Mother's love!  

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Until I met you , I'd known not
How strong, juggled is our knot
Anything you do is a boundless joy
You are my dearest , my sunny little boy!!

Your little smile, radiates my face
Your little sorrow, makes it an ocean of grief
Oh little one , in you , I seek solace
May you always be protected and be safe !

Today was a special one
Your lovely gesture tickled my heart
You made me laugh and laughed in turn
Never had I had, this  priceless a moment !

Never will I let you down
Never shall put you in wrong hands
Never shall let evil shadows cast in
Till my last breath , I promise

Crazy it may seem...
Stupid it may sound...
Surreal it may look...
I've never been so deep
In this abyss of love,
Experiencing Divine joy, knowing no bounds and leaps !

PS: Only now I realise why my mom puts up with me always !