S-U-L-E-K-H-A again!!  

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Well, yes its another win!! :))) This time being the first runner up for the theme "College days". I was so much awed by the theme that I couldn't resist putting in multiple entries. :)

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Th above entries were a re-post from here. Since both these posts were about my weird lecturers, I was initially hesitant to try for a credit at the expense of making them the "laughing stock", after all they did teach or atleast tried to teach something!! :) However, I was asked to put in atleast one of them as a competitive and the other non competitive :) My entry 1 competitive won. There were some really amazing entries each one narrating some hilarious episodes of the college days. Do try reading them in the "first runner up" link.

Ahh adding to the happiness!! ;)


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I find myself to have changed a lot in the last couple of weeks. Though I am pretty sure of the reason behind this, I had not expected the change in this direction. I observe an extreme behaviour in myself. Guess I am too happy and contended or faking to be happy and contended. Don't know which ones. As it is said "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" and I was almost falling victim to this. Somehow, I am grategul to God that my mind is never idle these days and I've changed or rather back to being myself.

1. I speak a lotttt!! Trust me, whether it makes sense to the listeners, I have no clue. Atleast to Bruno it doesn't, he makes a weird face and licks my hand as though asking me to "shut up"!!
2. I eat a lotttt!! I guess I weigh 30%more than what it was a fortnight ago. And I have transited from being an omnivore to a carnivore!! I pity the chickens!!
3. I watch atleast 2 movies a week. Have turned into a total movie freak!!! I was never this kind until I joined Infy. (I started to watch movies regularly atleast 4-5 a year, and before that, was never even bothered to know what movies were released!!) But now, 2 movies a week is incredible. I have even started to promote movies!! Hope the producers are reading this!!
4. Coincidentally, meeting up with a lot of friends. And hence, freaking out a lot!! Have hardly stayed at home 1 full day!!
5. Always in the party mood!!
5. I don't get tensed for silly little things like before!!
6. "Don't-care about anything, whatever happens is for better!" attitude!!!
7. May be I've grown selfish too. May be "selfish" is not the right term. I call it "non selfless". First me and then the rest!! This is how one should be for being practical in life!!

I don't know if all this is good or bad!! But this is how I am, atleast currently!!

5 things one can't live without!!  

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It was ages since I had updated my profile on orkut. It was almost untouched since I created it 4 years ago. Last sunday I thought I'd update it and I came across this item called "5 things you can't live without". Surprisingly, I had not filled up anything there. I sat up to think, what are those 5 things without which a person cannot live?

It took me about 4 hours to rightly update it. Once I did, a good friend of mine pinged on gtalk and started "ROTFLing". The reason was he apparently had read it. I couldn't make out as to what had made him laugh soooo much!! After a while, the laugh took a new shape and it was no more what it was. He said that was "awful" and he even questioned me if there was any humanity left in me that I write such stupid things.

He asked me - "Can you live without your friends?"
I thought for a while. I said "why not?". The term "friends" is always there but the people associated with it keep changing with time. A best friend once upon a time may not even be in touch with you now. So, even after you have lost that friend, you will continue to live. So, "friends" cannot go in there.

He was quite convinced with my reasoning, but not completely. His next Q - "Can you live without Bruno?"
Well, I have lived all these days without him. He happens to be a new entry and I'm happy to have him. But again, when my Tommy passed away, the first few days were very bad. I thought I cannot live further. But here I am, living quite a happy life". So, with Bruno, I may have to expect the same.

He somehow tried hard to deny that answer of mine. He said - "One last question. Can you live without your parents?"
Well, my thought process was in action again. My answer was "Well, I find so many orphans around the world, who over a period of time got over the "loss" of parent(s) and now live happily. So, they continue to live. Why talk about "loss"of a parent? Just consider an Indian girl getting married. If she isn't very lucky, she might have to leave back her home after marriage and spend the rest of her life without them. But then, they continue to live." So, logically, even that wouldn't fit in here.

After this reasoning from me, he was suddenly enraged and cut off the conversation expressing his anger and said "bye". "Change whatever you have written and till then don't talk to me."he said. Well, we did talk, thats a different thing.

Now I just think , what was wrong about the 5 things I wrote - "air, food, water, shelter and clothes". You'd definitely die without these things. I swear!!

Bottomline - Life goes on whether you like it or not. God's greatest gift for humans that renders them to be not really human - "Volatile memory". For so long it persists, it makes us emotional and human!!

Like the Murphy's laws - "The brain tends to persist bitter memories and wipe away the sweeter ones or vive versa while you want it the other way round."

Now don't tell me that majority of the population in India are living without the 5th thing that I wrote!! :)

A wonderful post by a fellow sulekhite  

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People lie because of many reasons. Some of them are:
1. A popular reason is that they wouldn't want the other person to feel bad about whatever they truly think of them.
2. People feel, for leading a practical life, they ought to lie at one or the another point of time!!
3. Most often than not, they lie to conceal their mistakes!!
4. Sometimes, there have been cases that people lie for the betterment of the other person! That's now called a person with the great sacrificing heart!!(or at least that is the reason they give!!)
5. Lies can break/make the bonds. So people use them suitably, especially when they ditch one person/thing for the other!
6. The best of them is people lieing that the other person is lieing, which is unforgivable!!

Strangely, as I have observed/experienced, the liers are always on the winning side!! Some kind of a moral imbalance!!
Breaking news - "Honesty, humbleness, love, emotions have no place in the current world!!"


Backstreet boys  

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I was/am a die hard fan of backstreet boys since school days. Favourite being Bryan for his looovveeellllyyyy voice and the handsome Nick carter!! This was one of the songs I listen to in repeat mode which I am doing right now!! Jussstttt loveee ittt!! Hats off to "hinde beedhi huduguru", - thats how we named them in our school days!! ;) Their music is soothing and comforting... Just love most of their tracks!!

My new laptop :)  

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Bringing up puppies is no cushy job. Its no different with Bruno. Initially though I was skeptical about my decision on bringing him home, now I have no slightest feel of regret whatsoever.

Puppies/Dogs are damn amazing creatures. They not only learn a lot of things but teach too. In this process of learning and teaching, you also get a bonus plus - lots of entertainment which you will never be bored of.

So, what has Bruno learnt so far?

1. He has learnt few words like sit, come, go. His favourite being - "biscuit and carrot". His ears will instantly prick on hearing those 2 words. To better his understanding of the former words, I will have to have the latter ones in my hand :D
2. He climbs up and down the stairs with ease now. Before, he only knew to climb up. After climbing every step, he used to sit and whine to get down off them.
3. He has learnt not to piss inside the house.
4. He has kind of started to identify strangers, which otherwise he went behind everyone he met.
5. He barks v chweeetly :) :) :) Love to hear it!!
6. Since this is his teething period, he bites everything and everyone he sees. He now fears biting, with our voice raised.
7. Gives a shake hand, but conditions apply* (*Only when you have an eatable in your hand ;) )
8. Very good at chasing and v smart in escaping when chased.

Teachings for me:
1. First of all, I've grown to be responsible now. (It seems I sometimes even sound like a mom :) )
2. Induced lots of patience in me.
3. I understand the non humans. I understand, his signs and he understands me. (Well, I feel like the shepherd in "the alchemist ;) )
4. Have realized what unconditional, selfless love is!!
5. I have started to shop more for him than myself. Every second, I think of him. Kind of so totally involved that even in my dreams, I see him :) I wonder what kind of dreams doggies have :)
6. What ever I do to him, at the end of it, he'd always sleep on mylap or feet. He's become my new laptop. It just feels sooooo good. (My father gets J and asks me to never sit down on the floor ;) He's like - "I'm the one who takes care of you day though night, and you are least bothered about me!!" ;) ) Puppies and kids are no diferent at all. Feels nice to care and being cared for.
7. Just love that guilty face of his when he does mischeif and he looks cho cho cho cute when angered (esp when pulling his mustache or when blown on his face :P) :)

Me and Bruno:
Well, its said that you'd like someone if you had shared something in common. So, Bruno, does have many similarities with me. :)

1. Both of us sleep upside down most times :)
2. Both of us love fooooood!! Just that Bruno likes it a 1000 times more than me.
3. We are really buddus at times!!
4. We speak more and listen less :)
5. Good at giving back bites with Bruno literally doing it ;)
6. Difficult to handle us :)
7. We like to go out often. (me for shopping, he for playing :) )
8. Very poor liers. He tries to conceal having eaten paper being tight mouthed but never realises a part of it is hanging out from either sides of his mouth. :D :P

Today I had washed the terrace for 2 hours, with an intention of not leaving anything there for him to swallow. And this kothi mari, went there dont know when and started biting the water pipe that was used for washing. When I stared at him, he promptly dropped the pipe off his mouth and stood there wearing an innocent look. Take a look at the pic below:

Well, to put it simply, I am bindaas enjoying his company. :)))))))

1st blogging anniversary  

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Though I knew self discovery is very important, I discovered myself majorly after I started blogging exactly an year ago!! Thanks again to my friend Dilip!!

