How do you pick/choose?  

Posted by Divya A L

I had accompanied a friend for shopping and I was awed at how people would pick and choose stuff. We came across a very lovely salwar suit and both of us liked it instantly. We liked everything about it.... the colors and contrasts, the embroidery work and the like... But since humans, in general, are always on a lookout for "the best", we asked the shopkeeper to show us more varieties. Many of those were good but nothing close to the first-pick. After an hour, we were convinced that the first choice was the best choice. We were about to get it billed, then my friend interrupted,

"hey I want to check out some more before I buy this"

We were in a mall and so we could always get into "just another shop"!

"Hey but this is the best! In fact you liked it more than I did!" I suggested.

She asked me to turn around to find a lady in a similar dress.
"Its the same thing she is wearing!" she said sounding disappointed...

"So what!! Why do you bother? You are not asking her to give it to you isn't it?" I said...

"No, but now I don't like it... Its a very COMMON piece!" she scowled...

"Well, I think you should buy what you like and what suits you... This color goes very well on you... Why is your decision based on what someone else has?" I protested....

She said... "No now that I have seen a similar one, I no longer find it new!! Lets chuck this and go on!"

I don't know if you found a definite logic behind the dis-selection of the dress, but I just don't understand why some of them behave this way! Attitude problem? Or overly greedy to find something better than the best? Or was it just a mere excuse to do more "window shopping"?
It can't be the last one , as she finally picked something that was so "common" across schools!!

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haha i understand ur friend completely divs. When u hav enuf time and energy to hunt the entire mall, then y compromise? at the end of the day, i want the best deal and wanna walk back home satisfied :P

February 18, 2011 at 12:38 PM

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