To simplify and find a solution, I guess declaring it as a compliment will be an apt idea. After all, it was all about positive thinking the doctor stressed upon!

Finally she gave me a huge list of tablets and ofcourse the consultation fee list and asked us to leave. She even said - "I will definitely remember you next time you come!"

I felt better when she said that. We exchanged bye's and left to the nearby medplus to buy tablets.
When asked for bills, they were in the name of "Bhavya"!

Its been another 5 days and I don't feel any "improvement"!
Planning to visit her tomorrow again, after all, I should have known that she expected to see me when she said "I will definitely remember you next time you come!"

An "!dea" did change my life!  

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Its been almost 4 years since I started using !dea, the then spice telecom service. That is when I started using the cell phone too! I was/am still wondering as to why I chose it in the first place and still continuing to use it!!

Reason to get started with it : Spice had a dual sim offer. ie you buy 2 sims with consecutive nos for Rs.500 and the call costs b/w them is 5ps/min + 100 msgs free a day + 69ps to other mobiles. No other service providers ever had this kind of an offer then. I kept one and gave the other to my father. Well, he is also still using the same !!!

1. Spice and no one else provides you an opportunity to memorize the most frequently, less frequently or any no for that matter that you dial. Wondering how this is possible? Well, whenever you try making a call, it never gets connected in the first attempt. You dial, re-dial, type in all the digits once more, keep staring at the screen to see if its connected etc.. In this process you will surely have learnt the nos by-heart!! Esp when the lady on the other end says in a sweet voice - "Please check the number you have dialled"!!

2. You tend to save money on a prepaid recharge. If you are done with the currency and ready for the next re-charge, you goto a nearby service center and either get a top up card or do it online by paying atleast 110 bucks (that is the min recharge amount) only to realize that the server is down for the next 2 days. They even have really polite messages to inform us about unsuccessful recharge. Some of them are -

"Sorry. Recharge not successful. Bye bye". (bye bye is indicative of the fact that the successive recharge attempts will also be unsuccessful)

"Recharge successful. Please dial *456# to check your balance" followed by another message
" The previous transaction has been aborted." (they induce a ray of hope in us by sending a positive stmt followed by a negative one)

"You are not authorized to use this service" (They can't be good always, isnt it?)

Or simply - "Network problem" (simple and sweet)

Regretting of having paid such an amount (during coll days, 110 was really a huge figure) and not even getting it recharged on time, makes you feel pathetic and the next time you make calls, you become conscious enough not to run out of currency fully. The thought of 2 day delay for every recharge will make you do a limited usage of the outgoing calls.

3. Caller tunes that these people offer simply rock. Its 30Rs a month and you can choose from a variety of catogories - English/hindi/all indian regional lang / japnese / chinese / arabic / spanish / danish / latin and what not. Every month end, the service gets deactivated for almost a week which is lucky or me. (My mom calls up often during that week and feels good that I am no longer entertaining the callers at my expenses)On 1st of every month, 30Rs gets deducted promptly and the following week, they give a jukebox offer in which every hour the caller tune is picked randomly from the above mentioned catogories. So only the privileged callers of spice get to hear latin/arabic songs too!!
Oh ya, they sometimes even set the default caller tune to the spice's very own song - "spice hein, toh life hein..." Listen to this song, I'm sure you will be in good health and shape. I was talking about the laughter therapy ;)

4. The special day dedications are astounding. They offer "vande mataram", "mile sur" and such patriotic songs as dedications to our loved ones on a V-day. And "kuch na kaho" "pal pal pal" for the I-day. The teenagers choosing the so-called wrong track, are automatically brought back to the right track, atleast in the former case :P Oh ya, and they charge exuberantly on messages on those days, that will render most of us to keep away from messages. Well, you save here too!!

5. Customer care service is another thing which definitely needs a mention. Call up the toll-free CC no. You will get to listen to soft music for hours together till a CC executive answers your call. They also ask us for feedback for the CC service. (!dea to get better every hour!!). And people are very polite in talking to customers. For an instance, if you shout your lungs out to find an answer/solution to something, they promptly reply -" Sorry. Any of your requests can't be processed. Is there anything else that I can do sir/ma'am??" Of late, they seem to have realized that we "waste" our precious time being adamant to talkto them. Hence, nowthey have a new rule. Now your CC calls also get charged at the rate of 50ps/3min. If one speaks to them on a weekly basis, you will learn to save money and be patient in no time. And ya, few moral lessons too....

