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Inside Intel – here we are,
Love the greens and the fresh air of SRR!!

In many ways, Intel cares,
Here are some, we ought to share!

Working here amidst the best talents
The best within us fervents

The activities of fun and frolic
perfect stress buster for a workaholic

An eye for the blind,
benefactor to the poor
Oh Intel’s involved, for sure!

Awards, goodies, recognitions, success celebration
A key source for employee motivation

For anything and everything, there’s a process in place
After all, slow and steady wins the race!

Your rigid policies against harassment and disgrace
Makes it a great and wonderful workplace

Working women strategy in WIN sessions
A good insight for work life balance

Is it all about work that count?
No no! It is also its employees that Intel cares about!

Nutrition for healthyoga, gym and aerobics      
Makes us free of stress and panics

Routine health checkups and reminders to stretch!
Keeps us fit, fine and ergo-rich!

Fun with family or chill at Rome
It’s a cocktail at Intel, which is our second homeJ

Your constant efforts and thrive to improve
To be the best” is what it’s gonna prove…

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Wow! Now they can use this write-up for their promotion :)

June 22, 2016 at 1:14 PM

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