My mom's color therapy.  

Posted by Divya A L

It happened over a message exchange conversation. Like I had said here, my mom's a mobile enthusiast.

Msg 1 (Mom):
Pass this to your friends and see how many colors you get!!!
Red:you should improve your nature
Blue: You are different from others
Purple: I like when you tease me
Pink: You are so pretty and cute
Orange: I love you
Green: I really enjoy your company
Yellow: You are my best friend
Black: You are selfish
Violet: Its fun to fight with you
Brown: I can't understand your nature
White: Naughty
Now reply - which color for me?

My reply:

Msg 2: Send same message to me. I am like your friend know.

My Reply: Re-sent msg 1 to her (Neatly following step-by-step procedure)

Msg 3: Yellow Green Orange. I sent 3 colors. You sent only one.

Me reply:"Now reply - which color for me?" I did not know I can send more than 1 color!

Msg 4: Its ok. You did not read first line which tells "colors". Anyway there is little red for you. That you must control your anger!

I stopped replying

Msg 5: The only drawback is your anger. If you have to control that you must do yoga.

Msg 6: Blue - be different not indifferent. Purple - Tease me in limits. (I wonder what she will do if she reads this post ;) )

Msg 7: Brown - I can't understand why you cant pick one "good" guy and get married.

Msg 8: Also violet. You must speak politely. Otherwise it will be like a fight only! Only I can tolerate that. Nobody else will. I know your intentions are good, but the way you speak is not proper. Fine tune that.

After 8 messages, they stopped.

I finally replied: White and pink are pending still.

Msg 9: Pink you are. I don't like to tell it out. White - you are silent now a days. You should talk, fight, pull legs and be naughty.

My reply: ??!!!????!!!!

Her message 9 contradicted all her previous messages.

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hehe...ROTFL..MOmmies just love us the way we are:) u know what??!!?? u made me cry,amma nenapbandhru :( Anyways,i totally agree with aunty on msg 7 :)

July 11, 2011 at 8:21 AM

@Shweta: hmmmm... You should have taken her with you....

When have you not agreed on whatever my mom has said so far?? ;)

July 11, 2011 at 1:31 PM

LOL Aunty doesnt leave a chance to give u gyan :D ..

July 13, 2011 at 11:07 AM

@Soum: You bet? :P

July 13, 2011 at 8:08 PM

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