The message  

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People change
Change in a wide range
The range that sees no guage
The 'no guage' resulting in an outrage

To live in such a world all our age,
Be full with courage
To maintain the civic sense of patronage
"Raise your voice" is the message.

Solitude - bliss or blues ?!?  

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Mind sways like in air when alone
Arising thoughts as many as a gallon
The drift between them so agile
That one easily loses track of the pile

Only in those times you'd think out your decissions
With the finest precessions
The ideas flow without a dike
With all probability, the best one is ready to strike

In this small kingdom, you are the king,
Even with a throttling voice, aloud you will sing
You are the owner of all your deeds
Nobody to be blamed to any of your misdeeds

Somethings demand that they be shared
Sometimes you expect to be cared
The thought of no one being there
Drearful to imagine , difficult to bear

In such situations, very likely the tears will roll out
The best way handling them is in solitude , no doubt
That way it puts you out of embarrassment
Thus it is "more a bliss than blues" - ain't it an apt statement???

Flashback!! (Part-2)  

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I was talking about the "rare bunch of weirdos" a week ago here :) In a week's gap, i recalled (thanks to my friends who helped me doing that ;) ) so many more in that category that i now wonder if i've erred calling them "the rare bunch". :P Anyways, let me continue from wher i had left.

Now turning to the MATH lecturers!!! I can't help at this but almost all the math lecturers both in PU n BE fall in this category. :)

No 1: This guy's sooo popular that i don't even want to mention his initials here... Well, the so-called MATH lecturer used to talk about robots, ultra sonics , spacecrafts etc for 45 min in his 50 min' lecture time. :( His lectures on them were highly inspirational for those who aspired becoming rocket scientists!! (He spoke like one and the students would have followed suite and developed split personalities of the rocket scientists within them by now, had the PU course been extended even a day longer to 2 years!!! :( ) Now the motive behind his 45 min initial lecture on them was to convey the importance of trigonometry though all that he did was to ask us byheart the formulae at the end of the day!!! :( And his closing note used to be - "Trigonometry is not rocket science!!". And it turned out that the closing note motivated the non aspirers and demotivated the aspirers!!!

No 2: This guy called HM handled geometry. A hyper cool headed guy and had enough patience for being patient. During the early days of 1st P.U, he targetted all those CBSE and ICSE students and asked them 2 Qs - "Have you learnt trigno in your school? Are you familiar with Analytical geometry??" These Qs were shot at 110+ students in every section individually for the 1st 2 months. I initially took a bet swearing he must either be deaf or someone with super natural powers to patiently ask Qs and listen to their answers or he must have had a short term memory loss that he had to revive about who knew what every day!!! (fortunately or unfortunalety Ghajini hadn't released yet then). The the weirdest thing was that after the Q/A round, he hummed songs of old hindi movies!!! I don know the inspiration behind it, but to be honest, he sang really good!!! :)

No 3: This lady was a true mathematician!!! (wish she still is..) Knew in and out of the subject too very well. Super simple in appearance that nobody even recognised her as a lecturer. The weird thing resides in her name!! Poor lady, she used to lose her temper even before she entered the class to avoid the redicule from the students reciting "ohm" as if in a temple!!! (Will tell her initials offline, if someone's interested to knw ;))Being in the savage mood always, her KTs most times failed and students never could get anything out of her. :(

No 4: Here was this sweet lecturer in UA( that was where i did my crash course for 2nd PU). His initials were B.A. The only lecturer i've known who worked for 4 different engg colleges and 2 PU colleges apart from workin in UA. An excellent lecturer he was !!! It was a very unfortunate day that i once asked him "a simple Q" (i was v popular in asking doubts ;)) on integration (simple for me as it literally looked simple, but which apparently didn't have a definite answer) that the Q was tagged to me until i came out of UA. And that simple Q was 'How do you integrate square root of tan x within the limits a and b?( though now i don remember what a and b were..)" which appeared in one of the earlier CET papers. He said it was not in the scope of syllabus and still gave managed to give an engg solution. And from then on he nick named me as "root of tan x" and used to giggle (he did giggle for everthing thats a different story but...) As it is i have a long list of nick names enough for a life time and he was the only one left to give me a nick name!! Aint it weird??? (Those of you who wanna pull my legs, make sure you say yes and better agree to it!!! And i know am committing a big mistake revealing my nick name.) :-( Now this is not the reason why i called him "sweet" but he really was very good at lecturing and never ever got angry at anything and truly the "cool yet weird" types!!! ;)

To be continued.................

Toooooooo much!!!  

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Have you ever come across a situation in which your parents are younger to you??? No i am not talking about step mother or step father but your own blood related parents. If you say no, you are wrong.