Well, I am not at all sarcastic that I categorize all these under "advantages". The biggest advantage for me though is that I have learnt to see things positively. I owe the credit to !dea, which has truly changed my thought process and indirectly to some extent my life!!! Kudos! !DEA, you rock!!

Special dedication!!  

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Our plea:

I think he did it again
He made us believe
That we're more than just safe
Oh baby;
It might seem like a brush
But it doesn't mean
He's un-serious..
To lose all our senses,
Thats just so typically us...

Oh baby baby..

Ooops he did it again,
He gave us all thwarts
Has got us so lame...

Oh baby baby
Oops he wants us unmove
Soon see us above...
But we're not in for that yet!!! :-|

His response:

This ain't a place for the weakhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna feel my strength when I gear it out aloud

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive

(It's my life)
My route is like an open highway
Like Monkey said, "I'll do it my way"
I just wanna live while I'm alive
'Cause it's my life

PS: Dedicated to my cab driver!!! :)

A teacher's advice  

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Ramu and Shamu were 5-yr old school going kids. Both were known for their undue mischief day through night. One rarely found them sharing friendly gestures, instead were always occupied with fights and quarrels.

On one such fight in the school, Ramu apparently fell Shamu to the ground and damaged his chin. Shamu in turn fought him off hurting Ramu’s knee. The spectators watching the show called for their classteacher in an attempt to stop the fight.

Teacher – “What do you think you kids are upto??”

Both Ramu and Shamu got up and tried looking at the teacher. The long cane in her hand made them quiver out of fear. Tears rolled out of their eyes and their face popped expressions of fear, rage and pain.

Ramu – “Ma’am, I was having my lunch when Shamu started teasing me for having curd rice.”

Teacher (turning towards Shamu) – “Is that true Shamu??”

Shamu – “MA’am he was the first one to start off. He called me a ‘murderer’!!”

Teacher – “Why did you call him that Ramu??”

Ramu – “My parents tell me that it is immoral to kill and eat animals!! And I saw him eat fish. So I called him a murderer, Ma’am”

Teacher – “Ramu, Fish has lots of nutritional values. Its going to make you sharper. “

Ramu – “I think curd rice has more nutrients than fish. I have constantly stood first in the class. “

Shamu – “But you can never run like me! I eat meat which is rich in proteins. So, I’m able to run faster!!” shot back at Ramu.

Ramu – “I jump higher than you. “

Shamu – “I am so energetic that I can beat you down easily!!” As he told that, he punched Ramu on his back.

Ramu – “My teeth are so sharp that I can suck your blood in minutes” and he started to bite Shamu’s hand.

And then started the fight again.

The teacher ordered to stop the fight and held her cane upright so as to beat them up if they did not stop.

The boys saw the cane and instantly fell silent.

Teacher –“Stop it, you both. Come to the class.”

Ramu and Shamu went into the class with other children.

“I know what is troubling you both. Let me tell you few things about eating meat and eating vegetarian food” Said the teacher.

“First of all tell me, how many here drink milk daily?”

All hands shot up except Shamu’s. Ramu said – “I have 2 glasses of milk daily. Mom says it helps in making teeth and bones stronger!”

“Precisely Ramu, No wonder you bit Shamu that hard” said the teacher.

“Red meat, sea food and other non veg stuff definitely are rich in protein content which is very useful for children. It helps you in growth..” Shamu’s face broadened with a smile and mocked at Ramu.

The teacher continued… “Nevertheless, each of these have a substitute in veg food as well. For instance, milk is very rich in proteins and calcium.”

It was Ramu’s turn to mock at Shamu.

“Food has a role to play but that isn't all. Your parents may want to give you meat, or cho0se otherwise. Either way there should be no issues.”

Shamu interrupted – “Only meat eaters can be fast runners”

“No Shamu, it needn’t be so. You can run faster because, you have cultivated it as a habit and you like to run. I have seen you coming to school running daily. Isn’t that true?? Whereas the rest choose not to run. They may not like it like you do.”

Shamu gave a convinced nod.

“So, one’s food habits does’t necessarily determine what they are going to be in the future. For example, Rahul Dravid and Sachin both are ace cricketers. The latter eats meat and the former doesn’t.” said the teacher.

Shamu said – “Dravid cannot hit sixes, while Sachin can, coz Sachin eats meat”.

