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Posted by Divya A L

Have you ever come across a situation in which your parents are younger to you??? No i am not talking about step mother or step father but your own blood related parents. If you say no, you are wrong.

Today i was at the polling booth searching for my name in the electoral list. Though i had made an effort yesterday itself to find out the details about the ward number, the serial number, the center etc in the internet, i had a troublesome experience today. Thanks to the "careless improper entries " in the electoral list. Yesterday when i looked into the list, i found my name next to my father's. My age was wrongly entered there as 27. Today when i saw the list in the polling booth, my name was not to be found. I could trace my parents' names in the list but mine was missing. After half an hour's search, the name was included in the list of some other ward. :( And i was shocked to see my age entry there. It was 47!!! I was so damn enraged that i was tempted not to vote. I somehow managed to keep my cool and finally cast my vote and came home.

I narrated the whole incident to my father and he was simply laughing. He then handed over a chit to me. It had his details as in the electoral list. His father's name was entered as "Amarnath" who is actually my neighbour and is 20 years old. Imagine an unmarried 20 yr fella having a grandson who is 60 years old!!! God bless you GrandPa!! And the most hilarious thing was this -

My father - "What would you gift me on my 50th birthday???"
Me - "What?? Come again... "
My father propmtly repeated his question.
Me - " I thought you just turned 60. Anyways, when is it going to be??"
My father - "after 4 years!!"
Me - "Whattttt?????"
He asked me to check his age in that chit he had given me. When i did so, i had no comments to make. A daughter an year older to her father!!!!!! Too annoying isn't it??? (Ofcourse my father was all gay and happy being 46 again!!) Now i knew why he hadn't given a reaction when i told i was 47!! :P (Generally both of us are short tempered ;))

Well, when they are not able to come up with a proper electoral list (as simple as making correct entries as per the records), i wonder how can anyone handle the responsibility of a nation. No wonder that our country gets any better. I remember something similar that happening last time i voted as well, but this time they reached heights!! When they can make someone, someone else's father etc etc, why would they even bother for an ID in the first place??? And the ID card is just as hopeless. When you see the photo in it, you'd want the election commission to prove you your own identity. One can't build a castle overnight. It all starts with such small things which help in making a difference.

But ya, its our duty to vote irrespective of such mishaps. When we do our best from our side, i guess there is nothing wrong in expecting something in return. Hope we'll have a better experience next time for voting!!! Wish these elections turn out to be fruitfull for our country!!!

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Why! I like my Voter ID!!..It says i am 19 years young and the photo there reminds me of so many things..even though the officer at the booth couldn't recognize me from the photo..
The dance of Indian Democracy and i like to see the lighter side of it..:)

By the way did you vote for Samajvadi Party (SP)? If you have the next time you might be writing the blog posts by hand (they are banning Computers) and you will be writing always in Kannada (English Ban)!! I love SP!!!

April 23, 2009 at 5:41 PM

@dilip: Ahhhh!!! 19 years.. That says why you like your voter ID :)

Oh then looking forward to your kannada hand written paper/slate/palm-leaf blogs ;) :D
Had i known it earlier, i would have voted for SP :P

April 23, 2009 at 5:48 PM

Hey you don't look 47!! Hahaha.. And the election commission thinks I was born on 29th Feb or something - my age is constant for the last 4-5 years.. :D I wonder how they make SO many mistakes - must be working hard at it.. Superb writeup, btw!!

April 23, 2009 at 7:51 PM

@Sreejith: Believe it or not, the people around there rediculed me telling i don look 47. :-/ I had to tell them "Ofcourse i am not!!!" And ya your age will be around 6 years now :) :) And no wonder you are in a school ;)
Thank you!!!

April 23, 2009 at 8:56 PM

He he ... what a story....!!! Mine... I could'nt find my name in the list it self... though ihave voted last time... So i am zer0 yr old... Not yet born... !! lol he he

April 24, 2009 at 11:00 AM

Hahaha :-)
Election commission has got ur age rite.:-)

April 24, 2009 at 12:52 PM

@Manu: So in that case are you a "prethaatma" or sth?? he he.. ;)

@Naveen: Yes they have got my age!!! But a WRONG ONE!!! :(

April 24, 2009 at 1:11 PM

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