Getting Hitched!  

Posted by Divya A L

"Hello hello" here I ping
A dear Welcome, I will sing

Decided to step into a new life,
To take on a new role - as  a WIFE!!

The Wedding Day is on the 13th of August
Block your calender, first things first!

A little about my fiancee, if you care,
Read on if you have time to spare...

RamMohan, is his good name (Remember Rammy?? ;))
For movies, he is always a game... (like like :))) )
Shopping - not the best of his hobbies(dislike :-| )
Books, travelling, cooking - are his basic interests (like like  - esp the last one ;) )
Languages known - Telugu, English, C
Yes, a software engineer, you see!!
A native of Chittor,
His work, brings him to Bangalore!

As I look forward to the D-Day
 My warmest welcome to you all...
Make your presence, make my day
Most precious, most memorable!

SVK Mantap, Bangalore is the venue
Trace it with this map
I shall eagerly hope to see you
For, each of your presence is a feather in my cap!!