Though it so happens that I lose interest in anything I pursue as a hobby sooner or later, this is something I have not been bored of till now. In this 1 year of journey, I've made quite a number of friends and also lost few of them. Luckily, I don't think I've earned foes, at least not that I know of. :)

Anyways, I am surely enjoying this!! :)

Waiting for THE day  

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That day I feel no fear
It'll be the end of my tears
I will have all that I desire
Anticipation for that day, very dire

"THE day" seems to be a fantasy
Its existence, just chancy
If there is one, its an ecstasy
God, please have on me, a little mercy and courtesy

Naming ceremony  

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The day he came home, there were mixed reactions in the family.

"Ohhh... why did you get him? I did not promise that i'll take care of him. Leave him from where you got." an inaugral statement from my father.

"Of course you did!! I will call Sapna, the eyewitness. You had told so in her presence. Anyways, I cannot go back to leave him now. " I said calmly.

"I am already too much fed up with you!! And now him!! I am looking forward to the day you get married and then out of this home!!" my mom blasted.

"If you keep humiliating me like this, one fine day I'm gonna elope with a deaf or dumb guy. I will start my search right now" I said in a low tone in an attempt to scare her.

"Well, here's an unsolicited help from me.You don't have to go in search of them. Just goto K R Market. You will find so many such people in victoria hospital. I will be happy that you will spend your entire life serving the unfortunate ones." said my mom her voice cooler than ever.

She is impossible I thought and gave up.

I thought I made a terrible mistake that day getting him home. Nobody wanted him here. :(

I took some of his snaps and uploaded them on orkut. Another terrible mistake. The pics were taken just after his walk and so, in the snaps it appeared as though he was tied up.
Comments on orkut:

Friend 1: "Don't steal his food"
No wonder she's my close friend. She knew what would happen to half the cerelac, though I argued I never touched his food.

Friend 2: "When you are already there, did also need him in your home??"
I still wonder what that meant!!

Freind 3: " I pity your mom. Now she has this additional work of taking care of him also. I shall tell her to throw you out first!!"
I have a major doubt if she is my friend or my mom's. Just coz she's married, she wants me also to join the club!! (or the pit??)

Friend 4: "I didn't know you were so cruel divya!! Plz let him free!!"
Why don't people understand a simple logic that you'd get a pet home only if you love them. No question of cruelty at all!!

I don't understand what my friends gain putting me into so much humiliation.

Next day my father asked - "What are you gonna name him?"

"That means he's gonna stay. Thanks !!" I said happily.

"No not at all!! I just asked if the breeder has already named him something. Not because I wanted him here permanently" lied my father. He continued a gyaan session on the troubles we'd face if he was here. Not that he dislikes dogs, he, in fact likes them 100 times more than me. I knew it the moment he asked about naming the pup.

We started suggesting names and my father insisted on tommy (my prev pet)

"We'll name him Dixie!! " I said.

My father started to laugh loudly. "Whats wrong with you??" I asked.

"That's quite a popular name. Not for the pups but for the inner wear" he said.

My face turned pale n purple. Dixie kind of matched my name (5 letters starting with D)

"How about Dominic?"I suggested, this time a name with 7 letters starting with D.

"That is no good either"said my father.

"But whyy??"

"It isn't easy to call. Somehow I don't like it!!" my father expressed displeasure.

"If he has to stay in this house, call him Bruno" said my mom.

I instantly liked it. BUT MY FATHER DID NOT.

"Ok mom, this will be named Bruno. But you should never again crib about me getting him home. If you do I will start calling him Lalith ;) " I said.
"Come again, what did you say??" she asked with a disgruntled look on her face.
Before she could say any more, I escaped to the terrace. :P

On the terrace I heard my father calling him "Bruny".
"Papa, he is BruNO not Bruny" I corrected. k.
"Oh ok. Hey tommy " he said.

So now he has 3 names Bruno Bruny and Tommy. And the best part is he responds to all thos names. :D

Welcome to the family!! :)  

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I was looking forward to this day since sooooo longgg!!! My prayers have been answered and here comes my tweety cutie pie. I managed to convince my parents for getting him home after a series of arguments. HE's my 37 day old Labby :)))) This day happens to be one of the best Deepavali in my life. Ironically didn't fire crackers in an intention of not scaring my new love ;) He already recognises me sooo well and doesn't want me out of his sight!! I get a feeling of having adopted him years ago!! :)

Tomorrow will have a naming ceremony for him!!! :)))

Cyaaa... Busy for now... He's in front of me beckoning me for a play!!! HAve a great Deepavali !! :))))))))

Wake up!!!  

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People, wake up!! Esp those with extra calories!! One should not sleep beyond 4:30 in the morning. Trust me its very bad from the perspective of health!! Wake up early, freshen yourself, go out for a walk or a jog or to a temple!! The atmosphere is something you'd enjoy irrespective of the season!!! There are several advantages to it:

1. This regime will tire you out so that you can actually sleep for few extra hours!! (V useful, if you have a boring classes/meetings to attend in the morning)
2. You may have an ankle twist, or skid or a mere leg pain which is a very good reason to stay back at home. For a better effect, go swimming. You are sure to miss classes.
3. You may even find your "dream" gal/guy/ghost during your jog/walk. ;)
4. If your jog area happens to be a park, there is sure to be a laughing club!! And the participants there will have beautiful daughters or handsome sons!! This will be a great chance to pataaysufy them. ;)
5. Even if you have sleepy eyes and you are pushing yourself to jog, here's an idea. Whine like a dog. The dogs will take care the rest.

If you are wondering about this unsolicited advice, its coz i am forced to wake up early everyday to leave to the office thats just on the other corner of the city. I wake up daily at 5am. Thought why not 4:30 from now on!! I can go out for a jog which I regularly used to do when in college. Wanna resume my then favourite routine (th eonly difference being, i used to wake up at 6am).

My dear friendsI suggest you do it without fail.

After all why should I alone suffer!!!!!!!!!!!

An Experience!!!  

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I had planned to go shopping on a sunday (3 weeks ago) with my school friend. As far as my friend is concerned, she's one of those procrastination queens who can exhibit heights of indiscipline and laziness. No wonder she was popularly called "the late latif", when in school. And she feels very proud to have carried the name till this day!! :-@ I really become austere about everything concerning time when with her. Being fully aware of her 5-hr delay she adds to the scheduled time, I fixed an appointment at 9am in the morning. Luckily, she was ready by 1pm (an hour in advance!!!). I should have had an inkling by then that it indicated some "bad shagun"!! We decided to goto TOTAL mall on mys road.

I cant help bringing it up here about our bizzare movie experience!! The first time we(school friends) went for a movie together, we had to go half an hour late for a 5pm show inspite of having booked tickets for a 2pm show in advance. Since our PQ got late just by 3.5hrs, we had to sell the 2pm tickets and buy new ones again for the 5pm show!!!! Her calm composure makes you go nuts. Whenever she meets us, that too after 5 hrs of delay, she calmly asks - "Late aaytha?? (Did I get late??)" We wear a sarcastic smile and say - "No not at all" and later in chorus - "GGrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!!!!!!" I'll write about some of our really hilarious rendezvous sometime later!

Coming back to the sunday's story, we reached the mall by 2pm. I was v hungry as though had not eaten for ages.
"Lets first eat and then shop" I said.
"We'll goto MTR. I wanna eat there... Its been a long time since we had been there!!" she insisted.

