Status: Married  

Posted by Divya A L

The first thing that the marriage does to a person is to keep them BUSY!!

Well, I agree to this without any second thought... But when I look back to find out what I am busy with, nothing strikes my mind, nothing special at least.  

The very first thing that keeps one busy is setting up a home, and how's that:

*  You frequent into the nearby stores/shops so often that the shopkeeper himself gives you a list of things to buy. You know, like buying all the pooja stuff and forgetting the match sticks :-X

*  Keep/move things from here to there, undoing, redoing... until it takes some acceptable shape. Even after that, there are exceptional cases like the kitchen appears all new once Rammy is known to have entered in!! There's sugar in the place of salt and likewise!!

Next big thing - cooking! Its not gonna be too long for it to become a routine... Wake up in the morning, chop chop chop, come back from office chop chop chop... and bear the cacophony of multiple things happening in the kitchen... the mixer, the cooker, and the ever enduring - chop chop chop!! 
[ I was so thrilled to hear and see(photos of stuff he had prepared when in Poland) that Rammy is a wonderful cook... All  his recipes are from the talkative chef Sanjay Thumma. He follows them so religiously that he needs to even use the same kind of utensils that Sanjay uses for cooking!! No wonder I am yet to taste the food cooked my him! Oh ya, he's made some exceptionally good dosas, not to forget, we had got the tavas similar to what Sanjay uses ;) ]

If all these are the "tasks" that keeps one busy, there are lots more - deal with the differences!! All the bachelors and the bachelorettes, a MUST know things about your partner:
1.  Is he/she okay with sleeping on the cot/floor
2.  Is he/she okay with/without fan

If only I knew Rammy snores in his sleep!! :( I can put up with the snore as long as he dares not to touch the fan switch! :P

This is pretty much the daily business after marriage! Yet, I feel I've no time!! :( 

.... More to come