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I again misjudged a person!! The person who "appeared" very sweet, matured, honest, jovial, caring, loving, of all, my best friend's beloved, turned out to be someone whom i wouldn't have imagined in the wildest of my dreams... The person was set up very well today to reveal the true colors which were striking so brightly to the eyes that i needed a goggle to escape them. I literally developed goosebumps after knowing about it. What an awefull world this is!!!

Just only 6 months ago, i had realised about my misjudgement about another devastatingly cruel person. Though i hadn't fully known to what extent this person was wicked and corrupt, i've grossed a good amount of it lately. This was one of the reasons i ran into sulekha. All my opinions of that person shattered into tens of thousands of pieces after reading that person's blogs (activities, rather) there.

Result - Hurt and pain that is undo-able whatsoever especially for someone who's hyper honest. Churns the stomach, takes away sleep, plenty of moisture in the eyes, brain jammed, insensitive to hunger-bite.

Moral of the stories - Never ever trust anyone. Don't let people so close to you that they start to rule your feelings. Be very cautious!! Forgive and forget!! One cannot carry the guilt of hurting others for long. One has to face its wrath sooner or later and it'll be too late for them to revert back.


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Sleeping Devil has tagged me here. Below are the rules of the game:

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts (or more) about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they've been tagged.

Looking at the tasks in the above rules, i seem to have done the 1st one already... :))) (SD, i wonder if i can tag you back with something like "next 7" :)) )

As far as the 2nd one is concerned, i think this is the only chance of pouring in all the goooodddd things about me.. (though i don't like to do a boast about myself ;) but i am left with no choice since i hardly see any bad in me :P) Thanks SD ;) Here it goes:

  1. "The jack of all trades but master of none" - thats me... Everything i want to do, starts off smooth but there's always a glitch somewhere mid way and i abruptly discontinue doing it. I atleast make sure, if in future i want to continue, i don't lose grip on basics :) That isn't anything great but definitely good :)
  2. I am a total foooodddieeee... now, don't presume that i am talking of eating alone, i love to cook too. :)) (Its not noodles or curd rice :-) See, i told you i am good ;)
  3. I don't mind calling a spade, a spade. Yeah i am very straight and cut and people don't like it often. And i simply can't carry guilt or bottle up feelings. They spur out easily. I dislike diplomats.
  4. Someone who means friendship a lot. Love to make friends and keep them forever. Since there can be only a bunch of them lasting forever, i believe in having few best ones than 1000s of "hi-bye" ones. The close ones can "feel" the closeness though i don't converse much is what one of my close friends had once said. ;)
  5. Love to explore new things, always curious - so i often end up irritatating people with questions :) (This is definitely good, only for me ofcourse ;) )
  6. Very short tempered, impatient but cool off almost immediately. When i say "Forget it, its ok", i mean it. I wouldn't carry it any further.
  7. Ahh the 7th one... :) I am badly obsessed with the number 7. I really can't figure out a definite reason behind this. There have beeen just too many coincidences (like this tag game asking me to list out "7" things about me) with this number is all that i can say!! :))

Now the people i'm gonna tag this with are:

Dilip for "First 7" ;)

Soumya and Bharati - High time that you've had a blog. Start off with this :)

Sreejith for "Next 7" :)

SD for "Next 7" :)



Sowmya B R


PS: People writing for "Next 7" are requested not to continue the chain ;)

My first true love  

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It happened to me at the age of eight
Unmistakably it was "love at first sight"

He was put up in the house next lane
Everytime i saw him i used to go insane

Every mornings he went for a walk
Secretly I followed him, trying for a talk

One fine day He noticed me walking behind him
Being caught red-handed, my face turned pale and grim

Extended my hands for a shake with a pleasant smile
Returning a handshake, we walked together with his strides so swift and agile

The grandparents were his only caretakers
Who flew out of the country, and he started to live with us afterwards

Then on spent most time playing, laughing with Him
He was known for his energy and vim

Always came back to me though i used to put up fights
He was the sweetest and never gave me back bites

Days passed, years rolled
I stepped into college, the tender age was unfold

The first day Seniors were ready to rag me and waited in a Queue
His mighty entry behind me shook everyone and there was my rescue

He was always with me - day through night
In his company, i always felt very light

We grew closer day by day
Couldn't stay away from him even for a single day

On a sunday morning i woke up and found him missing
Searched for him everywhere in vain - my mind seemed to stop working

There he was - lying behind my couch
Something seemed very wrong - he was postured like a slouch

He closed his eyes now and then, his conscious, he tried to regain
Finally Slept an ever lasting sleep... opened his eyes never again...

P.S : In memories of my beloved pet dog Tommy.

EYCs at sulekha!!  

