Bruno's 6th sense!  

Posted by Divya A L

Bruno took me for a walk this evening. (Yes, you read that right. He pulls me all way long!!) . As we entered the park nearby, he jumped around restlessly scaring many around us and finally settled to sit beside me. He has made friends with a bunch of kids there who come to play see-saw. And those kids are braver than the other stupid older people who get scared for life at his sight and maintain distance!

Unlike his usual behavior, today he acted strange. He started with a silent moan and moved uneasily from where he was seated! Then he growled silently as if not to drag attention and got down the seat! He started to pull me home and very vigorously..... He barked, he jumped, he beckoned me to go home.... When I did not move, he slipped under the seat and started to bark so ferociously that even I got scared! Just then someone from behind called out my name.... When I turned back to look at who he was, I knew the reason for his behavior!

It was Bruno's DOCTOR!!!! :D :D How he hates him! If Shankar Mahadevan can sing breathlessly, Bruno can as much bark breathlessly at his sight! I just love his irritated and angered face!!

I am still chuckling remembering the incident! :)

Goodie award!  

Posted by Divya A L

It was the very first time I received the "real" award for writing! The virtual ones were inspirational though, but this was totally unexpected! As a fun events organizer, I had written a short poetry for my current team at Intel! Feeling happy that it was recognized and rewarded too! :)
Thanks to my manager and the team!!!

Tu hein meri kiran!!!  

Posted by Divya A L

Enigmatic, brave,bold, courageous, confident, alluring, thoughtful, aggressive, ambitious, inspirational, intelligent, intellectual, independent, spiritual, energetic, simple, down to earth and finally the finest spokesperson I've ever come across.... Always full with energy and enthusiasm, she definitely deserves the position of India's highest ranked woman police officer and thats our very own Kiran Bedi!!!

She was the chief guest for the women's day celebrations at Intel yesterday. I listened to her gaping, open mouthed, without even winking my eyes totally engrossed! A woman of substance, grace, dignity and power! If being a police officer for over 30 years is one thing, I loved the child-like zeal and enthu in her. Speaks open heartedly, very honest in giving and taking comments and her love and dedication for this country is super supreme even in comparison with our super heroes who fought for freedom and independence!

She was to talk on the topic - "Leadership". And she did, did it very very effectively! Her mantra for being a successful leader was very simple - Responsibility, clearly set goals for life, never give up attitude, fear about nothing - after all, one may lose his/her life, which is sure to go anyway, do right things right, making early decisions that align with your goals! This was the summary of her 2 hrs talk which seemed like it had just begun.... Sharing her experiences as she talked made it more interesting and gripping.... She time and again stressed the importance of channeling our energy in a proper way which otherwise according to her will turn out to be hazardous. So animated she was when she spoke, I felt, she could have made it into movies too....

She is also heading a national anti corruption movement thats starting april 5th this year along with Anna hazare who is determined to go on a hunger strike for the lokpal bill to pass through!

Her opening note:

Her take on corruption and anti corruption - video. Thanks to my N8 for a pretty good coverage!

Overall, it was a much needed doze for me and the source of inspiration came so unexpectedly!
I salute you ma'am!!

This was followed by a lot of fun activities and I was happy to win in some of them! Got a special reward for solving the maze game in 12 sec! ;) What a relishing day it was!!!

LL, Innovation day and a dream.....  

Posted by Divya A L

A lot of interesting stuff happened in the past one week....

Last saturday, I was in the rto office for LL test. Of the 60+ people who appeared I guess I was interviewed the longest....

Q1. What would i do in case of accidents....

A. I cursed my driving school master for never bringing up this topic during the LL theory class :P

.I promptly replied, 'If I'm not dead, I'll file a case against the rogue'.

Inspector - ‘I am not talking about the case of a two wheeler. To be more precise, what will you do if you hit someone'

Me - Sir, thats going to be an hypothetical case. But in case I do, I shall get the first aid done. And if it’s his fault, I’ll also curse him with a word or two'.

Q2. Where all should you not overtake?

Me –

Narrow roads, curves, bends, school premises....


School premises should be ok to overtake....... Isn't it? he questioned suspiciously....


'No sir, not at all... may be except on Sundays'

He raised his eyebrows and I immediately added - ‘No sir not even on sundays, nowadays lots of schools conduct special classes on weekends'.

Q3. Pointing to the signal chart, he said - 'start interpreting the signals from left to right’.

'Thanks to Hero Honda, for coming up with a video demonstrating the traffic signals and their meanings, which was being played in that room. I scored a centum there....

Q4. What will you carry with you in the vehicle?

Suddenly I imagined soft toys and all decorative....:P but I luckily recalled the answer to this .

Finally, he said 'very good' and I felt I was a university gold medalist. :)


It was intel's innovation day a couple of days after that, for which Nandan Nilekani was one of the chief speakers for that day. IHe delivered the most inspirational talk on how easy it is to spring an innovation. It was followed by a small but crisp discussion on the public sector uid project he has taken up. Just too amazing, especially the idea of setting up micro ATMs in rural India. A true patriot!


Last but not the least, it was the most amazing dream I had last night. (He wasn’t Maddy BTW ;) ) It was a total surprise. Hmmmm…. J J J How I wish it comes true. It probably would have by now, had I not been stringent in not wanting to relocate from Bangalore. Well, it was just a dream, but a really sweet one. ;)