From a c(r)ooked up mind...  

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Clock ticking like a thunderbolt,

Wish it could , for a while, halt...
To look back and dig into what went wrong,
But are these mushy things really worth the throng??

Tolerance and patience - levelled to zero
Every wistful thought helping the impatience grow
Attempts for betterment going astray
Or giving into haste, letting me fall prey?

The future seems so garbled and crippled
Leaving me stunned and baffled
Wanting to stay aloof
Until I can learn not to goof!

Even the story of a Legend
After a long run, shall see an End;
But like a mega serial of Ekta Kapoor...
This mind block seems to have no cure;

Wish the last piece of the riddle falls in place...
Want the end to be peaceful and in solace
In this life's race...
If not the first, atleast dont want to accept the last place!!

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