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Posted by Divya A L

Should I say "WOW"??? May be... Though I am not one of those die-hard fans of Rajini, Something about this movie made me one! After padiyappa, this was the next best I liked and loved!! If you still haven't watched the movie, you can continue to read.. I am not giving away the story here :)

Unlike rest of his movies, there are no punch dialogues in this one... Being very untypical of Rajini , it yet has all that elements of the possibility of the impossibles!! And thats just "WOWWW"!! :)
Like one of my friends said when asked how the movie was, "Everything's fair in LOVE , WAR and RAJINI movies" :)

Well, the story goes on serious lines in the second half but one can still enjoy and awe at the wonders of animation!! Technically, one of the ever best movies in Indian cinema... at the same time, no sophistications involved... Even a layman can get a brief idea on robotics - thats how simple Shankar has projected it !! I felt I was watching Rajini when he had started off his career playing serious villainous roles in early 70s!

As far as songs and the heroine are concerned, A R Rehmanji seems to have lost out on ideas and creativity.... Very avg songs except for one.. - n thts just a few notches above avg. And ASH, looks a perfect match to Rajini... age-wise!!:) I am sure she'll soon have offers for roles starring oposite older genre heroes or she is close to a maathruji role too!! For this movie, it was just perfect! :)

Overall, it is definitely a must-watch! But I'd suggest it not be watched in multiplexes where ppl seem to be either mouring at Rajini's dialogues or staring at the screen like morons... One can enjoy it best in the local theatres, where the crowd is full of energy and enthu :)))

"Macha, naa oru dodave sonna, nooru dodave sonna maadri!!" :D
Long live Rajini!! :)))

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Everything's fair in LOVE , WAR and RAJINI movies
--nice one :D

In btwn, when did u start using macha?? :P

October 11, 2010 at 11:25 AM

@Sara: Since I watched this movie!! ;)

October 12, 2010 at 8:44 AM

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