"Ok, lets have lime soda atleast." I suggested to which she agreed. We quickly had a glass of it each and started to roam around in the ground floor nothing particular in mind to shop. How the time flies when shopping is the most miraculous thing I've ever noticed. By the time we reached the 1st floor it as already 4pm. Then on started the phone calls from my mom -

Call 1:
"What time are you coming home?" she asked very sweetly.
"Will be at home by 8 ma" I said.
"Dear, I want you to be home by 6pm today. I have a surprise for you" said my mom, sounding more sweet. As usual my sixth sense sensed something fishy.
"Hope its a pleasant one" I said in a rather confused but assertive tone.
"Moms only want the best for their kids and I am no different. So, today Sandeep is coming home to see you!!" said my mom.
"Sandeep? which Sandeep? oh your colleague Aruna aunt's son is it?? Does he want me to teach him something this time?? BTW, what has he got to do with you expecting the best for me??" I asked.
"No no dear... Its not that Sandeep. This Sandeep is the guy whom I told you about. Very nice chap. I want you to see him and if you like, i'll be more than happy to go ahead with the marriage preparations..." she said enthusiastically.
"EXCUSE ME!! I am not interested in any marriage. I am not coming" I said and snapped the phone.

She called back almost immediately.
Call 2:
Me: "Yes?"
Mon: "Why are you so impatient??Atleast listen to what I say!!"
Me: "Sorry Mom. Ok tell me what is it? Before that, I wanna make it crystal clear that I dont want to see any guy"
Mom: "What's there in seeing a guy? He's not gonna tie a knot then and there,"
Me: "Please speak something else!!!"
Mom: "You first come home by 6pm. I'll explain you in detail"
Me: "I'm not coming"
I snapped the phone again.

She called the third time and I didn't take the call. I tried to recall about what she had told me about the guy!! I was/am somehow dead against the idea. I am just too young for marriage and not at all mentally prepared for it. I had rejected it outright when this proposal flew in, but my mom wasn't convinced at all with my reasoning. She had even finished off the first set of interviews with him without my knowledge! :-| And that evening I knew the results - he had cleared them with flying colors. Now it would be my turn! The only thing that matchd between me and him is with my obsession with #7. His name had 7 letters in it and it started with "s". I know I am a little too kiddish, but from my style of calculation, my prospective hubby would have 7 letters in his name and it would start with either A, S or D. Don't ask me the reasoning behind this. But I think this will come true!!

Next thing my mom did was very evident. I started to get a call from my dad.
He: "Come home dear... I know this was a sudden decision. You need not agree, but just come and be here."
Me: "Whats the point in seeing a guy when I am very sure of not wanting to marry him??"
He: "Yeah I agree. But its also true that you have nothing to lose if you see"
Me: "Ok... I will think over and call you later.. Bye."

My mom now SMSed me a lengthy one. I could read all possible pet names and asking me to be home by six. I promptly spurned it out. She called me two more times and I didn't receive. We shopped for some more time and it was 5:30 already. I was hungry more than ever. I started to feel guilty and sorry about not taking my mom's calls. I called her back at around 5:40 and agreed to go. I told my friend about this and she said - "I have a feeling you're going to settle with this guy!!"
I cursed her for that and left for home.

At dot 6, I was at home. I felt a lot better when I thought of my dear procrastination queen.
Mom: "I'm glad that you came. Now go and get ready soon. Call me when you are done. I'll help you with the saree"
Me: "SAREEE??? Nooo wayyy... I am going back to the mall!!!"
Mom: "Enough is enough. Just listen to what I say. In ten minutes I want to see you ready"
Me (pretended to put on my shoe): "Me leaving byeeee..."
Mom: "Why do you test my patience so much? You cannot be sitting in front of the guy in this faded jean!!"
Me: "Thats the fashion these days!! And this is my favourite of all. I am not changing"

The fight went on for another half an hour and my father cut in the conversation. Finally we compromised on a salwar kameez.

As told to me,they were supposed to arrive by 6:30pm. It was nearing 7 and still no clue of them. I was looking for something to prove against him and I was in luck I thought.
Me: "The guy doesn't have time sense. Look its already half past 6:30!!"
Mom: "Thats still much better off than your dear friend who's atleast 5 hrs late. When you find that ok, why not this?"
Can't beat her in this I thought and kept quite. I called in one of my neighbour friends to keep me company.

Me, my mom and my neighbour friend stood in the balcony on the first floor and saw the guy arriving with his father and his cousin finally. Ahhh got another one I thought!! Since my mom believes in some superstitions, I thought of taking advantage of it:
Me: "Mom, look. They don't even know that they shouldn't come in three for such auspicious occassions!!"
Mom: "Thats ok. Since they are all guys, its fine."
I'm sure she herself didn't agree with what she said. She said that for the sake of it.. just like i did!! ;) "God! she knows too very well to handle me!!" I said to myself.

Mom: "Be here. Come down when called" she instructed and left.

Afte 10 min or so, my mom called out - "Divya ..divya" in a very low tone. And obviously I did not hear. She came up once more and said - "How many times to call??"
"when did you call??" I asked in my normal tone that is usually audible to people in ground floor too. She literally shut my mouth and said "Don't scream!!" in a screeching voice. "I did not!!" I murmured. "Ok.. come" she said and left.

I was a little confused as i've watched in movies that there'll be some supporting stars behind the gal and they get her. In my case that was supposed to be my neighbour aunt. I told that aunty - "I would have preferred gals, aunty". She gave a cold stare and asked my friend to accompany me. To my surprise and horror, she was blushing so much that I was confused if it was me or her who was to see the guy.:D Aunty was too much fed up to see our faces and said: "You are coming with me and thats it!!" The aunty is tooo sweeet and very very funny and humorous. Finally I was taken into the living room. All the seats were filled except for one which was obvious(later realized it wasn't really obvious). I waved my hand and said "hi" to them all and occupied the left out seat.

At once I realized there can't be any other thing that is as embarrassing as this!! "Gosh!! " I wanted to run away from the simultaneous stares of all the 5 people at me!! My aunty thooo stood just outside the door, visible only to me and started giggling out aloud. (Later I was told that I was not supposed to have occupied the unoccupied seat and that I was to goto the kitchen and hide ther!!!!! :-X) Her laugh is very contageous. The guy's father broke the silence at last and asked me my name. (Ahhh so formal!! I'm sure he wouldn't have come home without even knowing my name!! :-S) I replied - "Divya..." followed by a big laugh. I swear I couldnt control my laugh. How I cursed my aunt I cannot say!! His father wore a v serious look and there was not even a hint of a smile / curve anywhere on his face. I am sure he'd have thought I was insane.

Till then I had not seen the guy. With great efforts, my eyes looked at him and my laughter increased ten fold. Myyyy Goooddd he was blushing and his face was pink!!! Tooooooo muchhh I thought. I couln't stay there anymore and left to the kitchen. In the kitchen I see all the delicacies arranged neatly and looked very tempting to the taste buds. Suddenly I realized how hungry I was. I took a lump of mys pak and put it in my mouth. Another disaster!! My mom called me just then- "divya divya" in a low tone... My mouth was packed to speak anything. This time I pretended not to hear. "Not only is she insane, but deaf too!" the guy's father would have thought. My mom entered the kitchen and asked me to distribute the sweets.

I exclaimed - "Why me? You only do it. Did he already say yes that I have to distribute sweets!!??! Even if he did say yes, you are the one who liked him more than me. So either way, you should distribute the sweets."
Mom: "Divya... atleast for today, behave as if you are totally dumb and not deaf. Just do what is said without speaking a word. Do you understand?"
I just nodded.
Mom: "Say yes" she demanded. I could see the rays of anger radiating from her eyes nose and every cell on her face.
Me: "Hoon", without opening my mouth.

I was at last pushed to distributing it :( I distributed them and while returning put another lump of it in my mouth, just visible to the dumb spectators.
Mom: "Why are you behaving so weird today? Haven't you tasted mys pak at all in your life?? Did you have to do that in front of them??"
Me: "Oh come on ma... They were also eating and I too joined them. Whats in that?? Don't point out at silly things. Moreover I hadn't had my lunch also today. I am starving!!!"
Mom: "You better just sit there. Don't move." she ordered and heaved a sigh.