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Its these EYC (Express yourself Contests) happening at Sulekha blogs. Had taken part in 2 of them of which my first attempt ended up being a third runners up and the 2nd one the winner in poetry section. :) Ahhh thats so thrilling!! :) :) I find lots of superb writers here and i suggest that you too take part in it. :) Dilip, Sleeping Devil, listening??? :)

My first entry: Theme : "Moods"

My runner up trophy: This is v cutely done.:

My second entry. Theme - "Free ticket to embarrassment"

My choco cake (yummmmyyy):

My co-blogger Sreejith is a runner up in the prose section and hearty congratulations to him :) :)

Delicate delicacies  

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If you are bored of eating/drinking the same old stuff daily, give one of the below, a shot.

1> Lays tomato tango flakes in hot Tea!!
This is definitely something for the taste buds on a rainy evening. Ummmm... just love it.

2> Salt and Pepper toppings on the sliced vanilla ice cream.
This tastes just amazing. If you haven't tried, please do it!! A light seasoning with nimbu paani is heavenly. Suggested by a frnd recently and nimbu seasoning discovery by me :P :D

3> Pani Puri with ice cream
Well, this was something that i discovered recently in a friend's wedding. When i was about to gulp the pani puri held in a spoon, i was greeted by my friend from behind. In a matter of few sec of exchanging "hi"s with her, my pani puri had something extra stuffed in it. Thanks to Puni for the vanilla ice cream :- How generous of him!!!

4> A cocktail - bournvita, badam powder, sugar and milk
In my new office, the cafeteria has various containers neatly arranged and each of it is labelled - badam powder, chocolate horlicks, sugar, coffee powder etc... I wanted to have bournvita, and so, took a cup of milk, added 2 spoons of bournvita, added 1 spoon of powdered sugar (though i preferred it in its crystalline form). I stirred them well. When i was about to take a sip, a colleague of mine, opened the container labelled "badam powder" and what i found in it was the sugar crystals. Without thinking much, i added 1 spoon of that too. After this, i realised that the lids of badam powder and sugar were interchanged and i kept staring at the cocktail in my hand. Without wanting to waste it, i took a sip, atleast to know if it was "drinkable". Well, trust me, a drink cannot get any luscious!!

PS: Feel free to add in your delicate delicacies, if any :) :) :)

Series of embarrassments  

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It was the season of elections
Voting being scheduled the next day, i was busy with preparations

That year i had turned eighteen
Thoroughly excited and geared up for voting!!

The internet electoral list said my serial number was nine
Luckily there was also my father's name, just below mine

That day, after class hours,i asked my classmate to drop me home
For a change, i chose to drive, feeling very blithesome

My friend took a seat behind me looking very skeptical
I had to assure her - "Don't worry dear, i do drive well"

Just as i passed the St. Joseph's college(for boys) and headed for a U-Turn,
My friend shouted - "She doesn't know to drive guys, please RUN RUN!!" :-|

I lost balance and fell at the sight of disturbed crowd,
The guys laughed and mocked, Gosh!! how i wanted to cry out aloud!!

After reaching home, one of my neighbours came in
Invited for a birthday party that evening at Holiday Inn

Attended the party and wished the birthday girl who had turned sweet sixteen
"Thank you so much 'Aunty'!!" she acknowledged, in front of the crowd that was umpteen :(

It was the second time i was embarrassed that day
With great effort, i managed to sleep, eager to vote the next day!!

As planned, at 11a.m i was in the polling booth with my dad
Voting for the first time, i felt very glad.

To my dismay only my father was listed in the voter's chart,
With no trace of my name in it, i was in the process of losing heart :(

Luckily, it was found in the list of some other ward
However ,my details there turned me red - age - 47, status - married, i suddenly felt marred!! :(

The helper boy there seeing the list remarked - "Aunty, err Ma'am, you look so young!!"
Gritting my teeth i told- "OF COURSE I AM!!" my fist landed on the table with a loud bang!!

On the other side of the booth, my father read out my spouse's name
He exclaimed and grinned - "Nice name , PREM!!"

On hearing my father's words, the dark guy with hooded teeth among the helper boys blushed;
He was also "PREM" i learnt and i immediately wanted to see him flushed!!!

Maintained my cool and finally casted my vote,
I didn't know lying ahead of me was the mind blowing anecdote!!

My father asked me to check his details in that chart
His age - 45, his father was my 15 year old neighbour - "Amarnath"!!

I was surprised to see my father all happy and gay
Being 45 again, he zoomed back into those days, i could easily say!!

I didn't know how to react, nor did my tongue slip a single word!!
For having a dad younger to me and a grand-dad younger to my dad!!

When the election commission/govt cannot rectify things as simple as this,
No wonder the chance of making this a wonderful nation, we will always miss!!

Wished to vile away time in sleep for few more days
The series of embarrassments definitely demanded such sleepy holidays!!

PS: This is partly real and partly reel. I had this posted in a public blog for the theme "Embarrassing moments of your life". Somehow i was missing it here in my personal blog. Hence this post!! :)