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I daily get motivated these days... With time and day, I see it shoot up (linearly for now). I deliberately try otherwise, but I just keep getting MOTIvated!!! (MOTI as in hindi). :(

Inspired by my MOTIvation, I try to make a sincere effort to keep my MOTIvation levels as low as possible!! In the process, there are quite a number of challenges:

Instance 1: Since I've stopped taking yoga sessions, I tried to cut down on eating. Tried to avoid junk food atleast. Since it was a saturday and I had to work, I was at office. For lunch, we ordered Pizzas (damn! I wanted to suggest something light, but as such, it was a sponsored lunch, so didn't want to have a say on that). I made up my mind to stick to Garlic bread.
Challenge: How to say "no"!!
Result: I find myself suggesting someone else to enjoy eating Pizzas without bothering about the calories. And to MOTIvate her, I also had more than I could!!

Instance 2: My "never-to-eat-in-the-next-six-months" food list is not really much. It has Vada, chocs, ice creams, pasteries, fudge, chats and other junk.
Challenge: To keep some of my favourites (all time) on the list!!
Result: I find myself eating vada almost every alternate day. And as if one could overcome the urge to eat chocolates... Esp on seeing mails like "chocs at my desk" etc and I ofcourse consciously picked just one. However, I had to pick 2 more for my friend who wasnt at office that day. So that added upto 3. No big deal. (She forgot to ask about it. Not my fault!!) And the birthday celebrations!!

Instance 3: Its summmerrr!!! So what? Well, I understand this is the season for Ice creams to chill the heat!! Well, I did think of fresh fruit juice option.
Challenge: Risking the quality of water used for the juice. Though ice creams are better that way, it is challenging to accept the fact that the priority here is MOTIvation than taking chances with falling sick!
Result:After having a fruit juice, tender coconut etc, I can bet nothing could beat the effect of the icecreams... Hot choc fudge is the thing to try!!!!

Instance 4: Most recent one this was. That day I was supposed to fast, on account of Sankashta Chaturthi.
Challenge: To remember the date of Sankashta Chaturthi, which happens to be the same day when you are starving/unusually hungry and plan to have biryani!
Result: Had idly VADA, JUICE, choco drink, a heavy meal, Bhel puri, cutlet and again a heavy meal at home!! Never had struck me I had a whale of an appetite!!

Instance 5: Avoid outside food.
Challenge: One can choose not eat and still enjoy the company, just trying to explain ppl around that you really don't like to eat it that day (but your mouth is watering). Avoiding stupid looks of the people!
Result: Have been going to team lunch, team outing, birthday parties, Eat out with cab friends gang, eat out with colleagues and such!!

Hope my inspirations and attempts on working over this is a lot useful, or hope I just get deMOTIvated at the thought of MOTIvation!! :(

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enjoy maadi.. eat well!!!

April 20, 2012 at 8:11 AM

@Anoop: Seems more like I am eating from a well!! :P

April 20, 2012 at 8:21 PM

I have no comments, as thats what I have been trying to do to deMOTIvate myself. :D

April 30, 2012 at 4:18 PM

@SD: LOL!! All the best to you too! ;)

May 22, 2012 at 10:10 PM

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