It was the second round of distribution and this time it was fanta. Of 5 people, 2 didn't want it. My mom forced them to have. She didn't even bother to ask if I needed one. "Please serve the needy ma", I told myself under my breath. She noticed that and gave another really wild stare. I was about to protest and realized that it wont be of any use.. :-| I suddenly turned towards the guy. He should have been a girl I swear!! How much he was blushing. And I hated the silence building up there. Finally this time I broke the silence. When I started to speak, there was a loud thud in the kitchen. (May be another indication from my mom to keep my mouth shut and not to do any gadbad once more.) I gathered courage from don't know where and proceeded. I asked him as to why he chose to do something that was totally irrelevant to his qualification. All that he had to say was "It was unfortunate". My father sent some warning signals sitting opposite to me. I said "Ok.. " a smile and stopped.

After sometime they left. Ahhh what a sense of relief!! The guy wanted to say bye to me. Even before he opened his mouth to say it, I had already said"bye byebyebyebye". I wonder what he'd have thought. Later that night, I had an 8 hr gyaan session from my mom!!! Luckily she didn't realize that I was already asleeep. :P UUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

I vote for love marriages!!

He is sick!!!  

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He was all happy and healthy until recently... He started to lose stability... Now and then he seemed so very ill that he lost conscious abruptly which had made me think that he was v close to death. But God's great, he was back to normal last week... He was fine the next few days, but went to coma suddenly the 3rd day... I was wondering how to figure out what it could be... I seeked help of the doctors. They envisaged deeply and found the root-cause and gave appropriate medicines. He started the medication almost immediately. But nobody knew that it'd take a new turn... And the symptoms were disastrous this time... He wouldnt regain conscious at all from medicines... He had to be beaten up to wake him up.. I strongly suspect its the popular H1N1 playing with him.. I pity him a lot!! He is still under observation and I am looking forward to the day he would have completely recovered, back to being fit and fine...

Dearest God, please make my switch (network switch) work without any crashes!! :(

Throwing more light....  

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The sun was very hot that evening. Clouds seem to melt coz of his heat. Melted droplets started coming down to earth. One such droplet disturbed the sleeping rainbow. Rainbow woke up to show off herself... Sun was mesmerised by the beauty of the rainbow. The sun rays were peeling out of the rainbow that apparently looked like lip lock. The lighting who was eyeing the sun got jealous witnessing this. She flashed brightly several times to impress him. But who caught her glare was the thunder and not the sun. Lightning ran to escape... Thunder kept following. Rainbow, and the sun slowly slid down (chalu ppl). The clouds were happy that they did not melt anymore coz the sun had calmed down. Instead they shed tears of JOY!!!

I tried to write about the sudden change in weather that day. It was scrotching hot when i left for home in the cab. In half an hour's time there was a heavy downpour!! :-S

So,here's the summary of the previous poem!!! I don't want to write poems hereafter :'(

A quadrangular love story!!  

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The sun fiercely growled,
Heated up the sky;
The sky melted,
Pouring tears as it started to cry;

In the greens was an Angel rainbow,
As the tears touched her, blossomed her smile;
The sun saw her , made a bow,
Appreciating her beauty and the lovely trail;

The Princess lightening got jealous,
That the Sun fell for the Angel rainbow;
She turned herself charmingly bright, to impress,
The mighty Thunder caught her glow;

The angel rainbow rised higher,
Towards the sun;
She kissed him momentarily, thus calming down the fire,
Contented, the Sun disappeared with his fastest run;

The sky gathered in chunks of clouds,
Showering blessings of tears again;
The angel disappeared in the Greens,
She was thanked, the sky felt no tinge of pain;

The thunder was put to test,
The princess seem to run everywhere;
Everytime he was nearing her crest,
She disappeared in the darkness somewhere;

PS: In the pretext of heavy rainfall this evening....

Bakrified ( childhood mischief ;) )  

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A decade ago, when i was in school
I had a specimen classmate, whom i can never bhool

She was short, plump and round
Looked like a pumpkin with those extra pounds!

Her behavior, most times left us enraged
She used to pull down others to take up the center stage

The school annual day - we were excited ,thrilled, full of anticipation
The cultural events - we were always ready for participation

It was a western group dance which we decided upon
The specimen wanted to take part, we insisted not to have her on

She cried, fought and had made a scene
Went to the teachers and made sure she was in

Though we were reluctant to have her in our clan
To teach her a lesson, we came up with a master plan ;)

It was the way the dance was choreographed
We made sure she wouldn't be visible even for a photograph

We decided on a V-formation for the dance
We put her in the "center" (of V), her face illuminated probably imagined of having earned 1000s of fans

As the dance progressed, more spectators pulled in
Slowly the specimen moved out of sight, as the rest of us closed in

At the end, it was a single straight line
For the way things turned out, she didn't seem fine

She complained that we put up a bad show
We convinced her it was an accident, without any intention of letting her low

Then on there were many such accidents
After each one, she only got ready for further such incidents

I wonder if she ever realised she was being a bakri
Probably i've never come across such stupidest chokri!

But sometimes i am forced to wonder who were the real victims
For, she never got offended, instead steadily took part in almost all the events!!

The mind patrol  

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Wish that you be simple
But you always run into trouble
Others often grumble
For your stupid acts whose number is astronomical

You are sometimes cynical,
some other times, illogical;
Most times, psychical
You surely need help from a mental hospital

Your thoughts abysmal
Which in anyway or to anyone, is not fruitful
Think wise, be intellectual
Waste not your energy and time, be practical.

Make decisions as though they are final
Don't revert back and end up being fickle
Morals and ethics though more vital
Too much of it, turns them brittle

Being emotional, hyper sentimental
Makes you an easy target for betrayal
Doesn't mean that you be paranoidal
Don't end up being a fool, Divya AL!!!

ME: Ahhhhhh!!! heights of being philosophical!!!

AUG 21st - A day to remember!!  

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This day is memorable since the year 2006. There are several reasons for it...

This was the day i started off my career at Infy way back in 2006. Congratulations to my batchmates who are still working for Infy, having spent 3 glorious years there!! (Does that strike somthing important to you guys?? Something like you finally want to take a call for looking into better career prospects??;) :P)
I re-read this post of mine that turned me hyper nostalgic remembering the good old days there...

Incidentally, one of my good friends, ex-coll mate, ex-colleague Sreejith was online in gtalk... After wishing him the grand 3rd anniversary we would have celebrated if in Infy, he said - "hey divs... u know another anniversary tht falls on this day?" I obviously didn't know what it was... He then said - "2nd anniversary of me becoming ex-infoscion :D" I ROTFLed like crazy and realized it was my 2nd anniversary too of becoming an "EX INFOSCION"!! Its 2 years gone after serving Infy (serving ourselves at Infy, rather) for exactly an year!!!

Three special people landed on this planet this very day 25 years ago!! Wow thats going to be a silver jubilee!! These special people are special because, they are no longer in touch with me but have made a big difference in my life!! Happy birthday buddies!! (No sarcasm involved!!)

A friend of mine got married too on the same day last year!! Thats anniversary #3.

3 anniversaries and 3 birthdays on a single day does make it special and memorable, wouldn't you agree???

Happy friendship day!!  

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Walking together several miles
Talking seemlessly on mobiles
With them laughter always weighed in piles
In their company time simply flies

They comprehend your language of silence
You feel tremendously happy in their mere presence
Life teaches you the best of the lessons
You will learn lots of it with them, in essence

With them, the deepest secrets you share
Which with others to speak, you wouldn't even dare
They shower upon you, lots of love and care
In this relationship, everything seems so just and fair

They're there for you when you are racked
They never give up on you though they know you are slightly cracked
They wipe away the tears in your eyes
Though often, wouldn't let you shed them in the first place

Now and then breaking rules
Amount of fun and mischeif - absolutely no clue
Parting from them is definitely blues
Never even think of it, don't lose.

Look for new ones, keep the old
One is silver, the other is gold!!
With time, the better the friendship moulds
They are those sweet memories, you'd always want to hold...