Today i was at the polling booth searching for my name in the electoral list. Though i had made an effort yesterday itself to find out the details about the ward number, the serial number, the center etc in the internet, i had a troublesome experience today. Thanks to the "careless improper entries " in the electoral list. Yesterday when i looked into the list, i found my name next to my father's. My age was wrongly entered there as 27. Today when i saw the list in the polling booth, my name was not to be found. I could trace my parents' names in the list but mine was missing. After half an hour's search, the name was included in the list of some other ward. :( And i was shocked to see my age entry there. It was 47!!! I was so damn enraged that i was tempted not to vote. I somehow managed to keep my cool and finally cast my vote and came home.

I narrated the whole incident to my father and he was simply laughing. He then handed over a chit to me. It had his details as in the electoral list. His father's name was entered as "Amarnath" who is actually my neighbour and is 20 years old. Imagine an unmarried 20 yr fella having a grandson who is 60 years old!!! God bless you GrandPa!! And the most hilarious thing was this -

My father - "What would you gift me on my 50th birthday???"
Me - "What?? Come again... "
My father propmtly repeated his question.
Me - " I thought you just turned 60. Anyways, when is it going to be??"
My father - "after 4 years!!"
Me - "Whattttt?????"
He asked me to check his age in that chit he had given me. When i did so, i had no comments to make. A daughter an year older to her father!!!!!! Too annoying isn't it??? (Ofcourse my father was all gay and happy being 46 again!!) Now i knew why he hadn't given a reaction when i told i was 47!! :P (Generally both of us are short tempered ;))

Well, when they are not able to come up with a proper electoral list (as simple as making correct entries as per the records), i wonder how can anyone handle the responsibility of a nation. No wonder that our country gets any better. I remember something similar that happening last time i voted as well, but this time they reached heights!! When they can make someone, someone else's father etc etc, why would they even bother for an ID in the first place??? And the ID card is just as hopeless. When you see the photo in it, you'd want the election commission to prove you your own identity. One can't build a castle overnight. It all starts with such small things which help in making a difference.

But ya, its our duty to vote irrespective of such mishaps. When we do our best from our side, i guess there is nothing wrong in expecting something in return. Hope we'll have a better experience next time for voting!!! Wish these elections turn out to be fruitfull for our country!!!

Flashback (Part - 1)  

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We would have come across quite a lot of teachers/lecturers who were very good and kind, some torturers ("LEC-tor-TURERS" as some of my friends called them) , some very strict and some "damn cool". Apart from these categories, i've a special one called "the rare bunch of weirdos". ;)

In PU, there was this chem lecturer called S.Y (for simplicity purposes i shall only use their initials ;) ) who spoke the typical "urdu" accented English. And yeah, she was a part of all those jokes like "princy just 'passed away'... both of the two of you get out of the class... open the windows, let the atmosphere come in(when in chem lab)..." etc... Now coming to the weird thing about her... She was so much inclined to the college that i always felt, "the college" was her first home... The staff room was her sleeping room, the chem lab was her kitchen. Believe it or not, every afternoon she used to make egg omlets and tea using the "bunsen burner" in the lab!!!! I guess she even carried them back home to feed her husband and children... :P I still wonder if my princy, ever found out about this.

The next was our comp sci lecturer. It was the 1st time tht PCMCs was introduced in my college. We had atleast 4-5 lecturers for our 1st year who handled computer science. The 1st and the last were the weirdos in this case. The 1st guy was a "hi-tech" guy who always talked about internet, video conferencing, virtual classrooms etc etc. He made sure he always prefixed an "e" to almost every word he spoke. Like e-class, e-lab, e-exams etc.. So there was this "e-guy" who apparently thought we were all "born e-kids". The fact was that there were students who hardly had worked in a computer and let alone used or even heard about internet. (Well this e-thing has a connection with another chem lecturer about whom i will talk about shortly). He always insisted on e-classrooms every saturdays and we make the e-notes for which purpose he made us create e-mail ids and distributed floppies. Once all this setup was done, the lecturer absconded.. :-S

Now about the 4th lecturer. The guy was a youngster, supposedly smart and handsome to look at and lasted the longest of all other comp sci lecturers (arnd 5-6 months). Gals from other sections went gaga about this Dino Morea look-alike and used to literally gather outside our classrom just to have a glimpse of him. The corridors echoed his name. Ask any gal about the whereabouts of this guy, they were all eagerly ready to tell you. I wonder how they did that as the coll was very rigid in terms of attendance. Without bunking classes, gathering info about him was astonishing. I suspect if they were into some kind of espionage deal with someone... :P There was also a rumour those days that a gal in the neighbouring class ditch her BF for this guy. You might be wondering whats so weird about this. Well, its the fact that this guy always wore the same "grass green T-shirt" daily for 6 long months!!! (Like a self imposed rule of being in an uniform) And the gals................................................. ONLY GREW FONDER OF HIM!!! :(

