Be blessed!  

Posted by Divya A L

You know, I hated him.... Inspite of cooking up all stories for a 5-min delay in the morning to catch my shuttle to office, the driver doesn't give a damn and leaves early... (6:30 on bang! ) Yes, I have told him that I will have to cook in the morning, wait for the milkman and that he gets late sometimes, or the most popular reason of the power cut! When he ignores my "genuine reasons" how can I confess the fact about that 5 min extra sleep in the morning, which works wonders??

Last wednesday was one such day when my hatred had piled up to max. Inspite of being at my stop at 6:32am, the bus had left! :( Fortunately, as if BMTC had started a backup service for office commuters missing cabs/buses, I got a direct bus to my office that turns up occassionally otherwise! YES, this is the proper example of "getting lucky"! I boarded the bus and turned on my Lappy to watch the 5th episode of "My Gal" series occupying the last seat. It was the 2nd half of the 7th episode (one hour an episode) and the battery went down... When I looked out, I saw the bangalore central in the Belandur junction and the bus had come to a halt due to traffic on the congested road. 2 more stops to go, to reach office, but seemed like eternity to get there. I was casually looking at the mall watching out for sale/discounts if any... As my eyes averted here and there around the mall, something caught my attention and I had to look twice... No, it wasn't a "sale" this time...

I noticed a middle aged person (may be in late 40s or early 50s) pushing a pink colored scooty pep. Neatly dressed he was, but there was something strange. He seemed v tired and breathed heavily and was sweating unusually too much... He was hard at work but he stopped every now and then trying to gather energy to move the vehicle any further... The bus I was in, geared back to life and started to move. While I watched the old man, he suddenly held is left hand towards his chest and my heart skipped a beat... My sudden instinct was to get down from the bus and ask if anything was wrong... By the time I could make way through the crowd in the bus and request the driver to stop, I landed in a proper bus stop (in front of Eco space). I started to walk back towards the mall and so many "what if"s started to pop on my mind.... I could see him there at a distance still struggling. The most astonishing thing about this episode was, a guy on the bike hit the scooty from behind and simply drove away!!! The elderly man fell and I stood stunned. I had a gutt feeling he had a cardiac arrest! And there came a rescuer(s). A guy(looked like a college going guy who had bunked classes for a morning show) walked out from outside the mall and carried the old man in his arms and walked towards a trendy sporty car. The old man was moved into the car and the second guy managed to stick a big "+", written on a paper and colored it red on the bonnet... Then he honked continuously and drove away... Believe me, the vehicles gave away like it does for an ambulance. It all happened too quick and realized "people who appear to have 'nothing' to do, actually do some critical tasks when in utmost need. That was a perfect timing!!". I was too impressed at that quick action and stood stunned for sometime there. I hope the old man is doing good now! Be blessed guys!

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Yep.. Be blessed! None of these stories come on ToI u see..
Nice narration..

January 4, 2012 at 8:25 AM

@dilip: People around there only hardly cared of the old man, and forget TOI taking note of it and publishing the story!

January 5, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Wow, do such things happen still? I mean do people care about others? Hats off to those guys and hope the old man is going fine.

January 5, 2012 at 5:59 PM

@SD: Yeahhh... There are "humans" still :)

January 8, 2012 at 9:18 AM

Good to know that there is still hope in this country!..nice blog, you've got here :)

February 19, 2012 at 1:41 PM

@Ana_trek: Yup! There are ppl who care for others and not just themselves!
Thanks ! :)

February 24, 2012 at 8:43 AM

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