Some relationships are made by God;
Some others, people chose and found
There's that special one called "friendship"
That's a cocktail of all other "relationships"

Wishing all my dear friends, a very very happy friendship's day!!
Thanks for being there for me, when i needed you all the most...

Complex relationship - friendship versus love  

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This is the most discussed/sought after topic for which i wanted to post my thoughts and ideas since long. Looks like finally its time that i do it. My thoughts are partly based on real life experiences.

Well, lets first discuss friendship. Whats it? Why do people become friends? On what aspects does one choose his/her friend. Basically, you would choose to be someone's friend if :
a> You are comfortable and at ease speaking to that person
b> Both of you are like-minded people
c> you share Common interests.
d> you like them for whatsoever XYZ reasons, it may be their character, social behavior, etc.
e> Most often than not, its just the fact that, everyone likes to be liked. So, if someone likes you for something, you'd appreciate and acknowledge it through friendship.

Well, we all surely have many categories of friends like "pen pals", "just friends", "good friends", "close friends", "best friends" so on and so forth. Sometime we even promote or demote(rarely) them within these categories. ;) Spending quality time with him/her brings them together and takes them another step ahead to become "close friends". One search in google with a keyword "friendship", will throw out numerous friendship quotes. Most of them are really touching and comply almost perfectly to what "friendship" means.

The next Big Question!! How different or sophisticated it becomes when two people of opposite sex tend to become the "best friends"?? If i were to answer this question, i would say, it shouldn't be any different from the way it would have been if they were of the same sex. But to my surprise, i have noticed in many cases, the idea of "love" creeps in from don't know where, especially from the guy's side. Well, i don't mean offence to the guys here, but 90% of the cases that i've come across, the guys tend to "assume" that the girl is interested in him in ways more than mere "friendship". Its also the case that many a times, the "friendship" is finally transformed into "love" when both are interested in each other in special ways. So i cant falsify the guys completely here.

Well, what if one's interested and the other is not. Should the one who's interested control his/her feelings for the other, or should the one uninterested, demote their level of friendship and call it quits? I'd rather put them in a seperate category and call it "Complex relationship" :P Either way, either of them will be hurt. Who's to be blamed? Is it one who brought in the concept of "love" or the other who is not ready to accept his/her love? Without either of their faults, why should they suffer? If they call it quits, isn't it contrasting the basic definition of a friend? Should it cost their long term friendship so dearly?? People who like each other so much that they are "best friends" will now be ready to leave each other just because one of them "loved" the other? And many a time, "love" is considered far superior to friendship, and that very love, transforms them into two different strangers, only if one of them is interested. Is this all justifiable?

Talking about love... I'd say its very different from friendship. One has special feelings for the person with whom they are in love with. Can it bloom out of friendship? Well, yes, it very much can but need not be always. Sometimes, things just cant change or rather change overnight. For instance, if two people have known each other for very long like say tens of years, then all of a sudden their friendship cannot turn into love easily. The simple reason being, one simply cannot change their feelings overnight for the other.

Never mix friendship and love. Both are unique and special in their own ways. They have their own place and if you happen to mix the both, its gonna cost you dearly. Think 100 times before you get into what i termed as "complex relationship". Atleast try to know if the other is interested or not before proceeding in that direction. Or just give it some time.

Love usually happens at first sight
Though most find it rarely right
Friendship lasts a lifetime
Which only grows over time!!

Both are true and precious in their own ways
However in a coin, they are two different faces
Friendship can end in love at times
But love in friendship, can never happen in your lifetime!!

True love never fails;
Honest friendship never breaks!!

:) :) :)  

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Its sulekha again... One of my poems titled - "Solitude - bliss or blues?" is being listed as the "featured poems" in sulekha for this month. Don't know how much use it will be to me or to others, but definitely feeling good about it!! :)

Link: http://expressions.sulekha.com/featured/poetry/default.htm

A disturbed mind  

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The swarthy look on his face
Arms working in a quick pace
Hitting hard against the nail
The target never seems to fail

The beast on the other side
Roaring ferociously, everywhere he glides
The prey tightly pressed in its paws
The bloodpool grew as he pierced the flesh in his claws

In the other corner i hear the cries of a child
Being lost in streets, the cries turned wild
From far across, mom saw its plight,
Ran into a speeding car, people witnessed a horrific sight

The sounds of bloodhounds
Filled up the air, intense and profound
The burgler had escaped,
While the barks never ceased

All these happening at one single place
Hard to believe, difficult to face
Solace and comfort i try to seek and find
But their sounds echo, makes my mind - numb and blind!!

PS: Suffering severe/acute headache since the past few weeks.


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I again misjudged a person!! The person who "appeared" very sweet, matured, honest, jovial, caring, loving, of all, my best friend's beloved, turned out to be someone whom i wouldn't have imagined in the wildest of my dreams... The person was set up very well today to reveal the true colors which were striking so brightly to the eyes that i needed a goggle to escape them. I literally developed goosebumps after knowing about it. What an awefull world this is!!!

Just only 6 months ago, i had realised about my misjudgement about another devastatingly cruel person. Though i hadn't fully known to what extent this person was wicked and corrupt, i've grossed a good amount of it lately. This was one of the reasons i ran into sulekha. All my opinions of that person shattered into tens of thousands of pieces after reading that person's blogs (activities, rather) there.

Result - Hurt and pain that is undo-able whatsoever especially for someone who's hyper honest. Churns the stomach, takes away sleep, plenty of moisture in the eyes, brain jammed, insensitive to hunger-bite.

Moral of the stories - Never ever trust anyone. Don't let people so close to you that they start to rule your feelings. Be very cautious!! Forgive and forget!! One cannot carry the guilt of hurting others for long. One has to face its wrath sooner or later and it'll be too late for them to revert back.


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Sleeping Devil has tagged me here. Below are the rules of the game:

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts (or more) about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they've been tagged.

Looking at the tasks in the above rules, i seem to have done the 1st one already... :))) (SD, i wonder if i can tag you back with something like "next 7" :)) )

As far as the 2nd one is concerned, i think this is the only chance of pouring in all the goooodddd things about me.. (though i don't like to do a boast about myself ;) but i am left with no choice since i hardly see any bad in me :P) Thanks SD ;) Here it goes:

  1. "The jack of all trades but master of none" - thats me... Everything i want to do, starts off smooth but there's always a glitch somewhere mid way and i abruptly discontinue doing it. I atleast make sure, if in future i want to continue, i don't lose grip on basics :) That isn't anything great but definitely good :)
  2. I am a total foooodddieeee... now, don't presume that i am talking of eating alone, i love to cook too. :)) (Its not noodles or curd rice :-) See, i told you i am good ;)
  3. I don't mind calling a spade, a spade. Yeah i am very straight and cut and people don't like it often. And i simply can't carry guilt or bottle up feelings. They spur out easily. I dislike diplomats.
  4. Someone who means friendship a lot. Love to make friends and keep them forever. Since there can be only a bunch of them lasting forever, i believe in having few best ones than 1000s of "hi-bye" ones. The close ones can "feel" the closeness though i don't converse much is what one of my close friends had once said. ;)
  5. Love to explore new things, always curious - so i often end up irritatating people with questions :) (This is definitely good, only for me ofcourse ;) )
  6. Very short tempered, impatient but cool off almost immediately. When i say "Forget it, its ok", i mean it. I wouldn't carry it any further.
  7. Ahh the 7th one... :) I am badly obsessed with the number 7. I really can't figure out a definite reason behind this. There have beeen just too many coincidences (like this tag game asking me to list out "7" things about me) with this number is all that i can say!! :))

Now the people i'm gonna tag this with are:

Dilip for "First 7" ;)

Soumya and Bharati - High time that you've had a blog. Start off with this :)

Sreejith for "Next 7" :)

SD for "Next 7" :)



Sowmya B R


PS: People writing for "Next 7" are requested not to continue the chain ;)

My first true love  

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It happened to me at the age of eight
Unmistakably it was "love at first sight"

He was put up in the house next lane
Everytime i saw him i used to go insane

Every mornings he went for a walk
Secretly I followed him, trying for a talk

One fine day He noticed me walking behind him
Being caught red-handed, my face turned pale and grim

Extended my hands for a shake with a pleasant smile
Returning a handshake, we walked together with his strides so swift and agile

The grandparents were his only caretakers
Who flew out of the country, and he started to live with us afterwards

Then on spent most time playing, laughing with Him
He was known for his energy and vim

Always came back to me though i used to put up fights
He was the sweetest and never gave me back bites

Days passed, years rolled
I stepped into college, the tender age was unfold

The first day Seniors were ready to rag me and waited in a Queue
His mighty entry behind me shook everyone and there was my rescue

He was always with me - day through night
In his company, i always felt very light

We grew closer day by day
Couldn't stay away from him even for a single day

On a sunday morning i woke up and found him missing
Searched for him everywhere in vain - my mind seemed to stop working

There he was - lying behind my couch
Something seemed very wrong - he was postured like a slouch

He closed his eyes now and then, his conscious, he tried to regain
Finally Slept an ever lasting sleep... opened his eyes never again...

