The sinking ship  

Posted by Divya A L in

She was a lively ship
She was colorful and hep
She was adored and praised
Like a princess, she was raised

She hummed like a nightingale
While on move, she raced whales
She conquered her space  - the vast sea
There were no limits to her see

As she celebrated her glory,
Her owner was in such a merry
That He gave away the princess' to the king of a ferry
Little did he know , it was an act of a bury

Well, she was growing old,
Her colors faded as days rolled
The king did not see her shine
He made her cry, he made her whine

She was no more the only one
He made sure she was just another one
She was beaten and broken
She felt abandoned and shaken

The owner visited his princess, the priceless!
He noticed the king was ruthless
He regretted that he was watchless
And moaned inside speechless

She gave up all her hope
She sunk even while tied to a rope
She dreamt to elope
And sprint like an antelope!

She saw lonely times
Even when there were thousands besides
Hundreds of gazes o\upon her
Some even adored her

However the day had arrived,
The rope was finally untied
She would sail again she thought
Yes, she did, in an abyss in which she was caught!