Cleansing of guilt!  

Posted by Divya A L

I did something wrong... yes it was a mistake.. I'm such a lame girl... I mean, not that I had any idea that a post of mine would offend someone because that someone was one of the characters, (may be a main character) in my 'little' "fictitious story", well, not totally fictitious, but not totally a scene to scene match either! hmmmm... may be I can say a tiny bit of facts picked up from here and there to fill in the story to add a light humor to it... Of course some found it far too humorous than it really was, but isn't it all about the perspectives? Well, my "intention" was not definitely to put down or offend that person for sure....

Anyway let me stop defending myself... What I did was wrong and thats it. Had that person been a close friend or even a friend of mine, not that he/she is not, but sometimes friends also do show off temper, like when they are pissed off at work etc... their perspectives will change. May be this is such a case, or may be not...

Ok, it was wrong of me to have written about someone and made an offending story out of it. (I wouldn't have written it, had I really known that first of all, that person had been following my blog and secondly took an offense about it) For someone who is kind and helpful, I don't think what I did was right! Very very sorry about it, if you are reading this one too! I swear, it wasn't intentional... I just get a little whacky and crazy at times! I think I know how it feels. Really sorry!

I'd prefer having a row with a person than having to carry the guilt of hurting him/her!

Feeling better now! I get a "being cleansed of guilt" feeling... :)

PS: Isn't it amazing to know how 'right' people read your 'right' posts at the 'right' time?

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