33 years and what have I learnt  

Posted by Divya A L

This year I turned 33 and when I retrospect into what I accomplished so far in life, I guess I've grown more matured in my thoughts and actions. But this is exactly what I had thought about 5 years ago.  However, my thought process then and now are very far off and varied.

So is there a new definition for maturity or my perspective of maturity has changed?
Whatever it is, I haven't changed much as a person but somewhere a lot about me has changed.  One of them is that I'm a lot more independent! But at the same time, I've begun to notice many dependants on me who require my attention , care and consideration.  Needless to say my infant baby is one of them , on the other hand its my aging parents.

Of late, I find it very difficult to have a meaningful conversation with my parents.  Either they are too impatient or I am.  The once upon a time  "the most-friendly-relationship" with my parents (where I could speak anything and everything to them) has just turned upside down.  Many a time they are too impatient or adamant or stubborn. And since this behaviour is new to me, I too react with anger and impatience.  Honestly this is the last thing I'd want to do to them. They've all along been the best parents and I'd always vouch upon them for any kind of support. I keep contemplating on how it all turned out the way it is today.

Well, I have my personal bunch of issues that often come and go. I mostly choose to resolve them my way.  However my parents tend to think I'm wrong in the way I handle them and get too pissed off with it. I understand that they are concerned about my well being but when I'm ready to face the consequences of my actions they shouldn't be worried too much.

Many a time I've failed in my decisions, I have been backstabbed by people, my trust has been broken, I've been misunderstood. But these are the important learnings for me to know and discover better ways of doing things like how to prioritize(people or problems), what needs attention  and what needs ignorance,  whom to choose and whom to distance from most of all making wiser and thoughtful decisions. I have stopped blaming people, for, it is upto me on how I react to them.  The only thing I never want to stop doing is to stand up for the right things no matter what. Be it work or personal, be it strangers or close ones. When I retrospect, this behavioural aspect of mine has drawn me to some good friends and at the same time lose some good ones. I only wish and hope some day my intentions are understood the way I really intended them to be.

Now on the learnings,
1. Never to judge anyone.  Most often than not they are all right from their perspectives. Always give a benefit of doubt.
2. Independent! This teaches you a lot of things and most of all this is the one and only thing that leaves you satisfied for all your actions. You will not have a chance to blame anyone.
3. Never give up what you believe.
4. It is ok to disagree and commit as long as it is not personal.
5. Give people a second chance. After all the trust you invested demands a benefit of doubt - that things might have gone wrong unintentionally.
6. Try to make the best of every situation and make it a point to laugh as much as you can!
7. To make life as easier as possible without any complications.
8. Say no if you do not like something. 

Naming ceremony invite  

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After all the chinnus and minnus
Sweeties and Cuties, kabalis and bahubalis
My Mom Divya and my Dad Rammohan
Finally planned my Namakaran

Curious to know what I'll be called
Awaiting 21st of April 2017, for my name to be unvieled
At 10am, at Hotel Kadamba Guestline
Thats on the 1st floor,Kengeri Bus Stand Terminal, Mysore Road.

Please join this ceremony and grace the occassion
Call out my new name on top of your voice
To my tiny little brain, this shall be a training  session
A surprise awaits whoever calls it loudest and nice!

At 1pm, savour the traditional lunch
And yes, I don't want to miss a selfie with you bunch!
Your presence is a present enough
Don't bother gifting stuff!!


Mother's love!  

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Until I met you , I'd known not
How strong, juggled is our knot
Anything you do is a boundless joy
You are my dearest , my sunny little boy!!

Your little smile, radiates my face
Your little sorrow, makes it an ocean of grief
Oh little one , in you , I seek solace
May you always be protected and be safe !

Today was a special one
Your lovely gesture tickled my heart
You made me laugh and laughed in turn
Never had I had, this  priceless a moment !

Never will I let you down
Never shall put you in wrong hands
Never shall let evil shadows cast in
Till my last breath , I promise

Crazy it may seem...
Stupid it may sound...
Surreal it may look...
I've never been so deep
In this abyss of love,
Experiencing Divine joy, knowing no bounds and leaps !

PS: Only now I realise why my mom puts up with me always !