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I was talking about the "rare bunch of weirdos" a week ago here :) In a week's gap, i recalled (thanks to my friends who helped me doing that ;) ) so many more in that category that i now wonder if i've erred calling them "the rare bunch". :P Anyways, let me continue from wher i had left.

Now turning to the MATH lecturers!!! I can't help at this but almost all the math lecturers both in PU n BE fall in this category. :)

No 1: This guy's sooo popular that i don't even want to mention his initials here... Well, the so-called MATH lecturer used to talk about robots, ultra sonics , spacecrafts etc for 45 min in his 50 min' lecture time. :( His lectures on them were highly inspirational for those who aspired becoming rocket scientists!! (He spoke like one and the students would have followed suite and developed split personalities of the rocket scientists within them by now, had the PU course been extended even a day longer to 2 years!!! :( ) Now the motive behind his 45 min initial lecture on them was to convey the importance of trigonometry though all that he did was to ask us byheart the formulae at the end of the day!!! :( And his closing note used to be - "Trigonometry is not rocket science!!". And it turned out that the closing note motivated the non aspirers and demotivated the aspirers!!!

No 2: This guy called HM handled geometry. A hyper cool headed guy and had enough patience for being patient. During the early days of 1st P.U, he targetted all those CBSE and ICSE students and asked them 2 Qs - "Have you learnt trigno in your school? Are you familiar with Analytical geometry??" These Qs were shot at 110+ students in every section individually for the 1st 2 months. I initially took a bet swearing he must either be deaf or someone with super natural powers to patiently ask Qs and listen to their answers or he must have had a short term memory loss that he had to revive about who knew what every day!!! (fortunately or unfortunalety Ghajini hadn't released yet then). The the weirdest thing was that after the Q/A round, he hummed songs of old hindi movies!!! I don know the inspiration behind it, but to be honest, he sang really good!!! :)

No 3: This lady was a true mathematician!!! (wish she still is..) Knew in and out of the subject too very well. Super simple in appearance that nobody even recognised her as a lecturer. The weird thing resides in her name!! Poor lady, she used to lose her temper even before she entered the class to avoid the redicule from the students reciting "ohm" as if in a temple!!! (Will tell her initials offline, if someone's interested to knw ;))Being in the savage mood always, her KTs most times failed and students never could get anything out of her. :(

No 4: Here was this sweet lecturer in UA( that was where i did my crash course for 2nd PU). His initials were B.A. The only lecturer i've known who worked for 4 different engg colleges and 2 PU colleges apart from workin in UA. An excellent lecturer he was !!! It was a very unfortunate day that i once asked him "a simple Q" (i was v popular in asking doubts ;)) on integration (simple for me as it literally looked simple, but which apparently didn't have a definite answer) that the Q was tagged to me until i came out of UA. And that simple Q was 'How do you integrate square root of tan x within the limits a and b?( though now i don remember what a and b were..)" which appeared in one of the earlier CET papers. He said it was not in the scope of syllabus and still gave managed to give an engg solution. And from then on he nick named me as "root of tan x" and used to giggle (he did giggle for everthing thats a different story but...) As it is i have a long list of nick names enough for a life time and he was the only one left to give me a nick name!! Aint it weird??? (Those of you who wanna pull my legs, make sure you say yes and better agree to it!!! And i know am committing a big mistake revealing my nick name.) :-( Now this is not the reason why i called him "sweet" but he really was very good at lecturing and never ever got angry at anything and truly the "cool yet weird" types!!! ;)

To be continued.................

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Awesome read!! Waiting to read more about your lecturers.. :D nice nickname, btw :=))

April 26, 2009 at 6:58 AM

@Sreejith: You will faint if i tell you the nicknames of TIAians :)

April 26, 2009 at 8:00 AM

Either you have a talent of meeting weirdos or a talent of remembering them!! ;)

April 26, 2009 at 7:56 PM

@dilip: Well, ther's just another person who is ultimate!!! And ya i remember and observe a lot though i don't intend to... And meeting them is too much of a coincidence :P

April 26, 2009 at 9:39 PM

Hi divya,
Its neatly written and intelligently you have praised/teased the lecturers.Anyways I had fun reading it 
Yeah!!! I remember the way B.A used to giggle in the class after giving the solution to every problem(of Integration and Differentiation).
Always he used to remind us about the “Guarantee question in CET”(which was there in almost all the CET papers)i.e ur ”nickname”. If I am not wrong it was something like this
”Integration of Square root of Tanx within the limits 0 to pi is always equals to ZERO”.
Hey divya really for a minute it was like a flashback.
Eega “Savi Savi nenapu Saaavira Nenapu……………….”
And let me know,when can I hear about PART 3.


May 4, 2009 at 11:34 PM

@Bharati: WOw... u remember more than me.. ha ha.. may b u shud start blogging too about them!! In Part 3 there is this ultimate guy tempted to write it sooon ;) Your comment turned me nostalgic now!! :)

May 5, 2009 at 10:37 AM

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