This is a lady/woman lecturer in chem dept called MG, a north indian basically and the only lecturer who had a Dr. prefix to her name. The first time i saw her, i thought she was someone who did "black magic" as she had a tall bulky appearance with heavily made eyebrows and eyelashes and a maroon colored round bindi with diameter as long as 5cm and highly curled hair which she often let loose and a bright red glaring lipstick. Unlike all other lecturers she followed a technique for teaching. As soon as she entered the class, she made it a point to deliver an introductory note - "We are all friends. I am here to help you. Feel free to approach me anytime". Since she had a Ph.D to her name, she was the next contender for the "princy's post". She firmly believed that "north indian english is different from e-south indian english". Now, here comes the e-connection. ;) As i told you she followed a technique in her lectures. She first dictated notes, made one of us stand up and read it aloud and ask if the rest understood. If we said yes, that was the end of the story and if you said no, then she made the person who said "no" to re-read it till he/she said yes. Now coming to the dictation part of it and the e-connection. Her dictation would sound something like this - "The e-stationary e-states are the different e-states to which the atoms transit to when excited. The highest e-state is level 4 and the lowest e-state is level 0". The fundu here was the she always pronounced those words starting with an "s" with the sound of "e". And since we never bought text books in 1st PU and relied entirely on the lectures delivered, what we wrote down was something like this - "the estationary estates.... " some even wrote - "is-stationary is-states.." and what not... It took about a month to realize what it actually was when we had to prepare for our 1st class test. Then on, students started mimicking her, teasing her so badly that she changed her introductory note to - "I know each one of you. Looking at your faces i can tell about your fathers and mothers (notice the plural there), your pasts and presents and i will decide your futures. Don't act too e-smart with me." :) :)
To be continued......

Rise to fall or fall to rise???  

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Have you ever wondered how many times you would have fallen before you learnt to walk perfectly well? Well, as far as i am concerned i am still in the process of learning to walk i suppose!!! Today was the 6th time in a row in the last two months that i have injured my leg.... I again slipped from the stairs :( :(

The first time i had a slip in the living room (thanks to the very fine finishing of the flooring!!!).. The second time in the bathroom (Don't know whom to thank this time... May be the soap!!!) the 3rd, when i was playing with a kid in the neighbourhood (it was a hide and seek game and i had apparantly hidden in the small garden behind his house which was slippery due to rain) the fourth again on the stairs ( and thanks to the water that was spilled by me which i discovered only after i fell). The 5th time just 3 days ago, i hit my knee against a nail in an auto... The nail was almost close to invisible but the culprit had caused such a terrible pain in my leg... :( Just as i was recovering from that, today i again had a slip and hurt my knee.. I even sense a light sprain (the degree of "light" i will know only tomorrow .. now it seems lightly light...)

I have this sick feeling that some strange weird things are happening around me.. Why six times.. After saturday's incident, i was horrified as to why it was happening only to me.... A person with a walking stick, slightly limping, managed to cross the road without even hints of falling down... My cousins child who is just a year and a half, walks as though he had been walking since day 1 that he landed on this planet. But why only i keep falling... whats wrong!!!

My inner voice told me - "Why should things always be wrong?? Don't you think such repeated actions carrying a message for you???" Well, looking at the brighter side of today's fall, i guess it is to rise up strong... Its for a purpose... Heard of "rising from ashes"?? may be its the preliminary exercise for such a thing!!! Wanna see how strong i wake up tomorrow............................... But before i sleep, there's another impy question that is troubling me - "People fall to rise or rise to fall????" Now that this is the sixth time, i am desperate to know the answer!!!

Changing times  

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Someone once told-
"You are the best, unlike the rest...
Remain the same forever...I like you so much for what you are!! "
Felt highly elated, as though i was driving a ferrari car...

Received appreciations for all that i did
Until one day, i was told that i was as immature as a kid

Slowly, the silliest of the things were seen zooming deeply in
As though they were as important to the fish as its fin..

Time spinned, things drastically changed,
Everything around me started to look so strange...

Next comes a day when i hear,
"You got to be a lot better dear!!"
It then made me wonder,
About the list things for my betterment, i'd have to ponder..

The realization struck very hard
The list included "EVERYTHING", in which i was expected to strike a chord....

And now, the only last thing for which my thoughts pause
Is to know "what i am and what i REALLY was!!!"

PS: Disclaimer: The first person narration here has no implications/resemblances to anything/anyone whatsoever!!!