P.S : In memories of my beloved pet dog Tommy.

EYCs at sulekha!!  

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Its these EYC (Express yourself Contests) happening at Sulekha blogs. Had taken part in 2 of them of which my first attempt ended up being a third runners up and the 2nd one the winner in poetry section. :) Ahhh thats so thrilling!! :) :) I find lots of superb writers here and i suggest that you too take part in it. :) Dilip, Sleeping Devil, listening??? :)

My first entry: Theme : "Moods"

My runner up trophy: This is v cutely done.:

My second entry. Theme - "Free ticket to embarrassment"

My choco cake (yummmmyyy):

My co-blogger Sreejith is a runner up in the prose section and hearty congratulations to him :) :)

Delicate delicacies  

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If you are bored of eating/drinking the same old stuff daily, give one of the below, a shot.

1> Lays tomato tango flakes in hot Tea!!
This is definitely something for the taste buds on a rainy evening. Ummmm... just love it.

2> Salt and Pepper toppings on the sliced vanilla ice cream.
This tastes just amazing. If you haven't tried, please do it!! A light seasoning with nimbu paani is heavenly. Suggested by a frnd recently and nimbu seasoning discovery by me :P :D

3> Pani Puri with ice cream
Well, this was something that i discovered recently in a friend's wedding. When i was about to gulp the pani puri held in a spoon, i was greeted by my friend from behind. In a matter of few sec of exchanging "hi"s with her, my pani puri had something extra stuffed in it. Thanks to Puni for the vanilla ice cream :- How generous of him!!!

4> A cocktail - bournvita, badam powder, sugar and milk
In my new office, the cafeteria has various containers neatly arranged and each of it is labelled - badam powder, chocolate horlicks, sugar, coffee powder etc... I wanted to have bournvita, and so, took a cup of milk, added 2 spoons of bournvita, added 1 spoon of powdered sugar (though i preferred it in its crystalline form). I stirred them well. When i was about to take a sip, a colleague of mine, opened the container labelled "badam powder" and what i found in it was the sugar crystals. Without thinking much, i added 1 spoon of that too. After this, i realised that the lids of badam powder and sugar were interchanged and i kept staring at the cocktail in my hand. Without wanting to waste it, i took a sip, atleast to know if it was "drinkable". Well, trust me, a drink cannot get any luscious!!

PS: Feel free to add in your delicate delicacies, if any :) :) :)

Series of embarrassments  

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It was the season of elections
Voting being scheduled the next day, i was busy with preparations

That year i had turned eighteen
Thoroughly excited and geared up for voting!!

The internet electoral list said my serial number was nine
Luckily there was also my father's name, just below mine

That day, after class hours,i asked my classmate to drop me home
For a change, i chose to drive, feeling very blithesome

My friend took a seat behind me looking very skeptical
I had to assure her - "Don't worry dear, i do drive well"

Just as i passed the St. Joseph's college(for boys) and headed for a U-Turn,
My friend shouted - "She doesn't know to drive guys, please RUN RUN!!" :-|

I lost balance and fell at the sight of disturbed crowd,
The guys laughed and mocked, Gosh!! how i wanted to cry out aloud!!

After reaching home, one of my neighbours came in
Invited for a birthday party that evening at Holiday Inn

Attended the party and wished the birthday girl who had turned sweet sixteen
"Thank you so much 'Aunty'!!" she acknowledged, in front of the crowd that was umpteen :(

It was the second time i was embarrassed that day
With great effort, i managed to sleep, eager to vote the next day!!

As planned, at 11a.m i was in the polling booth with my dad
Voting for the first time, i felt very glad.

To my dismay only my father was listed in the voter's chart,
With no trace of my name in it, i was in the process of losing heart :(

Luckily, it was found in the list of some other ward
However ,my details there turned me red - age - 47, status - married, i suddenly felt marred!! :(

The helper boy there seeing the list remarked - "Aunty, err Ma'am, you look so young!!"
Gritting my teeth i told- "OF COURSE I AM!!" my fist landed on the table with a loud bang!!

On the other side of the booth, my father read out my spouse's name
He exclaimed and grinned - "Nice name , PREM!!"

On hearing my father's words, the dark guy with hooded teeth among the helper boys blushed;
He was also "PREM" i learnt and i immediately wanted to see him flushed!!!

Maintained my cool and finally casted my vote,
I didn't know lying ahead of me was the mind blowing anecdote!!

My father asked me to check his details in that chart
His age - 45, his father was my 15 year old neighbour - "Amarnath"!!

I was surprised to see my father all happy and gay
Being 45 again, he zoomed back into those days, i could easily say!!

I didn't know how to react, nor did my tongue slip a single word!!
For having a dad younger to me and a grand-dad younger to my dad!!

When the election commission/govt cannot rectify things as simple as this,
No wonder the chance of making this a wonderful nation, we will always miss!!

Wished to vile away time in sleep for few more days
The series of embarrassments definitely demanded such sleepy holidays!!

PS: This is partly real and partly reel. I had this posted in a public blog for the theme "Embarrassing moments of your life". Somehow i was missing it here in my personal blog. Hence this post!! :)

Flashback (Part -3)  

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The saga of wierdos continue and as usual, they rule. Well, unveiling the TIAians finally!!!

I am sure most of you would have learnt math in a classical way of practising problems esp when it came to proofs and other stuff!! However we, the TIAians were highly privileged to have a professor by name RRM whose superior quality of teaching put every other math teacher to shame. His teachings have left us with the rare talent of pin pointing the celestial objects and their positioning in the night sky with such a stunning accuracy you wouldn't believe. Well, it isn't rocket science after all but ya hard in the beginning.

His teachings and preachings and our learnings:
He taught us analytical geometry. The only guy alive on the planet who never used a chalk in his lifetime for teaching MATH!! As soon as he came, he used to lift his left hand high up in the air. (First time i thought he was a drill master and wondered if TIA offered this course free of cost!!) Then he used to keenly look at his finger tips cuddled together(as though imagining Aishwarya Rai dancing on them) and said that was a 3D point in space which he usually named as "P"(P for pretty Preity). Next in action was his right hand pointing to another corner of the room and he named it as "S"(S for super sushmi). Similarly there were many more actresses floating and dancing in air. Though he saw them individually, what he expected out of us is to watch them dance together. After 45 min of lecture, he used to ask us questions as simple as "who is dancing where"!! And if you answer "where" and you feel happy about getting your answer right, then you are mistaken. He promptly used to say - "Haven't your parents given you names just like how i have named these points"! The "who" was very crucial for the answers and if you by chance misplaced the names, then you are as good as dead. His reaction used to be (esp for guys) - "You like to be called a 'girl', don't you???" If all these were his teachings, there's more about his preachings - "It hurts when you -1>forget your dear dancer's names 2> interchanging the names(ego problems you see) and 3> interchanging the gender.(Well, can't say what problem!!) " And our learnings - "Practise watching stars in the sky at night. Know stars, know points; no stars, no points!!(oh ya, you only see point Os) "

There were rumours that he was a lawyer too who defended the case against him (college planned to terminate him since long but in vain) all by himself.

