V-Day special :)  

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My dearest friend,
Today, this friendship is gonna end;
Never imagined you'd do this to me,

Without hard feelings, so let it be;

Though had known you since twelve long years,
I never could understand you crystal clear;
Today is the day of realization,
Let me tell you about it without much procrastination;

I was blinded by a foolish love,
I failed to notice, you expected from me its small clove;
I bitterly, savagely disappointed you,
In retrospect, the fake love I was behind, hit me back - black and blue;

The purity of your love and thoughts,
"Can this be true??" I was trying to analyse lots...
"No" was the answer I got lastly,
"No, it can't be 'NO' " I was convinced firmly;

So, was it your mistake or mine,
That we are ending this friendship that was so fine?
This is only to go on to define,
A new relationship called "love", to tell you, "you are mine and only mine!!"

PS: Happy Valentine's day to you all!! And all the characters in this story are imaginary/fictitious! :)))

Random thoughts  

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Numerous people around you,
But feel the presence of none;
While the right hand waits to be clasped by the new,
Doesn't it seem that your left hand is the best one?

You can be lonely with a thousand people around you
And so can you be happy with just one special person beside you!!
But if the special ones slip away,
Every second turns out to be a hefty pay!!