S-U-L-E-K-H-A again!!  

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Well, yes its another win!! :))) This time being the first runner up for the theme "College days". I was so much awed by the theme that I couldn't resist putting in multiple entries. :)

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Th above entries were a re-post from here. Since both these posts were about my weird lecturers, I was initially hesitant to try for a credit at the expense of making them the "laughing stock", after all they did teach or atleast tried to teach something!! :) However, I was asked to put in atleast one of them as a competitive and the other non competitive :) My entry 1 competitive won. There were some really amazing entries each one narrating some hilarious episodes of the college days. Do try reading them in the "first runner up" link.

Ahh adding to the happiness!! ;)


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I find myself to have changed a lot in the last couple of weeks. Though I am pretty sure of the reason behind this, I had not expected the change in this direction. I observe an extreme behaviour in myself. Guess I am too happy and contended or faking to be happy and contended. Don't know which ones. As it is said "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" and I was almost falling victim to this. Somehow, I am grategul to God that my mind is never idle these days and I've changed or rather back to being myself.

1. I speak a lotttt!! Trust me, whether it makes sense to the listeners, I have no clue. Atleast to Bruno it doesn't, he makes a weird face and licks my hand as though asking me to "shut up"!!
2. I eat a lotttt!! I guess I weigh 30%more than what it was a fortnight ago. And I have transited from being an omnivore to a carnivore!! I pity the chickens!!
3. I watch atleast 2 movies a week. Have turned into a total movie freak!!! I was never this kind until I joined Infy. (I started to watch movies regularly atleast 4-5 a year, and before that, was never even bothered to know what movies were released!!) But now, 2 movies a week is incredible. I have even started to promote movies!! Hope the producers are reading this!!
4. Coincidentally, meeting up with a lot of friends. And hence, freaking out a lot!! Have hardly stayed at home 1 full day!!
5. Always in the party mood!!
5. I don't get tensed for silly little things like before!!
6. "Don't-care about anything, whatever happens is for better!" attitude!!!
7. May be I've grown selfish too. May be "selfish" is not the right term. I call it "non selfless". First me and then the rest!! This is how one should be for being practical in life!!

I don't know if all this is good or bad!! But this is how I am, atleast currently!!

5 things one can't live without!!  

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It was ages since I had updated my profile on orkut. It was almost untouched since I created it 4 years ago. Last sunday I thought I'd update it and I came across this item called "5 things you can't live without". Surprisingly, I had not filled up anything there. I sat up to think, what are those 5 things without which a person cannot live?

It took me about 4 hours to rightly update it. Once I did, a good friend of mine pinged on gtalk and started "ROTFLing". The reason was he apparently had read it. I couldn't make out as to what had made him laugh soooo much!! After a while, the laugh took a new shape and it was no more what it was. He said that was "awful" and he even questioned me if there was any humanity left in me that I write such stupid things.

He asked me - "Can you live without your friends?"
I thought for a while. I said "why not?". The term "friends" is always there but the people associated with it keep changing with time. A best friend once upon a time may not even be in touch with you now. So, even after you have lost that friend, you will continue to live. So, "friends" cannot go in there.

He was quite convinced with my reasoning, but not completely. His next Q - "Can you live without Bruno?"
Well, I have lived all these days without him. He happens to be a new entry and I'm happy to have him. But again, when my Tommy passed away, the first few days were very bad. I thought I cannot live further. But here I am, living quite a happy life". So, with Bruno, I may have to expect the same.

He somehow tried hard to deny that answer of mine. He said - "One last question. Can you live without your parents?"
Well, my thought process was in action again. My answer was "Well, I find so many orphans around the world, who over a period of time got over the "loss" of parent(s) and now live happily. So, they continue to live. Why talk about "loss"of a parent? Just consider an Indian girl getting married. If she isn't very lucky, she might have to leave back her home after marriage and spend the rest of her life without them. But then, they continue to live." So, logically, even that wouldn't fit in here.

After this reasoning from me, he was suddenly enraged and cut off the conversation expressing his anger and said "bye". "Change whatever you have written and till then don't talk to me."he said. Well, we did talk, thats a different thing.

Now I just think , what was wrong about the 5 things I wrote - "air, food, water, shelter and clothes". You'd definitely die without these things. I swear!!

Bottomline - Life goes on whether you like it or not. God's greatest gift for humans that renders them to be not really human - "Volatile memory". For so long it persists, it makes us emotional and human!!

Like the Murphy's laws - "The brain tends to persist bitter memories and wipe away the sweeter ones or vive versa while you want it the other way round."

Now don't tell me that majority of the population in India are living without the 5th thing that I wrote!! :)

A wonderful post by a fellow sulekhite  

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People lie because of many reasons. Some of them are:
1. A popular reason is that they wouldn't want the other person to feel bad about whatever they truly think of them.
2. People feel, for leading a practical life, they ought to lie at one or the another point of time!!
3. Most often than not, they lie to conceal their mistakes!!
4. Sometimes, there have been cases that people lie for the betterment of the other person! That's now called a person with the great sacrificing heart!!(or at least that is the reason they give!!)
5. Lies can break/make the bonds. So people use them suitably, especially when they ditch one person/thing for the other!
6. The best of them is people lieing that the other person is lieing, which is unforgivable!!

Strangely, as I have observed/experienced, the liers are always on the winning side!! Some kind of a moral imbalance!!
Breaking news - "Honesty, humbleness, love, emotions have no place in the current world!!"