Marking a week's illness  

Posted by Divya A L

It was last thursday that I fell sick and am still on medication! Ask me what was wrong! Well, its the most common thing - common cold and fever! Even after 3 days of continuous rest and whatever it required to do to recover from illness, I grew weaker and more sick. I did not understand if the medicines embraced the illness or really tried to help me out! The initial symptoms began to change. Finally I decided to re-visit the doctor.

"For how long have you been sick?" the doc asked.
"Since the last time I came to see you" I replied.
"And when was that?" she again asked.

"The doc needed the medication for memory loss, first of all" I thought.

"Three days ago, around the same time" I replied.

"Oh yes I remember Vidya. Are you feeling better now?" the doc enquired.
What a stupid question I thought! If one felt any better, why would they even go back to the doctor, unless and otherwise they fitted the theory - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away and if the doctor is smart throw the apple away"

In my case,the doc was old enough to have grand kids and most of all it was a "SHE" :-S
"Not at all better and I am DIVYA" I said.

"Vidya or Divya both are the same! Anyways, there is some improvement......" a pause and then "in illness I meant " she said and giggled.

How can they both be the same and how could she display such a mocking sense of humour in front of a patient I could not understand!!

"You seem to have put down weight, I'm sure you must have lost your appetite badly. But that shouldn't keep you away from sound sleep. Try to get some good sleep!" she advised.

"Nope, not a milligram! My appetite has dramatically increased in fact! I get extremely hungry every 1 hour! And I eat almost twice than I used to eat before... As far as the sleep is concerned, as soon as I eat, I feel drowsy!"

"No doctor,she doesn't eat anything at all. She is lieing!" Interrupted my mom. My mom expects me to eat kgs together, thats a different matter altogether, but her timing on spurring out such "so called facts" is astounding! It was like adding conc sulphuric acid to alcohol (though I am not sure what that would result in!!)

The doc said - "No problem! Look there is another improvement there" she said and chuckled!! "How positive of her!! Oh God, the Doc and her DJs!!!" I almost started to repent for seeing her! Later on she enquired about my newly acquired food habits and after I told her, she suggested that I take 2 eggs in excess + a full glass of milk twice a day!

"She never even smells milk doctor" my Mom barged in again! I was like "Milk is odourless ma, what would I get out of it even if I tried to smell. Let me smell it daily hereafter for your sake"

"Smell means drinking atleast a sip" she snapped.
"I thought smelling is smelling, you know, using your nose!!" I said.

"I am a fool to argue with you!!" she said.

The doctor cut in the "pleasant conversation" we were having. She said - "You must both be really good friends kind. You speak so adorably to each other! I rarely find such mom and daughter these days! The children never listen to their elders"
I was wondering how different we had behaved from what she described! Strange people - doctors I thought! I did not know if that was truly a compliment or a sarcastic note - A puzzle of a lifetime I thought. (Incidentally I have developed interest in solving puzzles recently) To simplify and find a solution, I guess declaring it as a compliment will be an apt idea. After all, it was all about positive thinking the doctor stressed upon!

Finally she gave me a huge list of tablets and ofcourse the consultation fee list and asked us to leave. She even said - "I will definitely remember you next time you come!"

I felt better when she said that. We exchanged bye's and left to the nearby medplus to buy tablets.
When asked for bills, they were in the name of "Bhavya"!

Its been another 5 days and I don't feel any "improvement"!
Planning to visit her tomorrow again, after all, I should have known that she expected to see me when she said "I will definitely remember you next time you come!"