His criteria for allotting marks to students - "Give him your previous semester marks and he has a formula to calculate your current sem score. The formula involved variable components like, the 'day' when you submit your prev sem marks, how many correct guesses of who is where were made, the best dancer etc etc..." He finally managed to lose on the lawyer front and got suspended from the college. His famous catchline - "Can 1 sit over infinity?? (meaning, if 1/infinity is valid)" The first time we heard that dialogue, many people had comprehended it in several different ways. He then answered his own Q - "Noooooottttttttttttttttttttt!!!!". And we were like "why not???" and looked at each other so seriously as if we wanted to say "lets make it happen!!"

This is another guy called SR. He had a very scary appearance and he handled computer organisation. His tantra totem- "Screw someone as soon as you enter the class, send out one or two students which builds a strict environment and begin your lecture that goes off smooth without students troubling you with doubts".

His lecture on the first day - "What is a computer? Computer is a device used for computing is what i am going to be called it as "computer". Who is the father of the computer? Does anybody tell who your father was?? (We wondered why he wanted our father's name) He is none other than whom i am going to be name it as 'Charles Babbage' (Felt as though he was naming him for the first time with so much ease as one would name a cabbage!!!)"

Gradually people stopped listening and i too turned into an occassional listener. On one such "occassion" he was explaining data repository. Everyone were busy preparing for CAT, GATE etc and i was the lone listener. What he said was breathtaking - "What is Data repository? It is simple. It is a place for storing data. " I understood. He found my neighbour couldn't get what was being told and rephrased the sentence like this - "Data repository is a place for data where i am going to be stored!!!!" I was the only receptor of that and couldn't control my laughter. Had to give excuse of a puking sensation and had walked out of the class for ROTFLing.

More to come....

Kudos to (k)night riders!!!  

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Fantastic... Outstanding... Magnificient... Stupendous... Splendid... Mind blowing... Enthralling... Stunning... and the list goes on and on for their performance against Chennai Super Kings tonight!! I have regained my long lost interest in cricket after this one!!

After a long time i was glued to cricket today not even missing out a single ball!! The opposition were definitely the kings but the Knights overrode them by not only putting up a tough fight and toughening its stance against the Kings, but also emerged victorious at the end of it!! Hats off to their team spirit, excellent leadership and finally "Never lose hope" attitude!!! The kings were nothing less compititive, and a match between such balanced teams is always rare and very interesting and the amazing spectacle never fades.. Kudos to both!!!

After all, The Knight riders truly deserved it for riding this night for us that was so enjoyable!!

Mommy dear - you are the "BEST"!!!  

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Since the day I landed on this planet
You’ve been by my side every single minute

When in womb, the fatal accident made you risk your life against mine
You still chose me, an act too very rare and so very Divine

Have put up with all my mischief and folly
Forgiven the biggest of my misdeeds and still consider me a dolly

Your shrewd, candid ways of handling my stubbornness and arrogance when I was a child
Brings back a big smile on my face, no doubt you are the family’s pride

Your profound attention and dedication towards me
Makes even your hubby jealous of thee ;)

I wonder how your patience steadily matches my impatience
Nobody would dare that, though inevitable for my future hubby, in essence ;)

Sometimes a strict mother, though most times, you take a friend’s place,
No wonder you’ve always been the source of solace

In this life, I owe you a very lot
I hate to marry, which may throw us very far apart :(

Your love and care so true so unconditional
Oh mommy dear, nothing/nobody can match it, you are soooooo soooooo soooo very special!!!

Happy Mother's day!! Love you lotttttttssssssssssssssss!!! MMMMUUUUAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing all the mommy dears, a lovely Mother's day!!!

The message  

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People change
Change in a wide range
The range that sees no guage
The 'no guage' resulting in an outrage

To live in such a world all our age,
Be full with courage
To maintain the civic sense of patronage
"Raise your voice" is the message.

Solitude - bliss or blues ?!?  

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Mind sways like in air when alone
Arising thoughts as many as a gallon
The drift between them so agile
That one easily loses track of the pile

Only in those times you'd think out your decissions
With the finest precessions
The ideas flow without a dike
With all probability, the best one is ready to strike

In this small kingdom, you are the king,
Even with a throttling voice, aloud you will sing
You are the owner of all your deeds
Nobody to be blamed to any of your misdeeds

Somethings demand that they be shared
Sometimes you expect to be cared
The thought of no one being there
Drearful to imagine , difficult to bear

In such situations, very likely the tears will roll out
The best way handling them is in solitude , no doubt
That way it puts you out of embarrassment
Thus it is "more a bliss than blues" - ain't it an apt statement???

Flashback!! (Part-2)  

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I was talking about the "rare bunch of weirdos" a week ago here :) In a week's gap, i recalled (thanks to my friends who helped me doing that ;) ) so many more in that category that i now wonder if i've erred calling them "the rare bunch". :P Anyways, let me continue from wher i had left.

Now turning to the MATH lecturers!!! I can't help at this but almost all the math lecturers both in PU n BE fall in this category. :)

No 1: This guy's sooo popular that i don't even want to mention his initials here... Well, the so-called MATH lecturer used to talk about robots, ultra sonics , spacecrafts etc for 45 min in his 50 min' lecture time. :( His lectures on them were highly inspirational for those who aspired becoming rocket scientists!! (He spoke like one and the students would have followed suite and developed split personalities of the rocket scientists within them by now, had the PU course been extended even a day longer to 2 years!!! :( ) Now the motive behind his 45 min initial lecture on them was to convey the importance of trigonometry though all that he did was to ask us byheart the formulae at the end of the day!!! :( And his closing note used to be - "Trigonometry is not rocket science!!". And it turned out that the closing note motivated the non aspirers and demotivated the aspirers!!!

No 2: This guy called HM handled geometry. A hyper cool headed guy and had enough patience for being patient. During the early days of 1st P.U, he targetted all those CBSE and ICSE students and asked them 2 Qs - "Have you learnt trigno in your school? Are you familiar with Analytical geometry??" These Qs were shot at 110+ students in every section individually for the 1st 2 months. I initially took a bet swearing he must either be deaf or someone with super natural powers to patiently ask Qs and listen to their answers or he must have had a short term memory loss that he had to revive about who knew what every day!!! (fortunately or unfortunalety Ghajini hadn't released yet then). The the weirdest thing was that after the Q/A round, he hummed songs of old hindi movies!!! I don know the inspiration behind it, but to be honest, he sang really good!!! :)

No 3: This lady was a true mathematician!!! (wish she still is..) Knew in and out of the subject too very well. Super simple in appearance that nobody even recognised her as a lecturer. The weird thing resides in her name!! Poor lady, she used to lose her temper even before she entered the class to avoid the redicule from the students reciting "ohm" as if in a temple!!! (Will tell her initials offline, if someone's interested to knw ;))Being in the savage mood always, her KTs most times failed and students never could get anything out of her. :(

No 4: Here was this sweet lecturer in UA( that was where i did my crash course for 2nd PU). His initials were B.A. The only lecturer i've known who worked for 4 different engg colleges and 2 PU colleges apart from workin in UA. An excellent lecturer he was !!! It was a very unfortunate day that i once asked him "a simple Q" (i was v popular in asking doubts ;)) on integration (simple for me as it literally looked simple, but which apparently didn't have a definite answer) that the Q was tagged to me until i came out of UA. And that simple Q was 'How do you integrate square root of tan x within the limits a and b?( though now i don remember what a and b were..)" which appeared in one of the earlier CET papers. He said it was not in the scope of syllabus and still gave managed to give an engg solution. And from then on he nick named me as "root of tan x" and used to giggle (he did giggle for everthing thats a different story but...) As it is i have a long list of nick names enough for a life time and he was the only one left to give me a nick name!! Aint it weird??? (Those of you who wanna pull my legs, make sure you say yes and better agree to it!!! And i know am committing a big mistake revealing my nick name.) :-( Now this is not the reason why i called him "sweet" but he really was very good at lecturing and never ever got angry at anything and truly the "cool yet weird" types!!! ;)

To be continued.................

Toooooooo much!!!  

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Have you ever come across a situation in which your parents are younger to you??? No i am not talking about step mother or step father but your own blood related parents. If you say no, you are wrong.

