Flashback (Part -3)  

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The saga of wierdos continue and as usual, they rule. Well, unveiling the TIAians finally!!!

I am sure most of you would have learnt math in a classical way of practising problems esp when it came to proofs and other stuff!! However we, the TIAians were highly privileged to have a professor by name RRM whose superior quality of teaching put every other math teacher to shame. His teachings have left us with the rare talent of pin pointing the celestial objects and their positioning in the night sky with such a stunning accuracy you wouldn't believe. Well, it isn't rocket science after all but ya hard in the beginning.

His teachings and preachings and our learnings:
He taught us analytical geometry. The only guy alive on the planet who never used a chalk in his lifetime for teaching MATH!! As soon as he came, he used to lift his left hand high up in the air. (First time i thought he was a drill master and wondered if TIA offered this course free of cost!!) Then he used to keenly look at his finger tips cuddled together(as though imagining Aishwarya Rai dancing on them) and said that was a 3D point in space which he usually named as "P"(P for pretty Preity). Next in action was his right hand pointing to another corner of the room and he named it as "S"(S for super sushmi). Similarly there were many more actresses floating and dancing in air. Though he saw them individually, what he expected out of us is to watch them dance together. After 45 min of lecture, he used to ask us questions as simple as "who is dancing where"!! And if you answer "where" and you feel happy about getting your answer right, then you are mistaken. He promptly used to say - "Haven't your parents given you names just like how i have named these points"! The "who" was very crucial for the answers and if you by chance misplaced the names, then you are as good as dead. His reaction used to be (esp for guys) - "You like to be called a 'girl', don't you???" If all these were his teachings, there's more about his preachings - "It hurts when you -1>forget your dear dancer's names 2> interchanging the names(ego problems you see) and 3> interchanging the gender.(Well, can't say what problem!!) " And our learnings - "Practise watching stars in the sky at night. Know stars, know points; no stars, no points!!(oh ya, you only see point Os) "

There were rumours that he was a lawyer too who defended the case against him (college planned to terminate him since long but in vain) all by himself.

His criteria for allotting marks to students - "Give him your previous semester marks and he has a formula to calculate your current sem score. The formula involved variable components like, the 'day' when you submit your prev sem marks, how many correct guesses of who is where were made, the best dancer etc etc..." He finally managed to lose on the lawyer front and got suspended from the college. His famous catchline - "Can 1 sit over infinity?? (meaning, if 1/infinity is valid)" The first time we heard that dialogue, many people had comprehended it in several different ways. He then answered his own Q - "Noooooottttttttttttttttttttt!!!!". And we were like "why not???" and looked at each other so seriously as if we wanted to say "lets make it happen!!"

This is another guy called SR. He had a very scary appearance and he handled computer organisation. His tantra totem- "Screw someone as soon as you enter the class, send out one or two students which builds a strict environment and begin your lecture that goes off smooth without students troubling you with doubts".

His lecture on the first day - "What is a computer? Computer is a device used for computing is what i am going to be called it as "computer". Who is the father of the computer? Does anybody tell who your father was?? (We wondered why he wanted our father's name) He is none other than whom i am going to be name it as 'Charles Babbage' (Felt as though he was naming him for the first time with so much ease as one would name a cabbage!!!)"

Gradually people stopped listening and i too turned into an occassional listener. On one such "occassion" he was explaining data repository. Everyone were busy preparing for CAT, GATE etc and i was the lone listener. What he said was breathtaking - "What is Data repository? It is simple. It is a place for storing data. " I understood. He found my neighbour couldn't get what was being told and rephrased the sentence like this - "Data repository is a place for data where i am going to be stored!!!!" I was the only receptor of that and couldn't control my laughter. Had to give excuse of a puking sensation and had walked out of the class for ROTFLing.

More to come....

Kudos to (k)night riders!!!  

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Fantastic... Outstanding... Magnificient... Stupendous... Splendid... Mind blowing... Enthralling... Stunning... and the list goes on and on for their performance against Chennai Super Kings tonight!! I have regained my long lost interest in cricket after this one!!

After a long time i was glued to cricket today not even missing out a single ball!! The opposition were definitely the kings but the Knights overrode them by not only putting up a tough fight and toughening its stance against the Kings, but also emerged victorious at the end of it!! Hats off to their team spirit, excellent leadership and finally "Never lose hope" attitude!!! The kings were nothing less compititive, and a match between such balanced teams is always rare and very interesting and the amazing spectacle never fades.. Kudos to both!!!

After all, The Knight riders truly deserved it for riding this night for us that was so enjoyable!!

Mommy dear - you are the "BEST"!!!  

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Since the day I landed on this planet
You’ve been by my side every single minute

When in womb, the fatal accident made you risk your life against mine
You still chose me, an act too very rare and so very Divine

Have put up with all my mischief and folly
Forgiven the biggest of my misdeeds and still consider me a dolly

Your shrewd, candid ways of handling my stubbornness and arrogance when I was a child
Brings back a big smile on my face, no doubt you are the family’s pride

Your profound attention and dedication towards me
Makes even your hubby jealous of thee ;)

I wonder how your patience steadily matches my impatience
Nobody would dare that, though inevitable for my future hubby, in essence ;)

Sometimes a strict mother, though most times, you take a friend’s place,
No wonder you’ve always been the source of solace

In this life, I owe you a very lot
I hate to marry, which may throw us very far apart :(

Your love and care so true so unconditional
Oh mommy dear, nothing/nobody can match it, you are soooooo soooooo soooo very special!!!

Happy Mother's day!! Love you lotttttttssssssssssssssss!!! MMMMUUUUAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing all the mommy dears, a lovely Mother's day!!!