Apple pie!  

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Since my childhood I hated apples and bananas. I always have managed to carefully pick them out of a fruit salad. Somehow I never liked the taste of it, until when I first had apple milk shake. I loved it in a different form!

Later on, I tasted them in the baked form - Apple pie. I cannot help but say, I LOVED IT to the core!

Tried making it at home last weekend, and as it turned out to be too good, here I am, posting its recipe.

Again, very simple to make!

1. 1 big ripe apple (skin peeled) diced into small cubes
2. Maida (white wheat flour) - 100grams
3. Unsalted butter - 100grams (Basically 1:1 of butter and maida)
4. Sugar/Sugar powder - 2 spoons
5. a pinch of cinnamon
6. 1 egg white (optional)
7. A scoop of ice cream - preferably vanilla or butterscotch flavor!

Method of preparation:
1. Grate the butter into the bowl of maida and mix them both until they turn into a coarse mixture. Now knead well (use very little of water/milk if required) to make it a thick but smooth dough.
2. Make 2 halves of the dough and roll them out to make half inch thick rotis to fit into a round glass bowl.
3. Grease the glass bowl with a little butter and place the first roti over it.
4. Now spread the diced apples over it and sprinkle the sugar/sugar powder and cinnamon on top of it.
5. Cover it with the other roti and seal the sides.
6. Cut through the layers of the above to make it into small pieces of the shape you desire.
7. Smear the top with egg white to get a golden brown color (This step is optional if you don't use eggs)
8. Bake it in the oven at 220deg for 45 min.

The hot yummy apple pie is ready! Tastes best with a scoop of ice cream!

DISCLAIMER: Think twice when you serve someone on weight loss regime :) Its definitely an high calorie yum, but never too much for a bite or two. ;)

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Definitely going to try this out :). Keep posting such recipes :)

September 20, 2011 at 8:46 PM

@SD: Good luck! :) Sure....

September 21, 2011 at 8:09 AM

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