A weekend that sped by....  

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Yesterday sat to watch the left over episodes of "My Gal" TV series.... There were about 8 more to go and gosh, how time flew I had no clue.... I was crazy to watch it back to back continuously skipping my lunch as well, such was the story. After a long long time, liked this kind of a story. There was humor, there was love, there was pain... all elements bundled together.... Enjoyed watching it... Liked its music as well... :)

Today read this book called "I too had a love story" by Ravinder Singh. The story was touching but narration wasn't great. Somehow , be it in real life or the reel life love stories, 75% of the story will be full of hurdles and pain; 15% of it is the happiness (usually in the beginning) and 10% in the end (if successful - the one which ends in marriage) otherwise, the rest 10% is the 10 times amplified pain. The story in this book, is supposed to be a real life one (of the author himself), and fortunately all was well the first 80%(could read it happily). And suddenly when in the state of euphoria, the fate jumps in from nowhere to explode all the happiness that far, into dust. So, two days just sped by like a flash of light and I have gotten into the thinking mode.

I wonder why things have to be the way they are... Why can't everything be fair and just. Why can't everyone be happy at the same time? Why should life be so uncertain, so unpredictable ? I just don't see any point in this!
If one has a purpose, he may not live till it is served; one who doesn't have, tries everything and lands up nowhere; sometimes there are too many dependencies to achieve a goal; so many compromises, so many justifications, so much of unwanted, unnecessary everything! Even if one is patient enough and does everything that has to be done, for his/other's sake, nothing yields out of it. Life just seems like a garbage!!

Am I only highlighting the negative aspects of life? I don't think so, or may be I am. But whatever the case, the dark side of it looks longer and broader than the brighter side. They just don't seem to be in equal proportion, which would've been a fair play!! There's a creepy grayer side too - the one which makes us think of all these, accumulate more and more of these stray thoughts and avert our focus. Well, trying not to fall for it, let me fix a barricade for these thoughts and take a stroll... Cya.....

My first sketch this year :)  

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Walk not on your shadow....  

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When the eyes seem blinded

With dark and dusk
Of gloom and despair,
Mind rotten and rust

The foray into getting lost
Perhaps, be the last thought
With time, the wounds effervesce
The path ahead could be luminescent
If not glowingly bright..

Walk past the past
Blemish not the present
Walk not on your shadow..
And circle the dark again!


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God! Please please please help me decide!!!!