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People lie because of many reasons. Some of them are:
1. A popular reason is that they wouldn't want the other person to feel bad about whatever they truly think of them.
2. People feel, for leading a practical life, they ought to lie at one or the another point of time!!
3. Most often than not, they lie to conceal their mistakes!!
4. Sometimes, there have been cases that people lie for the betterment of the other person! That's now called a person with the great sacrificing heart!!(or at least that is the reason they give!!)
5. Lies can break/make the bonds. So people use them suitably, especially when they ditch one person/thing for the other!
6. The best of them is people lieing that the other person is lieing, which is unforgivable!!

Strangely, as I have observed/experienced, the liers are always on the winning side!! Some kind of a moral imbalance!!
Breaking news - "Honesty, humbleness, love, emotions have no place in the current world!!"


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