Today i was at the polling booth searching for my name in the electoral list. Though i had made an effort yesterday itself to find out the details about the ward number, the serial number, the center etc in the internet, i had a troublesome experience today. Thanks to the "careless improper entries " in the electoral list. Yesterday when i looked into the list, i found my name next to my father's. My age was wrongly entered there as 27. Today when i saw the list in the polling booth, my name was not to be found. I could trace my parents' names in the list but mine was missing. After half an hour's search, the name was included in the list of some other ward. :( And i was shocked to see my age entry there. It was 47!!! I was so damn enraged that i was tempted not to vote. I somehow managed to keep my cool and finally cast my vote and came home.

I narrated the whole incident to my father and he was simply laughing. He then handed over a chit to me. It had his details as in the electoral list. His father's name was entered as "Amarnath" who is actually my neighbour and is 20 years old. Imagine an unmarried 20 yr fella having a grandson who is 60 years old!!! God bless you GrandPa!! And the most hilarious thing was this -

My father - "What would you gift me on my 50th birthday???"
Me - "What?? Come again... "
My father propmtly repeated his question.
Me - " I thought you just turned 60. Anyways, when is it going to be??"
My father - "after 4 years!!"
Me - "Whattttt?????"
He asked me to check his age in that chit he had given me. When i did so, i had no comments to make. A daughter an year older to her father!!!!!! Too annoying isn't it??? (Ofcourse my father was all gay and happy being 46 again!!) Now i knew why he hadn't given a reaction when i told i was 47!! :P (Generally both of us are short tempered ;))

Well, when they are not able to come up with a proper electoral list (as simple as making correct entries as per the records), i wonder how can anyone handle the responsibility of a nation. No wonder that our country gets any better. I remember something similar that happening last time i voted as well, but this time they reached heights!! When they can make someone, someone else's father etc etc, why would they even bother for an ID in the first place??? And the ID card is just as hopeless. When you see the photo in it, you'd want the election commission to prove you your own identity. One can't build a castle overnight. It all starts with such small things which help in making a difference.

But ya, its our duty to vote irrespective of such mishaps. When we do our best from our side, i guess there is nothing wrong in expecting something in return. Hope we'll have a better experience next time for voting!!! Wish these elections turn out to be fruitfull for our country!!!

Flashback (Part - 1)  

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We would have come across quite a lot of teachers/lecturers who were very good and kind, some torturers ("LEC-tor-TURERS" as some of my friends called them) , some very strict and some "damn cool". Apart from these categories, i've a special one called "the rare bunch of weirdos". ;)

In PU, there was this chem lecturer called S.Y (for simplicity purposes i shall only use their initials ;) ) who spoke the typical "urdu" accented English. And yeah, she was a part of all those jokes like "princy just 'passed away'... both of the two of you get out of the class... open the windows, let the atmosphere come in(when in chem lab)..." etc... Now coming to the weird thing about her... She was so much inclined to the college that i always felt, "the college" was her first home... The staff room was her sleeping room, the chem lab was her kitchen. Believe it or not, every afternoon she used to make egg omlets and tea using the "bunsen burner" in the lab!!!! I guess she even carried them back home to feed her husband and children... :P I still wonder if my princy, ever found out about this.

The next was our comp sci lecturer. It was the 1st time tht PCMCs was introduced in my college. We had atleast 4-5 lecturers for our 1st year who handled computer science. The 1st and the last were the weirdos in this case. The 1st guy was a "hi-tech" guy who always talked about internet, video conferencing, virtual classrooms etc etc. He made sure he always prefixed an "e" to almost every word he spoke. Like e-class, e-lab, e-exams etc.. So there was this "e-guy" who apparently thought we were all "born e-kids". The fact was that there were students who hardly had worked in a computer and let alone used or even heard about internet. (Well this e-thing has a connection with another chem lecturer about whom i will talk about shortly). He always insisted on e-classrooms every saturdays and we make the e-notes for which purpose he made us create e-mail ids and distributed floppies. Once all this setup was done, the lecturer absconded.. :-S

Now about the 4th lecturer. The guy was a youngster, supposedly smart and handsome to look at and lasted the longest of all other comp sci lecturers (arnd 5-6 months). Gals from other sections went gaga about this Dino Morea look-alike and used to literally gather outside our classrom just to have a glimpse of him. The corridors echoed his name. Ask any gal about the whereabouts of this guy, they were all eagerly ready to tell you. I wonder how they did that as the coll was very rigid in terms of attendance. Without bunking classes, gathering info about him was astonishing. I suspect if they were into some kind of espionage deal with someone... :P There was also a rumour those days that a gal in the neighbouring class ditch her BF for this guy. You might be wondering whats so weird about this. Well, its the fact that this guy always wore the same "grass green T-shirt" daily for 6 long months!!! (Like a self imposed rule of being in an uniform) And the gals................................................. ONLY GREW FONDER OF HIM!!! :(

This is a lady/woman lecturer in chem dept called MG, a north indian basically and the only lecturer who had a Dr. prefix to her name. The first time i saw her, i thought she was someone who did "black magic" as she had a tall bulky appearance with heavily made eyebrows and eyelashes and a maroon colored round bindi with diameter as long as 5cm and highly curled hair which she often let loose and a bright red glaring lipstick. Unlike all other lecturers she followed a technique for teaching. As soon as she entered the class, she made it a point to deliver an introductory note - "We are all friends. I am here to help you. Feel free to approach me anytime". Since she had a Ph.D to her name, she was the next contender for the "princy's post". She firmly believed that "north indian english is different from e-south indian english". Now, here comes the e-connection. ;) As i told you she followed a technique in her lectures. She first dictated notes, made one of us stand up and read it aloud and ask if the rest understood. If we said yes, that was the end of the story and if you said no, then she made the person who said "no" to re-read it till he/she said yes. Now coming to the dictation part of it and the e-connection. Her dictation would sound something like this - "The e-stationary e-states are the different e-states to which the atoms transit to when excited. The highest e-state is level 4 and the lowest e-state is level 0". The fundu here was the she always pronounced those words starting with an "s" with the sound of "e". And since we never bought text books in 1st PU and relied entirely on the lectures delivered, what we wrote down was something like this - "the estationary estates.... " some even wrote - "is-stationary is-states.." and what not... It took about a month to realize what it actually was when we had to prepare for our 1st class test. Then on, students started mimicking her, teasing her so badly that she changed her introductory note to - "I know each one of you. Looking at your faces i can tell about your fathers and mothers (notice the plural there), your pasts and presents and i will decide your futures. Don't act too e-smart with me." :) :)
To be continued......

Rise to fall or fall to rise???  

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Have you ever wondered how many times you would have fallen before you learnt to walk perfectly well? Well, as far as i am concerned i am still in the process of learning to walk i suppose!!! Today was the 6th time in a row in the last two months that i have injured my leg.... I again slipped from the stairs :( :(

The first time i had a slip in the living room (thanks to the very fine finishing of the flooring!!!).. The second time in the bathroom (Don't know whom to thank this time... May be the soap!!!) the 3rd, when i was playing with a kid in the neighbourhood (it was a hide and seek game and i had apparantly hidden in the small garden behind his house which was slippery due to rain) the fourth again on the stairs ( and thanks to the water that was spilled by me which i discovered only after i fell). The 5th time just 3 days ago, i hit my knee against a nail in an auto... The nail was almost close to invisible but the culprit had caused such a terrible pain in my leg... :( Just as i was recovering from that, today i again had a slip and hurt my knee.. I even sense a light sprain (the degree of "light" i will know only tomorrow .. now it seems lightly light...)

I have this sick feeling that some strange weird things are happening around me.. Why six times.. After saturday's incident, i was horrified as to why it was happening only to me.... A person with a walking stick, slightly limping, managed to cross the road without even hints of falling down... My cousins child who is just a year and a half, walks as though he had been walking since day 1 that he landed on this planet. But why only i keep falling... whats wrong!!!

My inner voice told me - "Why should things always be wrong?? Don't you think such repeated actions carrying a message for you???" Well, looking at the brighter side of today's fall, i guess it is to rise up strong... Its for a purpose... Heard of "rising from ashes"?? may be its the preliminary exercise for such a thing!!! Wanna see how strong i wake up tomorrow............................... But before i sleep, there's another impy question that is troubling me - "People fall to rise or rise to fall????" Now that this is the sixth time, i am desperate to know the answer!!!