Ramu immediately said – “Sachin has got out with more no of ducks than Dravid has!!”

“Now stop you both!! I guess it was a bad example.” The teacher told. Kids these days are impossible. They are too difficult to be handled she thought,

“Anyways children, eat what you like. Stick onto whatever principles your parents follow. Whatever kind of food you eat, eat the hygienic ones. Eating on the roadside often, can deteriorate your health and growth. So what have you decided to do Ramu and Shyamu?”

“We won’t put up fights hereafter over food ma’am. I am not going to punch Ram for eating curd rice” said Shamu humbly

“I’m not going to call Shamu a murderer.” admitted Ramu.

The teacher continued...

“ For those of you who eat meat now, it is irresistible to give up on it when you grow up as adults. For adults, eating meat is really not as good as it is for children. So, if you think ahead and decide not to eat meat later on, it is better to give it up now. As I told, you definitely have options/substitutes for meat. Additionally, I’d like you all to watch the following videos and think of what you want to do”

Few months later…

It was Shamu’s birthday and had invited his teacher for a party at his residence. The food there had no trace of meat. It was substituted with eggs and vegetables.

PS: I myself am a meat eater. I have been trying hard to quit eating non veg but not not succeeded. In a year, I refrain eating non veg for atmost 6 months, after that cannot resist.(May be my mom's a really good cook ;) ) I want to quit eating non veg not because of the reasons of customs and religion, but because I hate eating them at the cost of their lives and the pain they go through.

Message for pet adopters :)  

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V-Day special :)  

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My dearest friend,
Today, this friendship is gonna end;
Never imagined you'd do this to me,

Without hard feelings, so let it be;

Though had known you since twelve long years,
I never could understand you crystal clear;
Today is the day of realization,
Let me tell you about it without much procrastination;

I was blinded by a foolish love,
I failed to notice, you expected from me its small clove;
I bitterly, savagely disappointed you,
In retrospect, the fake love I was behind, hit me back - black and blue;

The purity of your love and thoughts,
"Can this be true??" I was trying to analyse lots...
"No" was the answer I got lastly,
"No, it can't be 'NO' " I was convinced firmly;

So, was it your mistake or mine,
That we are ending this friendship that was so fine?
This is only to go on to define,
A new relationship called "love", to tell you, "you are mine and only mine!!"

PS: Happy Valentine's day to you all!! And all the characters in this story are imaginary/fictitious! :)))

Random thoughts  

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Numerous people around you,
But feel the presence of none;
While the right hand waits to be clasped by the new,
Doesn't it seem that your left hand is the best one?

You can be lonely with a thousand people around you
And so can you be happy with just one special person beside you!!
But if the special ones slip away,
Every second turns out to be a hefty pay!!

An interesting conversation...  

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DISCLAIMER: Did not intend bias towards a particular country as such!! This is purely a personal experience of my friend!

This is about a conversation that took place between one of my friends and his travel-mate in a flight to Germany. My friend was here a couple of weeks ago , a holiday visit to India. To give you a brief introduction, he is a doctor by profession and probably the only married bachelor so far. :) He is currently pursuing his research studies in Germany. So, after a short termed holiday back in his homeland, he left to Germany 3 days ago. He wrote to us about this travel experience in a mail. Quite interesting and thought provoking I must say. Here it goes -
"During my travel back here I met a very interesting french lady..may be around 60 yrs old...she was going back from her 4th visit to INDIA..when we started a conversation, slowly i was getting amazed at her knowledge about the geography of our country..hence the initial formal discussion turned out into a detailed one...i have never met a foreigner so pro-Indian as her in my life..especially after travelling abroad i keep hearing only negative comments about our country..below are some excerpts from my discussion with her..i wish every Indian was like her!!!!!!!!!..

she : i have been to India 4 times..have visited the north,south and time would like to come to east...

me : what is ur opinion about India

she : to put it one sentence i would like to say that " yours is the only country where people are happy in true people are truly blessed to be born in such a country"..

