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For all the punts out there. Try answering these 5 questions below and you'll be in great luck for prizes. This was supposed to be one of the silliest yet toughest question papers ever found. Your answers should be justified with proper reasoning. Will be posting the answers within a week.

Company name: CISCO
Venue: Mahaveera Inst Of Tech, Ghaziabad
Date: 2005, April

(From CISCO these questions may look funny but each of them follows a definite logic)

Test/Interview Question Paper

Q1. If A and B are given in 2's complement find A-B in decimal.

Q2. What is the worst-case complexity of Quick sort?

Q3. A mouse enters a sify Internet and eats up a router. The IP address of the lenovo laptop is through which it entered. If a big computer replaces the router, find its MAC address [Hint: use unified forwarding algorithm]

Q4.For an injured PCM system that has 20% memory left, the channel behaves funny. By giving d(t) as o/p when s(t) is applied as input where ‘s’ stands for “Simon”. For a given out p(t) where p stands for… it’s a secret. Find
i> by how much p(t) differs by d (t) when d (t) is 0.5
ii> derive a relationship b/w d(t), s(t) and p(t).

Q5. Match each layer of the OSI model in a simple manner to the following wild animals and fruits given below:
1> Zebra
2> Baby elephant
3> Cockroach
4> Pineapple
5> Pomegranate
6> Orange tiger
[Hint: presentation layer is analogous to pomegranate]

PS: Sincere request to my M.Tech classmates to not to give out the answers :)

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