A magic shoe cabinet  

Posted by Divya A L

It was quite some time since I had properly looked into my shoe cabinet... May be I never bothered because I hardly cleaned it or I wasn't really particular about the sandals I wore each day. However today, all of a sudden, I remembered one particular pair of sandals I had bought after hunting down for almost an entire day on the commercial street! I opened the cabinet and started to pull out all the sandals in it trying to find them. Like magic, so many of them kept coming out and I was awed at each of those trying to remember when, why and where I had bought them! All in all I found ..... I found..... around..... 30 pairs of them!!!

I felt I had a gifted magic shoe cabinet!! It was such a nice, wonderful and a winner in a treasure hunt feeling, wow!!! It seems like I wouldn't need another "new" pair for years to come... (May be except for a red one that looked a little worn out....)

PS: Amma helidru - naanu matthe hosa chapli tagond bandre manege, adralle hoditini antha :(((

3rd blogging anniversary!  

Posted by Divya A L

Time speeds by

Three years passed, oh my!!
With you, I laugh, I cry
Never wanna bid you good bye!

Ok, I am still not bored with blogging! And thanks to Dilip yet again!

A beautiful heart!  

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The eyes' sparkling light

So jubilant and bright
Beckoned her with delight
That sight, gobbled all her fright

The innocent jumped with joy
Knew not, was the beholder's best toy
It was the colorful life of a playboy
Knew not,she'd be trounced to cry

Far off, a heart distinctly listened to her plea
The heart which was stabbed to be mortally free
But all the love cuddled in its pleasant reveries
Wished well for her, chose God as a referee

It pleaded the Almighty to check on her
It desperately wanted to be there for her
Its entry, she might not endorse
Killed the will with all the force!

The caring arms that were chucked behind
Craved and longed to hold up its betrayed dear
Oh love, you are so kind, or should I say blind?
Undoubtedly, the pure and a rare one to find!