I was surprised at this statment..the most common reply i get when i ask my above question is that the country is poor,dirty etc etc..when i told her this she replied

she : problems are needs to look beyond the negative things and look at the positive aspects..there are lot of positive things about India..especially the family bonding u ppl have..definitely social life is better than other countries..and one more thing..i think Indians are unique in that they absorb the negative things and go ahead with their life hoping for the best and trying to dig out the positive things..this is not true in the country i come from..we can never handle the negative things in our system..we panic very easily..i am living in france since 30 yrs and i can tell u that the happiness one finds in India is not there in any other country in europe.."

me : i hear often that foreigners report bitter experiences with Indian hospitality?

she : when u go to any country there are certain rules to be long u stick to these u shld be fine..but of course there are bad elements always everywhere..u cant blame a country as a whole for some stupid fellows"

for me this was getting more interesting!!...i told about the general comparisons made by Indians themselves who go abroad comparing Indian systems and problems with those of USA and europe..she replied

she : Take the example of is a developed country..but we are "poor" in happiness..we are poor in human values..i think people in India work harder than us..we want things to come without any effort...we cannot handle any sudden chaos in our system...we think only about euros ...i was in bangalore this time..i think it is a exploding city..there are lot of problems now like traffic etc but i think in coming yrs it will be a better place..this is what i was referring to look beyond the negative aspects..i also have been to places like mysore, rajashtan and people have great tradition and culture..i have toured almost the entire world but i dont find such a set up anywhere else..i think in coming years India will be the number one country in the world..

The above sentence written in bold is actually the words came out from her mouth straight..there was joy in her face when she told this..i mean this lady is so attached to our country than we think we are!!!..but her last few words in the discussion were the words of caution from her side for Indians...this is what she told later

" I think slowly you are getting influenced by the west culture and being more materialistic in life..this is the main danger to hamper your all should realise what a country you are blessed with...but i think whatever happens the family and friendship values continue to thrive in your country and i think thats what is the driving force in coming days for u all...."

but her punch line came in the end. ( i think superstar Rajnikanth would also envy such a punch line!!)

she: " u r going away from ur home and i towards home..i think both of us are equally sad..!!"

I dont know how debatable was her views or realisitic..but i learnt quite few things from this lady..i think all of us have something or the other to learn from such an experience..and since this discussion happend on the republic day in the flight it was even more special to hopes about my country strengthened even more..only one question was drilling my head after this talk :
"if a visitor to our country can have such views about our own country cant we make a difference to our country's progress??"

And obviously, the first Q that was triggered at him was - "Anila you're saying you want to improve the country, whats your first step? for that matter whats the first step any of us would take?"

Namma doctorina answers ee reethi ive -

"1.first step to improve our country is "believe" in our country...without this nothing is possible..

2.if u do ur work honestly in ur place may be thats the best way to make a start to set right ur life first and look beyond...

3. it is good to accept good things about other countries but dont lose ur '"Indianness" in the process..( i hope here the "good things" are not very relative!!)

4. progress does not mean only to contribute to the economic is also maintaining our culture,tradition,social values etc etc...think ur self how much time u spend with ur parents and friends..what justice u can do to these relationships..prioritize the events in ur may be very minor things like spending time at home, caring for the needs for ur dependants,atleast some social events like some festivals etc etc..all these atomic things actually make up the bigger material..we wont realise it thats all...all these involuntarily strengthens our family,social and friendship bonding...progress of the country starts from every home...of course the priorites of life are different for different people..but these small things mentioned above all contribute to the process..

5. i have seen some people crib about not going abroad on site even being in software field!!...thing about our country is u know it better when u miss it for i feel that it is good to stay outside for couple of months to actually realise what aa paradise u r away from....(does not apply to those who easily westernise!)

6. when i first came here had shown some of my shimoga trip snaps to my lab people..they told me they never had guessed India can be so beautiful..if their reaction to the places around shimoga was like this imagine for the whole country?...the problem is Indians who go out dont speak high about the is a very easy approach to acclimatize to the western setup and comment on our system and question is "show me one place where there are no problems?"....may be we have more compared to sentence i was impressed with that lady whom i discussed that she said we are unique in that we absorb negative things at ease and continue with our life..this is very true atleast for me..we hope more than anybody else in the in germany one small traffic jam will hamper the whole life that day!!..thats the "capacity" of these people to handle chaos...well u can argue that things are so organized here that these things happen answer is that in this process u gradually decrease ur hope and ur ability to absorb problems..that does not mean that these developments are necesaary..of course they are required..this is just a different context of arguement...

