A hit, ZNMD, go veg and ZNMD again!  

Posted by Divya A L

I finally did it... Last week around this time, I was driving home and it was pouring lightly... In the signal junction next to Bangalore Central, JP nagar, I was speeding at 30kmph and I did not bother to slow down as the lights on the signal post were "green". And there came this dude, aged about 40 or 45, on the bike, riding looking behind, with one hand on the handle and the other stylishly puffing cigar, no helmet, doing his hair every now and then and crossed my path. By the time I could digest the fact that he had actually dared to cross the main road when he was supposed to wait for the "green" signal, the damage was done. Yes, I went and hit him directly. He fell and there was a loud thud! I screamed sitting inside and when I opened my eyes, I did not find him or the bike.... And there he was literally running pushing his bike... It all happened in a matter of few seconds. I thought I had killed him. Well, my hands and legs were shivering and like it happens in the movies, it started to pour more heavily and the vehicles kept honking behind. I moved my car a little further and parked, got out to find that my front bumper had a dent and a cut too :'( It took me about half an hour to get to think that it was the biker's mistake - the reason why he ran as soon as he fell, and I could have claimed the damage charges.
Lesson learnt: Don't drive with a preoccupied mind and drive carefully when it rains!


Watched ZNMD yesterday. Somehow, it did not stir emotions of the spectators(atleast for someone dumb like me:) ) and was quite a long watch. Storyline was impractical, non realistic though I'm sure many of us would've uttered "Wow, I wanna freak out too!!" . The songs were no good either! Liked the "fun" part of it. The funnier part was, I fell in the theatre :((( (still wondering how it happened!) May be it was the curse of the ophthalmologist I visited before that. There was about 45 min before the movie began. So, me and my friend visited the optho nearby, and registered for the eye test. I asked her as to how much time it'd take and she had said not more than half an hour. So, I decided I will take it, but then it got prolonged. I had to tell her that I was here for the movie and she gave me a "what the heck!!" look. She started one gyaan session telling that we not "waste" their time blah blah blah. I listened until I could and reminded her that it was she who had told me that it would get over in half an hour and she then 'seemed' to calm down.
Well, coming back to the movie, the take aways -
1. I loved Katrina riding the Bullet, which I dream to do someday!
2. Of course, the Greek God was at his best!
3. All those who are single, (by chance or by choice), enjoy maadi, until you meet someone like Hrithik or Katrina :P


Going to be a vegetarian for the next 1 month. This seems to be a Herculian task. Anyway all the very best to me!!


The aashada maasa comes to an end (the period during which I was free without having to see guys :) ). Now the torture begins again!! :(( May be its time for me to take my parents to ZMND! ;)

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Katrina... Even the spanish girl is fine :)

And why only single people have all the fun. What about married people ?

August 2, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Hey u missed the best part of the movie.. Farhan Akthar.. loved his poems n dialogues..

August 2, 2011 at 12:25 PM

@Anoop: I hope you don't say "a girl" is fine, next :P

Who said only "single" people? Anybody can "ditch" their partner and choose to become "single" right... :P (Oh don't get me wrong, I was just trying to rephrase what the movie portrayed...) :D

@Sou: haha... You expected me to "understand" the hindi poems?? ;D

August 2, 2011 at 8:18 PM

Will go to spain and then decide ;)

August 3, 2011 at 1:59 PM

@Anoop: te deseo lo mejor :)

August 3, 2011 at 3:18 PM

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