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Some people are close to us by the length of the time we've known them, some because they are good friends, some when we share common interests and so on... However, there are a few of them whom you feel close to heart even if you haven't talked to them, spent time with them or even known them. There's that unspoken bond between those two people who understand each other just like that. I have known quite a few people like that and one of them is an uncle who lived in my lane. I saw him daily while on my way from home to the bus stop during which time he went for his morning stroll... It was one plain smile we exchanged daily. He passed away this morning around 6am after having lived for 60+ years. Heart's feeling heavy for his loss! Strange relationships do mean quite a lot! Not able to fathom the news and difficult to sink it into my head......  Rest In Peace Uncle!

Ain't we all living our lives on the EDGE !!

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