7. u can never compare a country which has more than 5000 yrs of history to the developed countries..our plethora of problem are by the virtue of our history, tradition,culture,diversity etc etc....if u look back at ancient indian culture i can argue we had the best scientists to be ever produced...we knew the atomic theory and had the plan to build a nuclear reactor thousands of years ago (sage kanada)...we knew the speed of light thousands of yrs ago (rigveda)..dwaraka explorations have revealed that dwaraka was real..nobody in the world can design a city like dwaraka...if dwaraka was real then it favours the existence of the all time mysterious and my all time favourite character "krishna"..i look upon him as the greatest scientist to have ever set foot on this planet..mahabharatha is full of scientific events..u can write books on this..sorry for deviating the topic..but just look back at what we have inherited and what are we now?...the point is to erase this "comparison" and cribbing factor of our system and to think what can be done being within this setup?..even i have suffered a lot academically by our so called "System"..but that has not made me hate the has made me even more determined to get back to the system again and excel....

8. in the long term think what can u do best being born in this country...if u are true to ur indianness thats the best u can do ur duites properly..set ur life right..set ur family life right..set ur home becomes better...

9. my contribution to my country would be to contribute to my country's research progress..i know the turmoils of doing research in India but that is my inspiration to enter the struggle..I have been in the "system" for 3 yrs and i know what it takes...that has made me even more spirited...if everyone can set something like this i think it is a lot for the country... i said "progress" refers to endless minute things put together..somewhere in ur life if u think u r doing justice to being born in such a blessed country i think thats what is expected from every body...every "movement" starts from such small things..

11. before coming to europe everybody told me to tour the parts of world here bcoz i am in after 2 yrs of staying here i have decided that the best thing to do in my life is to tour my country properly!..thats the beauty of the country we are blessed with....

12. lastly , there is no place in the world like sahakaranagar and there is no organisation in the world like our group :)...even after a long time we are still together...this is also a minute contribution from all of us in being more Indian at heart!! "
Couldn't have said it better doctorji!!! Full points to you!!! :))) People getting westernised is very evident in every sphere of the day to day routine. Right from having branded apparels to awing at hi-cost insensible movies to the craze of settling abroad in an attempt to make money to almost everything!!! Wake up the so called "westernised - Indians"!!

A tragic love story  

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He saw those sparkling eyes,
They rejuvenated innocence and charm;
He stood mesmerised with that special spell,
The next minute in his arms, she was tightly held;

She was scared to death, on being taken by surprise,
Fought restlessly for breath;
The very next second, her eyes met his' ,
Caught in that eye lock, she stayed still like a doll;

She -
"Let go off me, let me breathe"
I can be yours only in myth"
HE -
"Being different or a different being - not that I care of,
You are mine is what I know of!!"

She -
"Please leave me, let me go..
I know you only since a few minutes ago!!"
He -
"If you are not mine, nor can you be anyone else's;
Close your eyes, enjoy your last breath!"

And so, this love story took a negative toll. Mr. Bruno, ended the life of an innocent and sweet grasshopper!!" :(


The laughing bash!!  

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Today's been one heck of a day. I laughed my lungs out the entire day like never before. Even the laughing gas wouldn't give this much throughput!!

It all started with my friend asking me to check a mail and asking to be careful about re-forwarding it. After reading through the mail, I laughed breathelessly for 15 min!!! (If someone trying to control your breathing practices, this should be very useful!!) I was not sure if I had to implement the steps given in that mail. Again the thought of it made me ROFL. Somehow, I got to convince myself and did give it a try!! Then I saw many of them already having done that... The result: laughter increased 100 fold.

The next step in that mail was to forward it to our friends. Cautiously I did that only for the intended receipients. Well, in a matter of seconds I got the same replies to it. Some through the mail and some through gtalk. The the replies were:

"Can't believe it!! I just saw it happening!!! LOLZ what a funny thing to do!!"
"Oh man!! Everyone's a game for it!!"

This continued and it was for another hour or so.
As things progressed,it started to take a new turn. This time, not only the intended recipeints started to ping, but then almost everyone!! What confusion, what doubts, what analysis!! GOSH!!! I thought my lungs would blow out like in the big bang!!!

Just as I was recovering from the laughing sickness, an Infy friend of mine pinged and started to narrate me a story... Of course it was fiction for me but would have sounded "real" to others!!!

Initially though I wanted toend it at the very beginning, the story was more and more interesting as it progressed with lots of twists and turns. The laughter that had just then died, revoked with the new avatar!! Man you can become a great story teller, I bet!!
PHEWWWW!!! What a day it was!!! I am still chuckling!! :)))